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Chapter 5

Welcome to my world

Sunpaw's POV

"Sunpaw! Sunpaw! Sunpaw!"

I had been lazing around outside the apprentices' den with nothing to do. I jumped in shock at the sound of my name and saw Oceankit and Brackenkit running towards me.

"Sunpaw! We're becoming apprentices today!" Oceankit squealed.

For a moment I wondered if I was actually looking at Oceankit, and not some impostor. Oceankit was the sort of cat that would hide behind another because they were too shy. This enthusiasm and boldness was so strange for her. But then again, she was about to become an apprentice.

"It's so cool! I hope I get a cool mentor!" Brackenkit meowed excitedly, "Like Hawktalon!"

"You can't have Hawktalon as your mentor: he's your uncle," I told him.

"Okay then, Ravenstar!" Brackenkit corrected.

I made no comment on his new choice, although I highly doubted that Ravenstar would take him on. My father would only mentor apprentices that he thought were worthy. No offence to Brackenkit, but he didn't seem to fit the criteria.

"Where are Lightpaw and Stormpaw?" Oceankit asked.

"They're out doing fighting training. They should return soon," I replied.

It seemed I had perfect timing, because at that moment my siblings padded through the camp entrance. Oceankit and Brackenkit ran over to them to tell them the good news. I cursed under my breath, because I could tell just by looking that Stormpaw was in a bad mood again. He had been in a consistently bad mood over the last moon, simply because Ravenstar has refused again and again to change his mentor.

I rose to my feet to save the soon-to-be-apprentices from Stormpaw's temper, but then I heard the familiar call from the Bigboulder. I glanced round and saw my father perched on it. The clan was gathering round, and I padded over with my siblings. Oceankit and Brackenkit bounded over gleefully.

Once everyone had settled down Ravenstar began. "Today is a special day. Two more kits have reached their sixth moon, and are ready to become apprentices. Brackenkit, step forwards," he meowed.

Brackenkit moved forwards. I noticed that Oceankit had becomes shy all of a sudden, and appeared to be nervous without her brother at her side.

"Brackenkit, from this moment, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Brackenpaw," Ravenstar continued. Brackenpaw grinned at his new name.

"Mistyfall, you will mentor Brackenpaw. You are a brave and loyal deputy. I trust you can pass on everything you know to Brackenpaw," my father meowed.

Brackenpaw bounded over to his new mentor. So he had gotten the deputy. Ravenstar probably thought he had potential. Brackenpaw and Mistyfall touched noses.

"Oceankit, from this day forwards, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Oceanpaw," Ravenstar went on.

Oceanpaw smiled weakly. I could see how nervous she was with everyone's attention of her.

"Bluecloud," Ravenstar addressed the clan's newest warrior, "You were well mentored by Sandwhisker, and you are now a skilled warrior. I hope you can pass one these skills to Oceanpaw."

Oceanpaw padded over to Bluecloud and they touched noses. I could see the similarity between Bluecloud and her dead sister, Dovepaw. I felt a little ache in my heart. I couldn't imagine living without my sister.

"Brackenpaw! Oceanpaw! Brackenpaw! Oceanpaw!" Snowstream, their mother, started the cheering and everyone else joined in. I felt happy. Finally there would be other apprentices that I didn't hate and that weren't related to me! They were both grinning.

Lightpaw and I padded over to congratulate the new apprentices. "Well done guys!" I meowed gleefully, "Now there are more apprentices! This is great!"

"Now we won't be the only one's who have to put up with Tawnypaw," Stormpaw appeared next to us, but thankfully his earlier anger had ebbed away and he had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Just the Stormpaw I knew.

"What's it like to be an apprentice?"

I was surprised to find Nightkit and Brookkit behind me. They were Spottedshadow's one-moon-old kits.

"Being an apprentice is awesome!" Stormpaw told them enthusiastically, "You get to hunt for the clan and fight enemy warriors!"

