Vita sat down at the computer once more, intent on trying some Lucky Star fanfiction again.

This one's new; maybe it won't be completely terrible, thought the young volkenritter.


Of course no one loves Tsuaksa, she doesn't exist.

The dream

More like nightmare.

It was a cold day when Tsukasa woke up.

She got dressed and opened the curtains, all she saw was what mirrored her

Instead of windows, Tsukasa has mirrors.

and bleak, because tsukasa had no love

That is not a sentence.

She went her mother Miki was there

Where? She went where?

Kagami having gone out with konata to meet their boyfriends.

... Konata... boyfriend. No.

Even miyuki had a boyfriend, fucking Miyuki

Yeah, fucking Miyuki.

But Tsukasa didnt have a boyfriend


Because she wasn't looking for one?

As she backed out of her thoughts she decided she would eat


Breakfast had ended over 3hours ago and since she woke up so

late it was pratically lunch time, As she sat down to eat her food

I'm surprised this fic gets Tsukasa's sleeping in right.

she could see her mum looking at her in a concerned face

Tsukasa's mother rides in the concerned face mobile.

Miki thought "I wish Tsukasa would be happy again, she has that glum look on her face

ever since all of her friends found boyfriend and she didnt

poor girl"

Why the hell is this whole boyfriend thing so important? I don't want a boyfriend, and Nanoha-san and Fate-san like eachother, so they don't want a boyfriend... So why is this a big deal at all?

"Tsukasa"?Miki asked

"Yes" came the reply

"Please be happy babe, remember im always here if you need me"

... Why is Tsukasa's mother calling her "babe"?

"Thanks mum but i want to go to bed now"Tsukasa replied

Even though it's only the afternoon.

a look of sadness on her face

"You sure hun maybe we should talk about this"An alarmed Miki said

"No mum i dont want to"

I think Tsukasa's depressed because she lost her punctuation.

"Oh ok Tsukasa ill call for you when its dinner"Miki said as Tsukasa

painfully walked up the stairs with a sad look on her face.

Apparently somebody covered the stairs in nails.

Miki could only wonder what had happened to her prettiest daughter

sure she wasnt the brightest in her year but she could always find a

reason to smile

Hey, the characters are pointing out flaws in the author's writing!

well that was some time ago...

3hours later

All poor Tsukasa could do was cry, all she felt was sadness

Sadness that she would never get a boyfriend

Why the hell is this so important?

All of her friends had one and they had perfect lives

But she didnt

Okay, this is starting to get insulting. What, author, are you saying a girl can't have a good life unless she has a boyfriend?

She was the one that had always been left out

Why should she be left out


She started crying again just like yesterday

That was because the author ran out of ideas and just had her do the same thing over again.

"Oh crap she thought im going to be left out again"

She cried herself to sleep infact she cried more than yesterday

1hour of extreme super heavy crying later.

Extreme Super Heavy Crying Attack go!

When she got up Tsukasa was barley able to see

There was so much barley in front of her she just couldn't see.

"I wonder what everyones thinking of me

i am a little girl to everyone who cries all the time?"

Her thoughts were stopped by her mum excitedly calling up to her from downstairs

"Tsuaksa! Kagmis home and dinners up!"

"Kagmi? Who the heck is Kagmi?"

"Kagami! Tsukasa thought a small hope returning to her and she rushed downstairs full of excitment only to find Kagami kissing her boyfriend goodbye

This fixation on boyfriends is really annoying...

After the 30min wait Kagmi finally spoke to her

They just stood there for thirty minutes? Oh hey, that new character Kagmi is back.

"You need to buckle up Tsukasa, your weak and little and i think you

should grow a pair and starting acting your age"!

Kagmi is a jerk. And a pair of what?

At hearing this Tsukasa finally weakend

Weakend? Is that like... a really boring weekend?

she fell to the floor and just cried and cried and cried.

The world fell into darkness as Kagmi punched her again and again

Why isn't Kagami stopping this Kagmi person?

until Tsukasa could feel no more as the ground swallowed her up.

Monday morning



Tsuakasa woke up in a daze

"Tsuakasa", huh?

"Dammit another nightmare" she thought

Tsukasa swearing. No. Just... just no!



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