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People say a lot about life.

It's good. It's bad. A lot can be said about it.

I was still young, didn't understand much of what life meant and I could only turn to the only source who I've always thought was the closest to having the answers to everything besides my mama and dad.

"You're too young to be asking those sorts of questions," my uncle laughs, ruffling my dark head as we sit patiently in the small rowboat, hoping to catch some fish to bring back home to first show it off with dad and let mama cook it.

"C'mon, you gotta answer it!" I whine to him, clinging onto his hand, urging him to answer.

I wait, noticing now that he was in deep thought. I couldn't see his eyes, shadowed by that "special" hat of his but I knew from how long the silence stretched on that he was in deep thought about my question... That, or he was planning on how to avoid the question cunningly to make me forget all about. I may be nine years old, but c'mon, I'm not stupid enough to fall for those kinds of tricks!

"Well," he speaks up after a while, rubbing his freshly shaved chin. "A lot of people have to say things about life...

"It's good because they never had doubts and trouble when they grew in this world, just practically lucky and living the high life. It's bad because people went through tough times and troubles growing up, the harsh reality of tragedy always putting us down. But there is always the thing about living that makes life not perfect and not a total disaster but... just right."


My uncle looks at the sea with a calm tranquility, like the rocking of our boat was akin to a baby in a crib slowly falling back in the depth of blissful slumber. I've always liked watching him, I am always at ease when I'm around him and other people would agree, there was just something about his laid-back presence that put ease in people's hearts and minds. He places an arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer to him to rest my head against his side. He smells of the cool sea at winter time, it sounds ridiculous considering we live a harbor town which always smells of ocean but his scent is always that cool ocean cologne and I wouldn't have it any other way. I loved and relished that smell.

"A lot of people have to say things about life," he repeats calmly, like the gentle waves pushing the boat.

I look back up to him, creaking my neck to follow his movement and find myself being stared back and I search for his eyes that are always shadowed from beneath his dark hair and hat. His mouth opens, finally giving his own answer.

"I think—"

"Reuben, I swear to GOD! If you don't get your lazy ass up from that bunk, I will have you thrown off my goddamn boat!"

Captain Godzilla was wreaking havoc on the innocent once again.

Letting my groggy eyes open from the false sense of security of sleep, I lift myself from my comfy bunk and spy my plaid shirt hanging on the side, along with my blue jeans lost in the covers and quilts of my bed. I did a quick job of dressing up when the sounds of big feet stomping to the men quarters. In the middle of pulling on my boots, the door slams open and in comes a burly man in his mid 50's, not having shaved a whole week since leaving port.

Clant Hansley, captain of the marlin fishing boat; The Monte Blanc.

"Jesus, you move like a girl! Get yer ass moving, Rubes!" he orders before slamming the door shut.

It's been a month since I graduated high school, a month since my mama announced she was pregnant, and month since I turned 19. You can pretty much tell there is a lot happening in a single month, but I suppose I can't complain about things like that. I got a job to do after all before I become a college boy with all the money I'm saving up for the trip to take to Virginia Tech in the pursuit of becoming an engineer.

Pulling on the dark yellow rain wear since today is just a drizzle, I pull my yellow sou'wester on my head and move out to the deck of the commercial fishing boat. Giving some grunt greetings to my fellow crew mates, I get to work in pulling in more bait for the long line in hopes of catching and hauling in the big marlins for some of the crew to work over on sawing off their sharp noses, putting them down under to the ice box storage to fill 'em up with ice and repeat the whole cycle.

"Jesse!" I call a busy blond bearded man putting on the hooks for the long line.

"Bring it 'ere." he orders, pulling one heavy bucket off me to the table and getting to work on putting the bait on the hooks for the marlin to catch a whiff of and hopefully only that.

We did not need another shark incident like three days ago that ended up having one of our crew mates having a limp for every step he took. We were also lucky the shark's teeth didn't rip through the fabric and leather to the man's flesh or else we wouldn't still be fishing since it is a well known fact that if the shark didn't kill you, the germs and bacteria in its teeth would.

"You ready to head home, Rubes?" Joshua, a beanie-wearing crew mate comes by, his arms full of bringing out the equipment in cutting up a marlin to fit in the freezer.

"You bet!" I grin at him and Jesse, excited to see my family after so long.

The funny thing about being always away at sea fishing up food for the small harbor town is that it feels like you're years away from home and when you make it back in one piece people are waiting at the docks with smiles and open arms. I remember what it was like, being one of those people that eagerly waited to see the person who had gone seemingly forever ago.

I also knew what it was like to be one of the people that didn't have the person they were waiting for come back home ever again...

"How's yer mom by the way? I heard she's got a bun in the oven." Joshua begins small talk, looking over his shoulder at me. "That's true, right?"

