Author's Note: In Creative Writing class (which only has six kids), our assignment was to write why we were thankful for each of our classmates. That inspired this little plot in my head…had to get it out. I am only up to Season 2, episode 14…so I don't know as much about the characters as others do. This is just my opinion of the characters as I have seen them so far. Reviews are most welcome! :)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything recognizable…although I wish I did.

Hetty, you can't be serious." Deeks protested as the diminutive woman passed out sheets of paper.

"I am most certainly serious, Mr. Deeks. This time of year it seems most appropriate to conduct this little exercise." Hetty smiled. "Most of us are in touch of what we are thankful for, but sometimes we forget who we are thankful for." She glanced over at Kensi, who was failing to cover a smile at Deeks's discomfort. "So, I want each of you to write a little bit of why you are thankful for each member of the team. Don't be shy; no one will read them but me. I assure you. These are for your own self awareness." She handed a paper to Sam, and Deeks relaxed.

"You promise?" The scruffy man asked.

"I promise." Hetty nodded. "And I want these completed by next week. Remember, every member of the team. Including Eric and Nell. And rest assured, they have to complete this exercise as well."

"What about you?" Callen asked, accepting his fate quietly; he knew there would be no changing Hetty's mind.

"Yes, Mr. Callen, even me." Hetty straightened her glasses and left the bullpen with her usual grace.

"I am so screwed." Marty muttered. "I had to repeat creative writing class."

"I doubt Hetty is going to be grading these, Deeks." Kensi pointed out, pulling a pen out of her desk, starting on her assignment immediately.

"You don't know that." Sam pointed out, following Kensi's example. Callen and Deeks both shoved their papers under their piles of paperwork.

"Are you two waiting until the last minute to do it?" Kensi asked, grinning. Both men nodded and spoke at once.


Kensi laughed, already done with one team member and moving on. This would be good for the boys, she felt. Of course, she had no problem writing her feelings about any team member….oh, wait…..

One Week Later.

Hetty called the whole team together, sitting them down and pouring them all warm cups of a nutty flavored tea. Hetty looked properly gleeful at something. She pulled out sheets of paper from her desk. The team recognized them as their 'thankful assignment.' Callen had a bad feeling suddenly.

"I confess, I was a bit misleading with my assignment; I said I would be the only one to read these, but I did not say anything about the fact I would be reading them out loud."

"Hetty! You lied to us?" Deeks squeaked suddenly, causing Nell and Kensi to chuckle slightly.

"I did not lie, Mr. Deeks; I was merely evasive." Hetty's eyes were twinkling. "It is a trait you would do well to perfect." She reached over and gently pulled Deeks's nose. The young man looked surprised as she pulled back and turned to Kensi.

"Did she just tweak my nose?" Marty looked over at Sam and whispered. The large man nodded, smirking.

Hetty pulled out a sheet of paper and looked at it for a moment. "I feel that the full impact of this team building exercise would be wasted if we did not actually share our thoughts." She looked right at Deeks and smirked slightly. "Shall we begin?"

"Do we have any choice?" Callen muttered.

"No, Mr. Callen, you do not, I am afraid." Hetty said sternly, but smiling. "Let us begin with a fearless member of our team to break the ice. Ms. Jones."

The red headed analyst smiled widely, obviously unruffled. Hetty cleared her throat and began to read.