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I moaned when Jason poked me again, I was NOT getting out of bed. I turned on my stomach and hugged the pillow closer to my face, blocking out the blinding rays of the sun and the annoying sound of chirping birds.

"Leave me alone" This was supposed to be a confident statement...instead it turned out all slurred and incoherent. I heard his deep chuckles and ignored the shivers that ran down my spine.

"C'mon Addie, we have a special day today" I shook my head slowly and tightened my eyes, pulling my mouth in a grimace I knew that this would end in the way it always does. He poked my ribs, I sighed heavily and lazily pushed his hand away "C'mon" I knew that he was going to keep on poking me, I growled and sat up leaning on my elbows. I heard a boisterous laugh and quickly wiped away the dry drool trail of my chin.

"What do you want?" My voice hinted drowsiness and vaxation.

"You mean you forgot?" I wiped my eyes and sighed.

"Forgot what?" I asked, getting tired and bored of his games. He raised an eyebrow, his slightly decaying skin stretched in a grin and he tapped his foot.

"One word begining with A" I rolled my eyes.

"A for Apple" I sarcastically replied, you see why you shouldn't wake me up! I saw hurt wash over his features, I shook my head "Only jokin Jay! I know it's our anniversary, there's no reason to go all woman on me" I rolled over and sat on my bottom. I stretched my muscles and yawned. I removed the cotton soft duvet and stood up "Let's get breakfast" I grabbed his rugged hand and dragged him to the kitchen "Usual?" I asked smiling now.

"Sure, or maybe you can sit down and I cook" I froze and stared at him. My cheek flated, I covered my mouth trying to prevent the laughs that were coming. I burst out laughing and saw his face drop. I wiped a tear and gripped my now aching stomach.

"Y-Y-You c-c-c-c-cook!" I let out a whole new row of laughs.

"It's not that funny" He frowned but I just couldn't stop. The images of Jason wearing 'Kiss the chief' apron with a spatular made me alomst pee myself "Seriously stop it" I wiped another tear.

"S-S-Sorry" I inhaled a deep breath and closed my eyes. I peake done eyes open and saw Jason expression, I giggled and looked back at the cupboard that held the frying pans.

"Addie" I turned around.

"What?" I asked.

"Can I cook then?" I stared at him disbelievingly.

"Seriously?" I asked, leaning all my weight onto my right foot. All he did was nod and look at me, I sighed "Fine, but if you burn anything you'll be in deep trouble" I pointed the spatula at him trying to make my point. He quickly stood up and snatched the spatula from my hand then hip bumped me onto the chair.

"What would m'lady want?" He asked, winking. I pulled a thinking expression and hmmmmmmmed.

"What would the cheif recommend?" I asked, leaning closer to him and rested chin on my right hand. He leaned closer.

"Maybe eggs and toast...maybe bacon" I smirked.

"With some Jason on the side?" He blushed and I wiggled my eyebrows. He smirked back and leaned on the table.

"Whatever you want" Before I could react he already was stood up making the food. I sighed and idly tapped my fingers on the cloth covered table. The sun warmed my face with it's heated rays and almost blinded me. I covered my eyes and glanced at the summery scenery outside.

"Jason?" I asked gazing at him.

"Hmmmmmmm?" He hummed.

"Is that burnt toast I can smell?" I saw his body tense and he ran to the toaster (that he stole of course!). He pulled out the black object that was once called bread and threw it out of the window. He turned to me with a sheepish grin "Should I cook now?" I asked, he awkwardly rubbed the back of his head and nodded.

I put the toast on the plate, finishing the meal and put it on the table. We quietly ate, I stared down at my plate as I took another bite of my egg. Jason has changed alot...it's like he's a completely different person. He has the same quirks such as losing his temper etc. But the natural fact is, he still has the same, revenge fueled nature when he kills his victims.

"Jason?" I asked, taking a bite out of my yoke covered toast.

"Yeah?" He looked up, I smiled to myself when I saw the yoke on the corner of his mouth and I wiped the yoke away.

"Where are the kids?" I asked. I knew that today was about us two spending time together but I couldn't help but worry.

He shrugged "In bed still" I rubbed my temples.

"Okay...when are you waking them up?" He sighed and placed his knife and fork on the plate.

"In a couple of minutes, why?" He asked tilting his head, yes he still had the same habbits. I sighed and leaned my head in my hands.

"You shouldn't let them sleep in that long, it'll get them in bad sleeping habbits" I placed my knife and fork on the empty plate. I heard gentle footsteps make their way downstairs and smiled. I sawm my eldest Samantha come down, her golden cat-like eyes twinkled with amusement.

"Mornin' mom, dad" She nodded towards us, I smiled bigger and stood up to make a cup of coffee.

"Morning Sam" Jason grinned crookedly at her.

"Morning darling, how was your sleep?" I asked, waiting for the kettle to boil. I leaned on the kitchen counter and removed my long fringe from my face.

"Fine" I saw the small smirk appear on her face and knew what she was up to-

"SAM I'M GONNA KILL YA!" My son Nathanael shouted.

I rolled my eyes "You didn't play a prank of your brother again" I raised an eyebrow. She bit her lip and shook her head.

"Of course not!" I raised my eyebrow higher and crossed my arms "Okay, Okay I did!" She grinned "It's an awesome prank though mom!" I sighed and shook my head.

"What am I going to do with you?" She smiled and I heard the rush of footsteps run downstairs then towards the kitchen. His dishevelled dirty blond hair and his pyjama's were soaking wet. I sniffled a giggle and secretly high fived Samantha.

"Where is she?" His tilted lips was pulled into a snarled as his dark, stormy blue eyes searched the room. He pointed at Sam "You" He spat out and chased after her. She yelped and ran out of the room. He had lot's of Jason's personality traits such as a poor temper and always funny to annoy. I heard the squeals of Sam and the laughs of Nathanael aka Nate.


"WE WILL!" They shouted together.

"Kids" I heard Jason mutter, I giggled and sat on his lap then placed a chaste kiss on his lips.