"You have to work really hard," Lightpaw put in, "But the hard work is worth it."

Nightkit and Brookkit's eyes brightened up. "That's so cool!" Brookkit meowed, "Can we be apprentices now?"

"Sorry, but you guys have to wait five moons," I told them.

Nightkit and Brookkit looked crestfallen. "But that's so long!" Nightkit complained.

"It's called life," Stormpaw meowed gruffly. I noticed that his bad mood was beginning to return. I realised I should probably get the kits away before he accidently unleashed it on them.

"Are you guys allowed to be out of the nursery?" I asked them.

They exchanged guilty glances. "No," they admitted.

"Well you better get back before Spottedshadow notices you're gone," I said, "Or you'll be in big trouble." The two kits turned and scurried back to the nursery in panic.

"Being an apprentice is so cool," Oceanpaw meowed.

"I know," I agreed.

Lightpaw's POV

That night I had a weird dream.

I was standing on a moor. I didn't recognise the place. It was weird. I knew it was a dream, yet it felt too real to be a dream. I could feel the ground beneath my paws, and I could smell the heather in the air.

"Welcome to my world."

I turned to find Shimmerpaw standing next to me. I blinked in surprise. Why was she in my dream?

"Until now, you have lived under the impression that you are normal," she meowed, "But I can't let you continue in this illusion."

"What are you talking about?" I asked in confusion, "How am I not normal?" This was unlike Shimmerpaw. She had never acted like this before.

She sighed. "It's to do with forces far greater than you. Right now you are too young to understand. And anyway, it's not my place to tell you. Some of it must be told to you by someone else, and the rest realised for yourself," she meowed.

I frowned at her. "Why can't you tell me?" I asked.

"If you knew what it was, you would understand," she said, "Anyway, I didn't come to discuss this."

I twitch my tail in irritation. What was going on? This was probably just some crazy dream that I would wake up from and find that this had never happened. I must have eaten too many frogs.

"The stolen dawn will face the evil within the earth, but only what could have been will be able to defeat it," Shimmerpaw said.

I blinked at her. "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked in confusion.

"You will know in time," she replied, "For now, let me tell you this: you will receive prophecies of the coming future in times to come. Do not think it's a gift for a moment. It's more of curse, to know what will befall on others, as you are about to learn. I have not come here to deliver one prophecy – I have come to deliver two."

Before I could ask her what she was talking about, I found myself in a completely different place. The harsh wind vanished, and the smell of wet mud came to my nose. I glanced around and realised that now I was standing in a place I did recognise – I was at the edge of the deep marsh.

Shimmerpaw was nowhere to be seen. I looked around, puzzled. What was the purpose of me being here?

I heard a muffled scream.

I snapped round in panic and saw a small mud-covered cat struggling in the mud of the deep marsh. With horror I remembered Eaglewind's words – the deep marsh can easily swallow up a cat.

I knew I had to help the cat, even though this was just a dream. I rushed out onto the marsh, stepping as lightly as I could so the mud wouldn't give way beneath me. It held fast – luckily.

I reached the cat, which was sinking fast. I grabbed its scruff and tried to pull it out. But now the mud beneath my paws gave way and we were both sinking and struggling. I glimpsed golden-brown fur, but I didn't really care. I realised that if I wanted to get out I would have to leave the cat behind.

With reluctance I let the cat go and clambered out of mud. I staggered away from the deep marsh, exhausted. Then Shimmerpaw was suddenly standing beside me again.

"What do you want?" I asked her between breaths.

Shimmerpaw looked at me with an expression of sorrow on her face. "The golden-brown cat will perish in the mud," she meowed sadly.

No! I thought in horror.

I knew that this was the other prophecy. The first prophecy had held importance in it, it seemed, but this one just had horror and pain in it. I knew someone was going to die. Someone with golden-brown fur. The problem was, I knew two cats with golden-brown fur, and I didn't want either of them to die.

Brackenpaw and Oceanpaw.

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