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The last Crusade-6

Luthor slammed his fist against his wood desk seething as his henchmen stood nervously before him.

"I told you to bring him back!"

"We…I mean…he." the meek one stuttered out.

"We couldn't find'em boss."

"Failure does not fair well with me, if any of you half wit idiots wish to see the light of day again I suggest you go out and search for him. NOW!" Luthor bellowed.

Suddenly the door to his office opened; his partner in crime sauntered in the room. "Personally I'd shoot them saves the energy; I see that the man of steel has fallen through the cracks of the great Lex Luthor. That I don't mind but I do not like it when your mistakes affect my successes." Joker darkly explained.

Luthor straightened. "What are you babbling on about?"

Joker snapped his fingers as one of his men handed over the evidence. "While your men were slinking around my men actually found something. Do you see what this is?"

"It's a black cloth." Luthor replied crossing his arms along his chest.

Joker's eyes flashed with anger. "No you idiot this his part of Batman's cape! Superman ripped him to shreds! … he stalked over to the other man… "You said you would not harm him."

"I did keep my promise I didn't lay a hand on him. If you want someone to blame Superman is a perfect candidate." Luthor flatly said.

The Joker pulled a gun out from his pocket and without hesitation shot two of Luthor's men in the chest leaving the billionaire defenceless.

"Unlike your friend I know that you can't dodge a bullet."

Tension built in the room each waiting for the other to make their next move. A sinister smile graced across Luthor's face.

"Always one for the theatrics but never do you look at the big picture. Our vigilante friends hardly know each other, a fragile balance between trust and foe keep them at arms length. All we did his shatter that thread and like a ripple in a pound the obstacles on their own grow just as silent but successful. The kryptonite I used is very rare and the side effects are bountiful, the chess board is set we made our move now it's theirs. Luthor explained with much distain.

The criminal cocked an eye brow rubbing a hand under his chin as he thought. The gun still pointing at the billionaire.

"Sounds not that bad, however there is just one problem. Batsy has a tendency to go a little overboard with his aggression. Talk about theatrics not as good as me, but just as unstable. If what you say is true I'm looking forward to it… he sighed dramatically raising his gun… "Ho-hum and I was looking forward to blowing your brains out, oh, well next time."

Luthor relaxed a little as he watched the other man stuff the gun in his pocket.

"You have one last chance Luthor and you fail I will kill you next." Joker warned as he turned to leave.

Lex cleared his throat. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Joker stopped, turning, he glanced over at the corpses lying on the floor. "My, my that is a problem but I'm sure you'll find away to get rid of the garbage. Ta Ta for now." he concluded waving his hand as he left.


Clark opened his eyes at the familiar sound of the rooster cooing loudly in the distance. At first he didn't know how he got home but it slowly came back to him, he sighed looking up at the glow in the dark moon and stars on his ceiling and the model solar system hanging amongst them. He turned his head as he was aware that he wasn't alone. Smiling softly at the woman beside his bed her head propped up by her hand as she slept, he grasped her other hand squeezing it gently. Martha groggily lifted her head at the small motion brightening up some at the sight of her adoptive son's gentle gaze.

"Clark… she cupped the side of his face with one hand… "Are you alright?"

Clark smiled. "I am now."

The older woman softened at the sound of his voice. "You had us both worried showing up in the manner you did. It scared me and your father was more than a little shocked himself."

"I'm sorry but I didn't have the strength to fly any farther then Smallville." the kryptonian explained as he sat up.

Martha smirked. "It doesn't matter how fast you heal I still have the mother instinct to fuss over you."Clark swung his legs over the side of the bed. "There is nothing wrong with that."

"That tune sure has changed."

Mother and son looked in the door way to see Jonathan standing there. He joined them sitting beside Clark giving him a side hug.

"I'm glad to see you're ok." he said.

Clark smiled then it suddenly dawned on him. His parents didn't miss the worry clouding his face.

"I took Mr. Wayne to Metropolis General Hospital he was in pretty rough shape. Now, don't worry I did change him into some different clothes and stuffed what was left of his uniform in the closet." Jonathan quickly explained.

"I…don't know who did that to him I wish I could remember. But everything just comes back as blur." Clark confessed.

Martha cast her eyes down to her hands clearing her throat she looked back at her son. "Clark, how long have you've known that Bruce Wayne is… Batman?"

