Hello, my dear, dear readers. Here it is, my second Disney-esque story.

I want to warn you guys though, it's a whole lot different from the Aladdin one.
For one, it won't follow the movie as closely as that one did. The main story line will be the same (cursed beast, sweet and caring belle, irritating townspeople AKA the warblers)

It's set in Dalton and McKinley. So there are warblers and new directions. The songs they sing will all be from the Disney movie, with a glee twist of course.

But it is very AU. Blaine won't be the lead soloist for the warblers. Kurt never transferred to Dalton (if you read it, it'll make sense, I promise)

There's no one really that's lumiere or Mrs. Pot or anyone for that matter.

The only characters that you can compare are Belle (Blaine), the beast (Kurt) and Gaston (Sebastian).

Also, Blaine and Kurt will be slightly OOC. Blaine's a rather shy book nerd in here, and Kurt is an extreme bitchy person. Sorry, I just had to make them a little more fitting.

I think that's all you really need to know, I hope you guys will read it none the less. It's a great storyline, I promise.

It's rated M, but I won't be writing pure porn. If you've read Aladdin, it will be like that. Some heave making out scenes, heavy implied scenes, maybe a little bit smut here and there. But no chapters full of porn. In Aladdin I made sure you didn't have to read the M-rated parts, because I changed the rating later up. But I've warned you all from the beginning this time. So I won't be bothering with that anymore. (I will however put an extra warning in the author's note above the chapter, just to be safe)

Oh and one more thing. Kurt and Blaine are in the same year here. I hate the fact that they changed it in the serie. So they're both Seniors here, okay.

One with the story!

Disclaimer (for the whole story): I don't own Disney, Klaine or glee (I would like to though, preferably in that order) so all the praise goes to the people who came up with both magical fandom's that I adore so much. Thank you. I hope you don't mind I use them for my own twisted fantasies.


Kurt Hummel was your normal teenager. One you might find in every high school across the country. At least, that's what it looked like.

But just maybe, if you could take a closer look, you might realize he wasn't.

For one, Kurt was gay. And the only openly gay guy at his school.

He was bullied for that. A lot.

So maybe, it wasn't so weird, that he builds up a wall around him. He never let anyone in. He used to. But growing up, and getting shoved into lockers, slushied and thrown into dumpsters practically daily, changed that.

And sure, you couldn't really blame him.

However, while he grew up, Kurt didn't only become closed off to everyone around him. He also became sort of arrogant.

He assumed everyone in the world, in his school mainly, was under him. And he was superior.

The only thing Kurt actually seemed to enjoy was singing. And boy could he. He was one of the best voices of their school's glee club. But even there, he didn't feel at ease. He still acted like a total asshole.

And he told them!

"I knew nothing good could come from sleeping with Finn," when Quinn told the glee club she was pregnant.

"You definitely can suck my cock, with that mouth," at Sam, when he came to glee club for the first time.

Sometimes, he even showed them.

Ignoring Artie when he had trouble to open the door to his next class from his chair.

Sighing loudly and obviously at Brittany's responses. Maybe that way she would get the hint she was retarded.

Ignoring every attempt Puck made to fix the bullying he did in the past.

But mostly, he just insulted everyone and anyone around him.

"If you refuse to give me solo's, I might as well sleep through glee club. It's not like you have anything to teach me," at Mr. Shoe gave yet another solo at Finn.

"Girl, you dress like your colorblind," when Mercedes showed up one morning in a bright fuchsia pink dress.

"Rachel Berry, you could at least try to wear something appropriate, instead of clothes that are obviously designed for toddlers," when Rachel showed up with yet another reindeer sweater.

"Oh look, if it isn't Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen. Let me just tell you, twilight sucked!" when Mike and Tina dressed as vampires for Halloween.

"Look, at least the kid will have a good looking father," at Finn, when Puck turned out to be the father of Quinn's child.

He was mean even to the other gay guy that had trouble getting to terms with his sexuality.

"Ew, like I would ever even want to kiss you," Kurt shrieked as David told him he had a crush on him.

