This is just a brainfart of mine and a highly unofficial sequel to "I'm Not In Love, But…" since some people expressed their interest towards what happened to Renji and Byakuya. I just like to write about the group dynamics between these characters. I have another text which has a bit more storyline to it, but it will be long as hell and not particularly concentrating on any pairing in particular. This is beginning to form into some kind of a soap opera. And I don't even watch Days of our lives.

Will most likely contain some sex and bad language and other stuff that happens. I have warned thee.

Chapter 1. So eager to please

Renji groaned in his sleep and turned to his side on the bed. He swung his arm around and it landed on something else than the mattress next to him. Still half- asleep, he felt around the lump and soon felt soft skin under his fingers. He opened one eye to see who was next to him and saw strands of black hair spilt across the pillows. He opened his other eye while his brain was slowly waking up, trying to figure out was this a good or a bad thing. He propped up on his elbow and looked down on the person next to him. Long black hair, pale skin…He leaned over to see the person's face and pushed back the black locks. Delicate, but strong features, thin black eyebrows and soft lips, just noticeable lines on the forehead from constant frowning…A slow smile spread to Renji's face as his brain finally recognized the features belonging to his lover, Byakuya Kuchiki. He leaned down to plant light kisses on the man's cheek and lips, just brushing against the man's skin with his mouth. However gentle he was, the man stirred from his slumber and opened his eyes, looking up to Renji with his grey orbs. The redhead smiled down on the man and snuggled his nose to the crook of his neck.

"Good morning, my love" he murmured softly and kissed the man's neck. He felt a hand burying into his hair and fingers slipping through the strands.

"I think it would be more accurate to say good day, Abarai" the man replied, his cold tone not managing to hide to smile that Renji could hear in his voice. He raised his head up look at the man, a grin playing on his lips.

"Anyone ever told you you're way too formal for your own good?" he asked, baring more and more teeth with every word as his grin widened. The man sighed, entangling his fingers into Renji's red hair.

"You're being far too informal, I'm just trying to balance out the situation." The redhead frowned and scoffed.

"So the more amorous I get, the more distant you'll be? That doesn't make any sense."

"As always, you're just jumping into conclusions. I told you before that I'm not a very intimate person. I prefer to address people with dignity and correctness."

"So last night when you where calling out my name and practically begging me not to stop, that was considered dignified?" Renji smirked, hardly containing his laughter that bubbling in his chest.

Byakuya frowned slightly at him and slipped his hand away from the man's hair, sliding into a seated position. The redhead scooted back on the bed and sat cross-legged across his lover, leaning his hand on his knees and his face into his knuckles. He eyed Byakuya's flawless upper body, tracing the lines of muscles and admiring his careful and graceful movements as he swiftly tied his long hair into a loose ponytail and pushed back stray strands of hair. He had gotten used to the man's cold demeanor, responding to his seemingly distant behavior with being ever more amorous and in his face. He knew not to take it personally, now he could see how the way Byakuya treated him was miles away from his usual behavior towards people and it made him feel warm inside. The gestures were small but they were there. And it only made it better that only he knew about them. He reached his hand to capture a strand of black, silky hair between his fingers and twirled in his grip, making Byakuya raise his eyes to Renji.

"You're so perfect" the redhead murmured, partly just wondering to himself how he'd been so lucky, partly as an admiration to the man sitting opposite to him.

"I'm nowhere near perfection and I have no idea how you could have come to such conception" Byakuya replied but didn't shy away from Renji's touch. The redhead smirked at him again, his eyes glinting gleefully as they always did when he was with Byakuya.

"Oh yeah? Name one thing you're not doing perfectly in your perfect life. I bet you can't." The raven haired man tilted his head to one side and other corner of his mouth curled slightly up.

"I can name several."

"Well c'mon, let's hear them."

"Do you really want me to list you all my flaws?" Renji snorted and chuckled at him.

"You have no flaws, Byakuya, you're just fucking with me to fish for compliments. So I'm just gonna say that you're perfect and you can't argue with me."

"I have several flaws, Abarai, more than you could imagine."