Clark thought for a moment. "Well, I guess for about six months now, didn't really get to know him about two months ago. To be honest that's not saying much, he's hard to figure out."

"It's hard to believe that the world's controversial billionaire is the feared vigilante patrolling the streets of Gotham City." Jonathan stated… "Then again he does have the money to pull it off and the time."

Clark shook his head. "That's the thing he doesn't have the time. He has been burning the candles at both ends for years and I'm surprised that he has survived this long."

Jonathan rose to his feet. "Well, son when it comes to picking friends you sure have nailed yourself a keeper. When your friend owes us one just run it by him that the tractors getting a bit rusty."

Martha gave a behave look as the man smiled and walked out of the room. She faced Clark furrowing her brow at her son's troubled look.

"Sweetheart what is it?" she said taking his hand.

He snapped out of is daze smiling all though still troubled. "Nothing, I'm just glad to be home."

Martha smiled cupping the side of his face once more. "Me too. Now you better go help your father with the chores and I'll get breakfast on the table."

"Yeah, I'll be right there." he answered as she rose from her chair she smiled once more at him before leaving the room.


Alfred made his way down the corridor as soon as he got the call he dropped everything he had planned. All the worrying ended only to start a whole breed of it; Bruce was like a son to him the only family he had. He stopped at the nurses station for the number of the room, this dreadful feeling was an all to painful of a shadow that once was. He turned the corner in time for the doctor to stop him.

"Is he alright?"

"He's alive, but I want to fill you in before you go in there." the female doctor explained.

Alfred took a deep breath. "Yes, my apologies go on."

"Mr. Wayne has multiple contusions on his torso and back. A fractured wrist and dislocated shoulder. Three broken ribs, a stage three concussion, and we had to do an emergency operation to fix the eternal bleeding he suffered." she explained quietly.

Alfred gave an impassive look. "Thank-you doctor your actions won't go unnoticed."

The doctor stopped the older man once more. "Sir, there is one more thing I am concerned about. He appears to have some extensive scaring on his body, do you…?"

"Ah, yes doctor he suffered those injuries by fencing when he was in his teens. He was rather clumsy at it he was also enrolled in hand to hand combat training as well, ever since his parents died. Merely some accidents and fighting that got a little out of hand."

"I see. You must be eager to see him, it will be at least a month before he's on his feet again if not a bit longer." the doctor concluded

Alfred nodded his acknowledgement before entering the room. He sadly came over and sat in the chair beside the man's bed.

"What have you gotten yourself into this time. My boy." he said to himself.


Nightwing ran over the roof tops of Gotham's eastside stopping just above a construction sight. He crawled over to the edge peering over it to see four men huddled together over a trash bin fire. He clicked on his ear piece, listening to the conversation.

"I can't believe that it worked." one thug said rubbing his hands over the fire.

"Yeah, who knew that the boss would have worked beside Luthor? That man's just as crazy as the Joker if not crazier."

"Do ya think that Luthor sees it coming?" another man asked letting out a plume of smoke.

"I do it he's to wrapped up in finding Superman. And since Batman is gone to, we can do whatever we want without a care in the world." the third thug laughed.

"Yeah, just to think all we had to do was watch and get paid big bucks. Easiest job we've had in a long time." the shorter of the four bragged.

"After all the crap we've been through this award ha been a long time coming."

The fourth thug face turned to shock just before a string of black wire wrapped around his chest and he was sent crashing to the ground. The other three were alarmed and were a split second to late to react as a batarang hit one fellow in the hand and another two pinned one to a wood box. A another rope wrapped around the fatter thug's ankles sending him face first in the dirt, they were the lucky ones as the taller one was met face to face with the seething vigilante.

"Another thing that's been along time coming is a good ass kicking." Nightwing fumed as he stalked over to the whisky smelling man.

"Now, now, hold on one mo-" the man quickly said as Dick glared at the man dragging him forward by the color of his shirt.

"Where is Batman?" the young man demanded.

"I-I haven't got a clue." the thug answered sweat beading on his forehead.

Dick picked the man to only fling him into another crate. "Lying to me isn't a smart idea; I'm not going to ask again."

The thug smirked. "It don't matter he's dead either way."

Greyson's harshness was momentarily replaced by worry but he once more slammed the criminal hard.