"Did Allerdyce tell ya that?" Jesse nods to the well-known bastard of the ship, always gotta make stuff up to see some reaction for his own entertainment. You can never take the guy seriously sometimes, no one can tell if he was lying or telling the truth, it's what made the man unpredictable and harder to read.

"Cooper." Josh corrects.

"Yeah, I'm gonna be an older brother." I nod in confirmation, slowly grinning my pearly whites when Josh pauses and offers a two thumbs-up.

"Just remember to buy earplugs, those little suckers got a set of lungs on 'em like you wouldn't believe!" Phil passes by us, poking at his ear with a single digit.

"How do you know that Phil?" someone says, making everyone else listening in laugh out loud, after all, Phil is a single man with a horrible reputation of trying to talk to a woman, much less trying to get in their pants for that matter.

"My little sister, she screamed always during the night and..."

Monte Blanc, the commercial ship full of men and some women that had nothing better to do (other than catch marlin) and came up with random subjects for people to get to talk about or whatever. The only time there was excitement was when some huge wave came coming in ramming the ship's side and having close calls of someone getting washed off the ship and into the rocky seas or when someone had their leg nearly bitten off by a shark.

Hours and hours of the work on the commercial shop gone by, the catching of at least 15 marlins successfully. Tomorrow we'd head back and home with the hauling the catches of at least over 60 marlins. Not nearly enough of what is usually caught within the week of fishing. And that grim look on Hansley face said it all that this just wasn't enough for the warehouse at the port waiting on its deliverance of the marlin meat.

The next two days went by slowly as the Monte Blanc headed home for Dulesday Beach, Virginia (fictional, not real) and deliver in on the catch. Many of the guys had plans once setting foot on land like hanging out with their friends at Chiles, buying tickets for a Superbowl coming up soon, taking their kids to spend quality time in playing games or teaching them what it is they want to learn about that they couldn't completely understand that only adults excusively knew.

"Pack up! We're coming to port in an hour!" Hansley calls from the intercom above deck behind the helm.

"Yeah, yeah..." I mutter, grabbing all my clothes and small belongings that represented home when off land and away from the parents waiting for my return. "Don't have a cow."

"You got plans?" Allerdyce comes up, having a bunk above me—which is unfortunate, the man snores could be easily mistaken as the roar of an angry elephant seal having an unwelcome wake-up call.

"I guess I do." I curtly reply, not wanting to get into a conversation with this guy.

"I got plans. Go home, get some tickets I pre-ordered, drive all the way to New Jersey to watch the Eagles VS 49ers, and get me some ass—"

"As much interesting as it is to talk about getting a beer gut and trying to score some ladies I gotta finish up packing otherwise this conversation will end with our fists swinging and teeth flying." I offer a grim smile at him. "Goodbye Al."

"You'll be kissing my ass for these tickets, Rubes~!" Allerdyce shouts at my retreating back but I ignore him. Those tickets he probably got his hands on our most likely fake and I wasn't to get in trouble and have my ass end up in jail.

Duffel bag over my shoulders, I climb up the stairs to reach the deck and find everyone gathered with their own bags, eager to get off this boat and greet friends and family alike. I nod to the other guys, shaking hands with some that were taking off immediately to visit families far west or south. Other passing boats and ships honked in greeting, everyone on deck waving and shouting their welcoming.

"We're reaching port! Be ready to dock!" Hansley orders.

People waiting at the port to catch ropes that the guys on deck will throw and finally park the Monte Blanc and bring about the walking board. I stay behind, helping some of the guys get on the walking board and head down the dock where people began gathering to hug and kiss the people they've been waiting for. I smile to myself, my friends and crew mates getting attention to themselves like heroes.

"Reuben! Oh, Reuben!"

Arms found their way around my waist and I turn in time to be met with a big fat kiss on the cheek by my own worrisome and moody and pregnant mother.

"Hi, mama." I chuckle, pulling her closely. "Nice to see you, too."

"Oh, I was so worried! I heard what happened to Mr. Turnbull, with the shark getting on board and—Oh, honey, I was so worried...!" I wince when I hear her sniffle, her light caramel eyes getting glassy from her imagination going wild. The fact that her pregnancy

"Mama, c'mon mama don't cry," I point to Jeb Turnbull, poor guy getting escorted to the nearest clinic by his brother and sister-in-law. "Look, look. He's alright! He just got off lucky. We ALL got off lucky that the teeth didn't get through."

Still she cries, head buried into my chest. I finally notice someone standing beside us and I can't help but smile to see dad standing there like a statue, looking all awkward and out of place. I offer my hand and he all takes it and shakes it briefly before pulling his hands back in his pocket.

"How ya doin' Rubes?" he grins at me behind that thick black bush of a beard of his.