"Oh really? Well name just one then, otherwise I won't believe you." Byakuya sighed lightly and raised his hand up to wrap his fingers around Renji's wrist.

"I'm nowhere near perfect because I could never be someone you really deserve." His statement first made Renji chortle, then he looked at the man's face.

"You're serious?"

"I'm not known for my tendency to be exceedingly humorous." The redhead uttered another laugh and shook his head.

"You sure know how to catch a guy off guard, sheesh Byakuya…" Renji had to laugh, he couldn't react to the man's word in any other way.

"See, I'm not perfect. A perfect man would not make you feel embarrassed, a perfect man would know how to treat you right and make you happy. A perfect man would be kind to you like I cannot be."

"Oh just shut up will you?" Renji interrupted before the man would say something else too good for him bear, "To me you're perfect and that's all that counts 'cause you're obviously insane and no one listens to what crazy people think." With that, he leaned closer and locked their lips together.

"I'd have you know that I'm in perfect state of mind…" Byakua mumbled against his mouth but gave up to Renji's dominating touches.

"We'll see about that" the man chuckled as he wrapped his arms around his lover's waist and pulled him closer.

On the other side of town, in a small record store that was hidden in the side streets of the city centre, a man was napping behind the counter, his feet raised up to the desk and his chair balancing on its two hind feet. Few strands of the man's blue hair were drooping on his face and his arms were folded across his chest, rising slightly in time with every breath. Some eighties' rock was blasting from the speakers around the store but the man didn't seem bothered. The front door opened slightly and a woman with short blond hair slipped inside, careful not to make the small bell above the door ring. She took one look at the man sleeping behind the counter, shook her head with a sigh and walked to the backrooms were the stereo was located. The music stopped and few seconds later the newest Lady Gaga single started blasting from the speakers. Grimmjow's eyes immediately snapped open and he tried to get up from his chair but was little too fast and crashed down to the floor with a loud clang. Tia stood at the backroom door, leaning on the door frame with a victorious smirk on her face.

"I knew that'd get your attention." The man scampered up from the floor, rubbing his side that had took a nasty blow in his fall.

"That's just brutal Tia" he grunted as he hurried past the woman the change the record, "I'm sure I don't even have that CD here."

"You don't, I brought it with me" the woman laughed and sauntered behind the counter, picking up the fallen chair and sitting down on it. The thumping music stopped and was soon replaced with the former sound of electric guitars.

Grimmjow walked back to the store, his hands running through his messy hair and he yawned, his jaws cracking audibly. He rubbed his eyes and walked along the narrow corridors between the shelves filled with records. His fingers brushed almost lovingly on top of the albums, the corners of his mouth curling slightly upwards. Tia shook her head and smiled, though the store didn't make much profit and was more of a hobby than a living, she couldn't deny the look of pure love on Grimmjow's face every time she saw him in there. Before they lived together with Renji and Kaien, the man had even slept in the store's backroom, on a dusty couch that was still in there.

"I'm so happy, 'cause today I found my friends…" Kurt Cobain's singing echoed through the small store as Grimmjow turned round and walked back to the counter, miming the lyrics silently, his head lolling in time with the music. His fingers were playing the strings of an air guitar, his face melting into its usual cocky smirk. Tia raised her eyebrows to him as she counted the money in the old cash register. Apparently the week had been awfully quiet, even by store's usual standards.

"Grimmjow, how are you gonna survive with this money?" she asked, her mothering side worrying for her friend. The man shrugged and continued jamming to the music, spinning around on his place and tapping his feet to the rhythm.

"Grimmjow, you don't even have enough money for your rent here" she pressed on, trying to get the man's attention.

"I have some savings" he muttered back, turning his head to look at her and winked, "don't worry about me, woman." Tia rolled her eyes sighed, closing the cash register and leaning her arms on the desk.

"Alright, whatever then. Do as you like, as always."

