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Chapter Eleven: The One That Got Away

That morning Cooper called again to try and find out what was happening but Blaine just answered it and pretended that he was in a great big hurry to get to school despite the fact that he had woken almost an hour earlier than he needed to be awake and would only need to get ready and head in, all of which very slowly. Cooper accepted this and only spoke to him quickly, asking the usual questions before he let him be. Then he hung up the phone and climbed out of his bed, groaning slightly from the lack of sleep that he had that night. He just wanted to throw himself back down on the bed and go back to sleep. His night had been full of nerves from what he was going to be doing today and half of him didn't want to do it but he needed to.

Standing from his bed, Blaine took his time dressing and collecting his things together for his day of school ahead of him. His father would probably already be at work and his mother was normally sleeping in until late when she would do the classic house wife house work happily to please her husband. It meant he had the house to himself! Though there was not much to do since Blaine normally spent as much time out of his house as possible lately.

He dressed and went straight into the bathroom where he plastered his hair in gel just like he always did in the morning to keep the curls down. Blaine hated his curly hair and always made sure it was plastered down to perfection so that not even one could be seen. Lately he might be using more gel than normal but that was just because he was normally too busy to focus on how much his hand scooped up and threw on his head. Then he grabbed his bag and headed out towards his car, not bothering to be quiet as he stomped through the house and slammed the door behind him, no doubt waking his mother.

The drive over was much better than it would be if Blaine left even a minute later. The road he took was normal packed with other drivers on their way to school, work, appointments and generally visiting others. So you had to leave early to avoid all of that. But if Blaine left too early he would be exhausted and would get to the school early enough to be harrassed by jocks but too early to meet any of his friends from Glee club. So today he left at just the right time to avoid, even all of that.

He found his favourite parking spot, right by the gates next to the spot where Kurt usually parks at. He parked there automatically now and sometimes forgot Blaine had taken up to settling beside of him. Sometimes Kurt did remember and purposely drove further down but that was rare. He waited in his car for a few moments and tried to remove some of the thickest layers of gel that had been tossed on top of his head.

Kurt's car appeared just a good few minutes later and he quickly parked beside of Blaine. Blaine ducked down and watched him climb from his car. His hair was sticking out and there was still some sleep in his eyes but otherwise he seemed okay. That made Blaine happy. He wanted Kurt to miss him but not to the point where he couldn't do anything else and was hurting himself over him.

The rest of the day then passed in a long stretching blur like it normally did now that Blaine had lost Kurt.

Blaine tried to pay attention to what was being said to him but he couldn't get his mind to think straight or take in what they were saying. It was like when reading a book yet you had to reread it a dozen times before it actually sunk in only now he couldn't keep asking the teachers to repeat for him. He managed to answer a few questions when he forced himself, hoping it would get the teachers off his back but they were all easy and obvious things he had already learnt at Dalton. At the very least they stopped glaring at him when he got things wrong. When he had his breaks he wandered around with Finn and Rachel outside but not really paying attention to anything they were saying. It took Rachel at least several tries before she got his attention and after a while she just stopped talking and focussed on Finn instead.

"Blaine?" Rachel's voice came suddenly, shouting his name. "Blaine?"

"What? Sorry." Blaine mumbled, blinking at her in shock.

"I said, are you prepared for after school's Glee club today?" Rachel asked slowly. She smiled at him and behind her Finn seemed to have zoned out while staring off at the football pitch.

His stomach tensed but her forced a smile and nodded his head in silence. In truth he was beyond nervous because if this didn't work then he didn't know what would. Blaine was certain he would keep fighting to get Kurt back but in truth he was running out of options. Blaine silently wondered what he was supposed to do next. Then he shook his head because he couldn't think like that. He had to think positively and that this would work. He had to believe that this would be enough for Kurt to forgive him.

"You have to stop zoning out," Rache's voice came again, shaper this time like a strict mother. It was the attitude she took up a lot when talking to the rest of the club like she was in charge of their lives.

"Sorry!" Blaine yelped. "I'm just thinking."

"Leave him alone, Rachel." Finn said symapthetically.

Blaine nodded silent thanks and turned his attention back to his thoughts. He had the song and the whole idea but would it be enough? But then what else was he supposed to do. He couldn't actually embarrass Kurt with another that might make him feel uncomfortable. Especially not in front of all the others. But maybe something special to show the words are specifically designed for Kurt exactly. There had to be someway to make it right. This seemed like it was his last chance and after this he would be screwed over completely, destined for Kurt to hate him... And he didn't even fully understand why.