"You're lying!" he seethed.

"If ya don't believe me then that's your choice, Joker never leaves his pray half dead. He kills to make sure they aient mov'n."

Dick let out a yell throwing the man hard into a metal beam. Knocking the guy out cold. He turned his attention to the small one who was pinned to the box his body trembling.

"I am not going anywhere until I get what I want. Even if it means beating each one of you to a bloody pulp." Dick threatened.

"Yer, ly'n you vigilante types don't draw blood." he shot back.

Nightwing's face darkened. "There's always a first and you're next."

The man flinched turning his head as Dick raised his fist. "WAIT! Wait, if ya want the info it's in the warehouse."

"Show me." Dick demanded

Moments later, the criminal was pushed inside the abandoned building. Not wanting to push the vengeful hero he rummaged through the debris to a small metal box.

"It's in here."

Dick raised his hand. "Throw it to me."

The criminal complied but Dick didn't notice the sinister smile cross his face. Dick opened the metal box to receive a blast of powder in his face that made him cry out in surprise and pain as his eyes stung and his vision depleted rapidly. He stumbled backwards clutching his face completely defenceless as he received a fist to his stomach and a foot to the back of his knee. He swung out a fist of where he thought his assailant could be but it didn't land as a fist punched him in the kidney's twice sending him to his knees.

"Ya thought you could come in here and rule the roost. I work for the Joker and we never fail." the thug explained kicking his victim to the ground.

Dick gasped coughing as he breathed in the dust. The villain squatted down in front of him dipping his hand into his inside pocket of his jacket he taunted Nightwing.

"Ya see I gots everything on this here disk and there ain't a thing you can do about it." he concluded spitting on the ground where the hero lay.

The thug turned around to see gloved red hand coming up to greet him he was knocked out cold before he even hit the ground the disk was caught mid air.

Barry smirked looking at the prize then at the unconscious criminal. "Thanks."

The Flash knelt down beside Nightwing. "Do you see what happens when you go into a situation hot headed? Even I know that's not smart."

"If you don't like my methods then shove it." Dick snapped.

"Yeah, yeah, you hate me but if I hadn't come you would have been Joker's next vic." The speedster answered aiding the other man to his feet… "Lean on me and shut up oh and you might want to close your eyes."

"Why would-"

The Flash zipped out of the warehouse and appeared micro seconds later in the main entrance of watch Tower. Dick would have collapsed one the floor if it hadn't been for the support of the other man holding him up.

"Don't…do that again."

"I warned you." Barry simply said as he led him over to a chair… "So, why don't we watch this tid bit of information?"

Dick removed his mask his eyes still hurt but not as bad as before. As Barry slipped the disk into the hard drive Diana, Kara and Hawkman entered the room.


Kara rushed over to his side as the other two hero's joined their friend.

"What do you have?" Hawkman asked.

"Hopefully a lead on where Clark and Batman are." Flash answered as the screen went white then black then finally bringing up an image. It was silent but it drew everyone's attention as they saw Batman on his knees in front of Luthor the entire scene played out. From the moment Bruce put on his belt, to the battle in the woods, and finally where Batman tackled the kryptonian the footage cut out just as they both fell over the edge.

Diana drew her hands into fists; Flash rubbed the back of his neck as he let out a sigh, Hawkman, clenched his jaw. Kara blue eyes were moist with unshed tears and Dick looked mortified, but it soon was replaced with rage he stood up from his chair. He walked toward the door. Kara quickly came in front of him.

"Dick wait-" she was cut short as Dick clenched her wrist bending it back slightly.

"Move." he pushed her aside disappearing around the corner.

Hawkman went to go after him but Diana shot out her arm. "Leave him, he needs time to process this s do the rest of us."

"But Diana didn't you see what just happened Bruce…" Barry trailed off.

"We saw them fall it doesn't mean that their dead. All of you get some rest."

Dick passed Oliver who in turn stopped him. "Hey, what did I miss?"

Dick glared at the archer and because he was in the right place at the wrong time his answer was a punch to the face that sent him crashing to the wall. Stunned he met Nightwing's harsh gaze.

"If you know what's best for you I would not breathe another word to my face. Got it." he threatened

Oliver rose to his feet not able to get a word in as he soon found himself standing in the corridor alone and very much confused.

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