"Thank you very much" Grimmjow said and strung the last chords of the song on his air guitar. That moment the store's door was pushed open, making the small bell ring above the door. Grimmjow dropped his hands to his sides and quickly adopted his usual relaxed posture, shoving his hands into his pockets and shifting his weight to his other foot. A small woman with purple hair stepped inside, looking around the store with her big amber coloured eyes. Seeing Grimmjow she blushed and was almost backing out of the store when Tia leaned over the counter and waved her hand at her.

"It's okay Senna, just come in" she said to the girl, "don't mind Grimmjow, he just looks scary." The man threw a glare at Tia who scrunched her nose at him and gestured at the smaller woman to come in.

"I'm sorry I'm so late" she murmured as she shut the door behind her, still bit intimated by Grimmjow. The man was eyeing her from head to toe, his cyan eyes scanning every inch slowly and deliberately. Senna wasn't sure whether she felt like being checked out or a like a cattle being evaluated. She shook her head slightly as she walked past the man to the counter and smiled to Tia who reached her am to ruffle her hair. The smaller woman relaxed and managed to flash a wide smile to her which brightened up her face.

"Long time no see kid" the blonde said, tilting her head to one side, "how've you been?"

"I'm great, just great" Senna replied, rocking back and forth on her heels, "trying to figure out what I wanna do, you know, when I grow up."

"You still play in that band of yours?" Tia asked, folding her arms on the counter. The girl shook her head, making her ponytail swing behind her head.

"Nope, the others are too lazy to train with me so I just dumped them" the girl sighed and crossed her arms on her chest.

Grimmjow frowned at the two women as they continued chatting, eyeing the smaller girl again. She was wearing ripped denim shorts and an oversized blouse that had slipped from her other shoulder, baring her collarbones and a small tattoo on the base of her neck. The blunette squinted his eyes to make out what the tattoo was. It seemed to be some kind of a round furry creature. He stepped closer and poked the girl on her neck, making her jump in the air with a loud squeal. Grimmjow cringed at the sound and rubbed his ear.

"Geez woman, pipe down" he grunted as the girl whipped around to stare at him with her huge eyes.

"Don't bully her Grimm, she's not used to big scary guys like you, she studies Arts at the Uni" Tia scolded the man. Grimmjow scoffed and pointed to Senna's neck again.

"I was just gonna ask her about her tattoo" he said, resting his hands on his belt. The girl's hand went to her neck, brushing over the tattoo and a small smile flashed on her face.

"It's Totoro" she giggled and glanced up at the man from under her fringe "you don't know what it is?" Grimmjow's frown deepened and he shook his head.

"Never heard."

"It's the mascot of Studio Ghibli, and a character from My Neighbour Totoro."

"What is that?" Senna laughed, throwing her head back.

"How old are you, man? They make the best movies ever, you've really missed out if you haven't seen any of them."

"You're wasting your time Senna, Grimmjow here lives firmly in the eighties, his favourite movie is Spinal Tap."

"No it's not, it's Pulp Fiction" the man corrected and looked back at the girl, who was still giggling at him.

"What kind of movies do they make?"

"Animations, Japanese style of course."

"You watch cartoons?" the man's scowl burrowed even more, his whole face was scrunching up now.

"They're not just cartoons, they're better than most 'real' movies, I have you know!" Senna protested, placing her hands on her hips and locking her feet under het. Tia shook her head, with people as stubborn as those two this argument would probably take forever. Quietly she slipped to the backroom to search for the coffee machine. She could hear the duo arguing with each other, Grimmjow stating that all animated movies were for children and especially everything Japanese as a complete waste of time and money, while Senna altercated that most of modern Hollywood movies were just made for profit with no plotlines or statements and that Ghibli movies were not only beautiful and moving but also had amazing soundtracks and were highly celebrated across the globe.

"How old are you, five? You probably haven't seen any real movies, have you seen Taxidriver? The Goodfellas? Reservoir Dogs?"

"No, no and no, but you haven't seen Princess Mononoke or My Neighbour Totoro either, so there!"

"You can't argue about movies if you haven't even seen the best films ever made!"

"Most of Studio Ghibli's movies have received almost 100 per cent rankings in Rotten Tomatoes, they're amazing movies!"

"It's not the same as the classics that have changed the way of moviemaking!"