Even to his father.

"Fuck off, I don't want to see your stupid face in my eye vision again for a long time," when his dad told him the kilt he made for prom might be a little provocative.

So yes, when you asked anyone to describe Kurt, they would tell you this: self centered, arrogant, diva.

But what could they do. Nothing seemed to interest him. Until one day.

Kurt looked at the girl with a frown, "Santana, I know you're a whore, but at least you could try to dress like a classy one."

Santana turned around and glared at the boy who was looking her up and down, "Look Hummel, I get it. You've got some weird defense mechanism that makes you insult everyone. But maybe you could try to hold it down a little bit."

"Why should I?" Kurt replied, "I'm obviously better than any of these kids. They can't accept me for who I am. But when you and you're fling of the moment," he gestured at Brittany, "who is obviously too stupid to get that you don't love her, but just use her. When you two are sucking faces in the hall. Nobody cares because your girls. So no, I won't tone down. Because you all, "he raised his voice, "ARE STUPID ASSHOLES. AND I'M BETTER THEN ANYONE IN THIS FUCKING SCHOOL!"

"You did not just insult my girlfriend in front of the whole school Hummel," Santana sneered when she pulled Brittany, who was looking like someone hit a puppy.

Kurt merely raised an eyebrow, as to say, bring it on.

"You have no idea who you're dealing with Hummel," Santana answered in an icy tone.

Blaine was also like every other teenage boy you would find in every high school. Maybe a little nerdy, and a little goofy. But somehow, he got away with it.

Blaine liked reading. No, he loved reading. Whenever he had a free period, he would probably be found in the library. Rereading again and again his copy of Pride and Prejudice. It used to belong to his aunt, but she had given it to Blaine when the boy was eleven, and ignored her every time he was at her house to go read in it.

Blaine dreamed of once upon a time, finding his own Mr. Darcy.

Oh yes, did I forgot to tell you, Blaine was gay as well. But he never had problems with it. His dad was an inventor, and made good money. So he went to a private school. An all boys academy with a very strict bullying policy. And gays weren't as unusual here. After all, if nobody bullied you for it. Why not simply come out and enjoy your youth in peace.

Dalton had also a glee club, the Warblers, and Blaine loved singing nearly as much as reading.

But what he didn't like was people putting him in focus.

He liked being on his own, and not being the centre of attention. He liked that he wasn't the head soloist for the Warblers, all though they had offered him the spot on numerous occasions.

So he didn't like it at all, when one day, the second soloist, Sebastian, decided to serenade Blaine.

With an original song that didn't leave much to the imagination. He had cornered Blaine in the library, pulled the book he was reading from his grasp, and threw it away carelessly. If that wasn't enough to make Blaine hate him, the lyrics to the songs certainly did it.

I'll show you some off the lyrics.

"Right from the moment when I met him, saw him. I said he's gorgeous and I fell. Here in town there's only he, who is beautiful as me. So I'm making plans to woo and marry Blaine."

I think it's superfluous to tell you Sebastian have a pretty big ego, and when Blaine didn't fell for his feet, like he had expected, he was quite upset.

But Blaine, he just felt embarrassed and put on the spot. He didn't want a popular, good looking, and egocentric boyfriend.

He wanted a Mr. Darcy. True to his word. Not overly popular, but loyal to his friends. Sweet, but only to him, and maybe a little bitchy. Someone that would tell his mind, tell his friends the truth. Someone that accepted him, and all his book loving goofiness that came with him. And someone that didn't show him around like he was property, Like they owned him.

Let's just say, no Sebastian.

But Blaine knew there was no one like that here at Dalton.

So maybe, when one day, when Blaine's father told him he had to switch schools, because the tuition at Dalton was tremendously high, and his latest invention, hadn't worked out as well as he hoped. Just maybe, Blaine didn't mind that much. Because who knew who he would meet at his new school, McKinley high.

Thanks for reading, and as before, I will answer every review in the notes at the end of every chapter ;)