This is for Fearofchicken13's birthday! Happy birthday, Annie! :D

It's been about a day since the reconstruction of the Moonbase. Annie Wilconson quietly slept in her room that night, still tired from that unexpected adventure. She awoke at the sound of a tap on her window, getting up and opening it to look outside. After a few seconds of looking, she saw there was no one there and closed her window. She was about to get back in bed when-

"Hello, there."

Her eyes widened at the sight of Vaati in her room. "AAH-" Her mouth was immediately clapped shut by his right hand.

"Hey, calm down. I'm not here to hurt you."

"Wh-What do you want?"

"I'm not here on a mission, or revenge, or anything. I just wanted to talk."

"...About what?"

He pulled his hand back. "...Sorry about that business back at the base."

"You nearly hurt my best friend, and THAT'S all you have to say? !"

"I had a feeling you'd say that... which is why I got you this." With that, he removed his hat and magically drew out a small white box. Annie opened the box to find a white icing cake with two candles on a "14" and some blue icing that read 'Happy birthday, Annie'. "It is your birthday, isn't it?"

"Y...Yeah. How did you-"

He took out a book. "You dropped your diary when those guys took you away."

"Hey, give me that!" she yelled, snatching her diary back. "But... thanks. Who are you, anyway?"

"My name is Vaati. I'm an airbending sorcerer from the Minish Realm, who betrayed his master to work for Ganon."

"So, you're just another one of those guys who thought he had to follow evil?"

"Yes... and since then, I've liked it! Being bad and powerful is the only thing that gives me thrills in life."

"It doesn't have to be the only thing. You could use your powers to help people."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you know I'm not gonna."

"I expected as much. But why'd you bring me this?"

He was silent. "...There's something about you. Something... I like."


"You're really pretty."

"Uh, thanks. ...Maybe we can hang out whenever... whenever nobody's around."

He smiled and kissed her cheek, giving her a blush. "It's the only way it'll work. Ganon would fry me to a crisp if he found out. Oh, but one more thing..." He took off his hat and held it out to her. "Big things are gonna happen soon. This hat grants wishes. Small wishes, but it still works fine. I want you to have it."

Annie stared for a moment and was about to take it before she shook her head 'no'. "Thanks, but... I don't really trust wishes by magic hats worn by evil sorcerers."

He chuckled and put it back on. "Your loss, then. But I'd like to hang out sometime."

"Yeah..." She smiled. "Me too."

"And who knows?" he said, opening the window and squatting in it. "Maybe you will convince me to change sides." With that, he leaped to the ground and ran off at high speed.

Annie only smiled in his direction, and closed her window, then started to eat her cake.

Oh my God, this sucked. None of them probably have ANY idea what this is about! Oh well, I was gonna make it, anyway! :P Remember, I love Morgan, but I still have other friends, too! Well, later!