"Feel like a million bucks,"

-¤-¤-¤-{ Shipwreck Den }-¤-¤-¤-

"Way to go, first in the family to go to college," dad blabbers into his beer, constantly glancing at me and his eyes getting hazy from having a few too many beers.

"Its okay dad, I get it." I nod, sipping on my own.

Me and dad escaped to the town's local small bar, most of the stuff was strong and barely anything watered down for younger people like me to handle but years back someone had said something along the line of; "If he can't take a strong drink, he sure as hell don't gots the balls to take on a STRONG ocean!" and people learned not to whine when gulping down their hard beverages. I nearly choke in my own drink when some other occupants of the bar squeezed on by between me and the full crowd of the pub.

"Take it slow, son!" dad orders, slapping my back a few times. "We got all the time in the worl' to drink this up!"

"Yeah...!" I heave one last cough and let my lungs settle down in easy breathing before returning to my drinking.

"I'm really happy fer ya, Rubes," I still to hear dad's voice sobering up a tiny bit. "I'm happy to have my own flesh 'n blood going farther than any of us..."

I turn to dad and give him my best thanks. "It means a lot to me that you an' mama see me off."

Dad nods his head, eyes drifting down to the counter and I know from the look in his dark dazed eyes that he's thinking about someone; thinking about him. How do I know? Because I'm also thinking about the one person I so badly wished numerous times would see me off to find my own gain in the future.

The Den is loud and rowdy tonight but no one really paid mind about that. The townsfolk could not blame the men and women who went off at sea at the risk of their own lives to bring back their catch, everyone was doing their best at heart for this small harbor town. It didn't matter anymore, I smirk to myself and look around the bar to catch a lot of familiar faces celebrating their homecoming, I and the Monte Blanc crew are home and living it loud and proud.

"Are you fucking serious?" a booming voice from the front of the bar's entrance drowned out the sound of a crowded area.

Dad was the first to get out of his stool, looking up over the heads of numerous people that slowly quieted down from the ruckus ahead of them. I followed him and zeroed my eyes on the cause and I nearly bite my tongue as my teeth grind tightly to see an unwelcome man; Creedy "The Greedy" Campton, the man holding all the money for every sailor from all 9 commercial ships that went out a brought up what they caught in the nets and lines.

Edmund Bucannon, Helen Tiffin, Markus Thane, and Clant Hansley are standing and facing Creedy with hard eyes, lips formed in very grim lines that made other sailors uneasy of what was going on with their four top captains in this small beach town. Ol' Creedy let out a huff and took a drink out of his own glass of whiskey, taking a moment for the liquid to go down before facing the captains of their own individual ships; Monte Blanc, Black Barron, DeLuise, and Pale Rider.

"Yeah, I am serious. Your catches ain't making a dent of the usual pay." Creedy pulls out some paper from his coat, opening it to shove it in Markus' face. "You see this? This is a show of rate of how less you asshats are bringing back to these docks! Are you even TRYING?"

It was fast but predictable. Markus, a man known for his temper and giving trouble to authority, lunged to attack Creedy and the ball cap wearing bastard backs away from the range while the captains and some sailors jumped in to stop the captain's reckless act. Although, a lot of people wanted to punch that smug prick's lights out for looking down on everyone while he was tucked away safe on land and counting the money. But Creedy was right...

Everyone couldn't catch as much as they used to. Like all the catches we hunted for were disappearing or simply getting smaller at the population of certain parts of the usual fishing areas.

"So what would you have us do? WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE US DO, NOW!" came the demand.

"Go back and catch some more."

Shock and uneasiness fill the whole bar. Everyone had worked hard, everyone... it just ain't enough though. I feel dad rest his hand on my shoulder, pulling me along to exit the bar and back home, and it looked like everyone is doing the same since the good beer just left everything bitter now.

Later on in the night, the news came through from the town's local radio broadcasting station that Clant Hansley volunteered to be the captain to go out again and bring back the amount of marlins that would appease to Creedy. No doubt, some brave souls were going on to volunteer on sailing and hauling their ass for the many catches. The deadline for the ship and the crew to be sailing was two days away.

"Rubes," I blink out of my deep thinking, looking to see dad standing at the kitchen. "What are you still doing up? Go to bed!"

"Sorry," I mutter, getting up from the armchair next to the panel window that showed a good view of the ocean. " 'night dad."

"Reuben," I stop at mid step to climb the stairs up my room.


"It's gonna be okay, son." dad says quietly. "You don't have to keep trying anymore. You've done enough for everyone."

"... I know."

"You're gonna be okay, now."

I walk up the stairs, pausing in front of a white door. I push the door open gently so it wouldn't creak and bother mom, sleeping away in the next room so that way she would be closer to this room. A room with a rocking cradle, dim night lights, cute animal posters, stuffed animals, baby clothes...

No, I bite my lips, things are not okay right now.