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Three were after my heart. They all claimed they loved me. One with wind-blown fur, one with a pelt like fresh snow, and the last an ashen-furred beauty. Heathertail was my friend as an apprentice, but I cast her aside to be able to train better. Icecloud just wasn't the right she-cat for me. The last, Cinderheart, made my heart beat like mad. She was the one.

So, I told her my secret. The secret that I couldn't be harmed in battle, but she ran. She ran from me, saying that my destiny was too great to involve her.

I wanted Cinderheart back. I loved her. But she ran. Come back, Cinderheart. Come back.


After Lionblaze told me his secret, I ran, trying to understand how he, the tom I loved, could be so important to the future of all the clans. So I ran from him. I become cold and tried to distance myself from him. It's not easy. I love him!

I wish we could go back to how it was before he told me, or that he was a normal cat. But neither are possible. I love you, Lionblaze. Don't you see that?

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