"Who cares about the movie industry, Mr. Miyazaki is making a statement about the state of the whole planet!"

"Making statements and doing something about it are two different things!"

"Well at least he's trying to make people think about the nature and not just tell some story about a weird taxi driver!"

"Shut it kid, I can't have this conversation with someone who doesn't know what they're talking about."

"Fine, talking to you is like flogging a dead horse anyway!"


"Tia, your man is stupid and ignorant" Senna stated as she walked into the small back room, followed by the said man who was glaring down at her smaller frame.

"Tia, your little friend is a naive kid who doesn't know not to anger people three times her size" the man said as he lopped down on the couch that had previously been his bed.

"So you're clearly made for each other" the blonde smiled to them as she poured coffee into three mugs. She enjoyed the sounds of disgust the two made, they were like little children.

"Why don't you make each other watch the movies you like and then you can argue again" she said while handing out the drinks to them.

"And what is this shit music?" the girl asked after tasting her coffee. Grimmjow almost spat out his drink and stood up from the couch, squeezing the mug in his hand.

"Don't ever, ever, ever mock the music playing in my store" he growled at the girl. Senna just arched her eyebrow at him, not intimated by the man's threats.

"Just sayin' man, it's not very inviting. I'm not surprised the place is so dead." Tia was sure Grimmjow was going to explode any minute, opening and shutting his mouth to retaliate the girl's words.

"If you'd play something nicer, people might actually dare to come here. Not just some random thugs and bikers" she continued, totally ignoring the fuming man next to her, "and you could tidy this place up a bit too."

"That's it" the blunette said, slamming his mug down on the table, "out, out, get out, get out right now or I'll throw you out myself."

"There's no need to be rude" Senna smiled at him, quickly finishing her coffee and handing the mug back to Tia, "I'll see you later Tia, it's was nice to talk to you." She glanced at Grimmjow whose hands were balled into tight fists, his knuckles white.

"I wish I could say the same thing about you, but..." she shook her head and then quickly ran out of the room when the man lunged at her.

"See ya!" she yelled before running out of the door, the bell ringing cheerily. Tia laughed at the man's furious expression as he breathed heavily, trying to calm down.

"Why the hell would you invite someone like her in here?" he grunted at her while returning to his coffee.

"Her father is an old friend, he used to play in my Dad's club. He was the one who taught me how to play" she replied, leaning on the kitchen counter, "and she's really talented, you should hear her play sometime."

"I've heard enough of that brat for the rest of my life" Grimmjow said, sitting down on the couch, "you'd think if her dad was a musician she'd appreciate real music."

"She was just yanking your chain, Grimm, don't take it personally."

"Music IS personal, you should know that."

"Whatever Grimm" she sighed and rinsed her coffee cup, "there's no talking to you when you're like this. I'm gonna pop into the shop while I go home, you need something?"

"Nah, I could leave with you actually, there's nothing to do around here anyway" he said, rolling the mug in his hands.

"Guess so."

As Grimmjow locked the front door, Tia looked at her watch and counted to herself. Kaien probably wouldn't be home yet, unless he had bailed out from his dinner meetings. Renji was with his new hubby at his place, which was probably better since the two wouldn't have much in their small apartment. The two of them started walking slowly down the road towards the shops, it wasn't rush hour yet so there wasn't a lot of people around, just some school kids running around still wearing their uniforms. Grimmjow pulled on his fingerless gloves from the pockets of his hoodie and pulled his hood on, the cold breeze was sending chills down his neck. Tia raised the collars of her coat, shoving her hands into her pockets.

"You can have my gloves if you want to" Grimmjow obliged but she shook her head.

"We're looking like a couple already, I don't wanna add to that anymore" she smirked, making the man scoff and shake his head.

"I don't mind, do you?"

"Well, I dunno. Maybe."

"You saying I'm not good enough for you?"

"Of course you're not, look at yourself" she chuckled, reaching her hand to pinch the man's cheek, "I'm way out of your league."

"Bah" Grimmjow groaned and rubbed his cheek, "women."

"I know."

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