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"I can't believe we made it." Kurt was looking around him with eyes wide as saucers. "I can't believe it's our first night in New York, living together, and you're taking me to Broadway."

The previous year had been crazy. Since Kurt hadn't actually applied to any universities, both boys had decided to take a year of. Finding jobs and working their buts of. Blaine had found a job in a local bookstore. Earning him a couple great letters of recommendation from author's for his application to NYU.
Kurt on the other hand, had started working in his dad's garage, but had returned to McKinley (to everyone's surprise) to assist Mr. Shue with the glee club. Earning them a nationals title that year. He had applied to NYU as well. Not even daring to dream of getting into Juilliard. But he ended up there anyway.

So by the beginning of the next school year, they had a pretty neat saving account. Making their dream of moving to New York actually coming true.

They got a small apartment in Brooklyn, and had moved in that morning. Blaine had told Kurt he had a 'moving day' present. Only, Kurt had assumed it would be something goofy like address carts.

When Blaine had ended him an envelope with a huge smile, and Kurt opened it and saw two orchestra seat for wicked, he had practically fainted in surprise.

"But… How? Why?" Not one coherent sentence came from his mouth.

Blaine had merely beamed at him. Explained he took some extra night shifts, and his boss had given him a huge bonus after a particular good period.

"I promised you we would do it someday."

Kurt couldn't believe his luck. He was living with the men of his dreams, in the city of his dreams, going to the musical of his dreams.

"I still can't believe you got a tattoo." Blaine grabbed Kurt's arm and let his finger trail over the blossoming tree that was now a constant present on Kurt's arm.

"It's to remind me what I almost lost," Kurt replied. "I love you."

Blaine beamed. "I love you too." He grabbed Kurt's hand and pulled the latter behind him, until they were standing in the middle of times square. "Do you remember?" he asked, while he circled his hand around Kurt's waist.

"And then I'll kiss you. Right in the middle of times square. Like in all those silly romantic movies."

"I remember," Kurt murmured, his hands cupping Blaine's cheek, and their lips pressing together softly in a sweet kiss.

"Forever?" Blaine asked when he pulled back.

Kurt's eyes trailed to his hand, where a silver ring was glistering against the bright lights of New York city. He grabbed Blaine's hand and kissed the identical one present on his boyfriends finger. Kurt had bought it for Blaine as a graduation present. But the latter insisted Kurt got the same one. Both rings had the same word engraved into them.

"Forever," Kurt agreed, before pressing their lips together again.

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