When the bell went for their next class Blaine moved sluggish and slowly, lost in his thoughts. He would have been late for class if Tina hadn't grabbed his arm and dragged him ahead to get through the doors just in time.

For the whole of the lesson he tried to pay attention and was surprised when the time passed quicker than he expected. When he didn't think about it, time was easy. When he did, which was most of the time, it was slow.

Finally the end of the day seemed to come. And it was time for Glee club.

"Great," Blaine whispered to himself.


Glee club all met in the autitoriam rather than the choir room that day as they had planned the week before since they wanted to try and use the stages more to give them a real feel of it. Will was sure they would be able to really express themselves if they felt just a tiny touch more pressure on their shoulders. As soon as the children entered the room they made their way down to the front few seats. All of them crowded around the front couple of seats and watched as Will took a stand in front of the group on the stage, beaming down at them.

"Alright, are we ready?" Will grinned. He listened to the chanting yes and nodding of heads his smile spread further as his own excitment grew. "Then let's begin! Each of you gets one song so chose it wisely and really express yourself today. All or nothing, okay?" More chants and bobbing heads. "Then up you come!"

They all went up and sung their own individual songs one by one. Rachel was, of course, stunning as always when she sung her broadway choice with as much passion as a professional and walked off the stage to a loud round of applause and loud cheering from her boyfriend. Santana certainly packed a punch with her tribute to Brittany, bringing tears to a few eyes and Sam managed to make everyone laugh and dance along with him before Artie really got it going. It was just as Mercedes had finished her amazing piece that Blaine realized it was his turn.

Swallowing, Blaine stood and strode his way up onto the stage. His whole body felt clammy and tight and as soon as he stepped up onto the stage he caught Kurt's eyes. Licking his lips he nodded when Rachel gave him an encouraging smile and thumbs up. It was what he needed. It gave him strength. It helped him in a way he wasn't even sure how. And he was able to sing.

"Summer after high school when we first met
We make out in your Mustang to Radiohead
And on my 18th Birthday
We got matching tattoos

Blaine grabbed the mic in front of him gently with his hands and at first stared everywhere but at Kurt. He couldn't bring himself to look at him, at least not yet. He needed to build up both the song and his confidence for that. When the time was right. Instead he looked at Rachel again and she beamed up at him, nodding him on and keeping him going, or he looked at Finn and the others who were all smiling up at him with knowing smiles yet politely not looking Kurt's way. For that, he was thankful.

Used to steal your parents' liquor
And climb to the roof
Talk about our future
Like we had a clue
Never planned that one day
I'd be losing you

Still he tried not to look at Kurt but all he could think of was him. And then, out of nowhere, he was thinking of back when he was younger and he had upset his mother after knocking over a vase when she had guests. She had been furious with him and he had felt so bad that he had written her a song. It had been such a stupid song but she had forgiven him for it and everything was okay after that. Blaine just wished everything would be okay after this.

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away

The song he sang to his mother had been bad and silly and - if he was honest - he only did it half hearted. With this song he was putting every part of his heart, soul and voice into it. If this didn't work then he didn't deserve to have Kurt back.

Someone said you had your tattoo removed
Saw you downtown singing the Blues
It's time to face the music
I'm no longer your muse

Now he took a deep breath as he continued and looked straight at Kurt. Now was the time to really show him. Blaine made sure to look him straight in the eyes all while he sang the rest of the song.

But in another life
I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises
Be us against the world

Kurt's face was crumbling. There were tears in his eyes and he looked like he was fighting the urge to burst into tears in front of everyone. But he didn't look away either. Their gaze were caught, stuck, glued together. Neither could pull away and Blaine was certain he was not going to be the first to do so either.

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away"

As he came to an end he looked straight at Kurt once more after glancing over the rest of them quickly. For a moment they held each others gazes. It was like old times and Kurt would clap and cheer on his boyfriend before he greeted him with a tight hug and everything would be good again. And then, before they had a chance to do all that, the moment ended. Because then Kurt was standing and leaving the room. He ran from the room without looking back.

"Kurt! Wait!" Blaine shouted, jumping down off the stage and running after him in one swoop.

To Be Continued...

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