Sailor moon Constalations

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon. This is just my continuation of the Sailor Moon story, in which new Sailor Scouts are discovered, and in which the Sailor Star Lights return. Plus there is a shocking surprise that three of the Sailor Scouts don't expect.

Chapter One: The Awakening of Twelve new Sailor Scouts and the Princess of Sagittarius!

One evening in Tokyo while Usagi and Mormou were on their date, an unexpected attack blasted them backwards. Thinking it would be peaceful after Galaxia, and not wanting to become eternal sailor moon again, Usagi finally decides to transform into eternal sailor moon. "MOON ETERNAL, MAKE UP!" Usagi yells. With one powerful blast, Sailor moon defeats the enemy. When she gets home she notices Luna is gone plus a note and picks up the note and reads it. "Sorry to leave, but I had to go in search of Twelve sailor scouts. Sailor Sagittarius, Sailor Leo, Sailor Libra, Sailor Ares, Sailor Aquarius, Sailor Pieces, Sailor Gemini, Sailor Capricorn, Sailor Virgo, Sailor Taurus, Sailor Cancer, and Sailor Scorpio. These Twelve scouts can help you and the other sailor scouts defeat this new enemy, Good luck Usagi.


"What did Luna mean by twelve new Sailor scouts?" Thought Usagi.

Meanwhile in the U.S., "I've got to find those twelve scouts but where?" Luna said. As two girls walk by they notice Luna. "Aw you're a cute cat" said the red haired girl. "Clara, we're going to be late if you don't hurry up." The other girl said. "Okay Rachel." Said Clara. Then the two girls ran towards the ninth grade campus. "Could those two girls be part of the twelve sailor scouts I'm looking for?" said Luna. After classes in the hallway Clara and Rachel walking to the exit and heard screams. They ran towards where they heard the screams. "WHAT HAPPENED!" said Clara as she ran towards the girl. "My name is Luna, and you girls need to transform!" said Luna. "What?" said Rachel. "Here." Luna said. A locket and transforming pen appeared. "Clara say Sagittarius Prism Power and Rachel say Leo Power, okay." Said Luna. "Okay!" Clara and Rachel say in unison. "Sagittarius Prism Power!" Clara yelled. "Leo Power!" Rachel yelled. The monster flinched at the appearance of the two Sailor Scouts. "Sailor Leo say Leo ice spikes then Sailor Sagittarius say Sagittarius arrow strike." Luna said.

Both Sailor Scouts did their attacks and defeated the monster. As Sagittarius and Leo turned around to see ten of their friends holding transformation pens and realizing that their friends were sailor scouts also. All of the girls left to talk with Luna. "You mean we're all Sailor Scouts!" said Jasmine. "Yes" said Luna. "Oh, boy" said Megan. "All of you need to come to Japan. Oh and Clara" said Luna. "Yes, Luna." Said Clara "You're the Princess of Sagittarius." Said Luna. "What!" Clara yelled.

On Plant Kinmoku…

Its been 5 years since the Star Lights and Princess Kakyuu had been on Earth, plus they've finished rebuilding their Plant. "You know what Seyia." Yaten said. "What?" said Fighter. "Taiki has been really out of it ever since we left Earth, plus he looks like a lovesick fool." Said Yaten. "So what should we do, Yaten?" Seyia asked. " You should go visit the Earth and I'll be okay." Said Princess Kakyuu. "HEY TAIKI!" yelled Yaten. "WHAT!" Taiki yelled back. "We're going to the Earth" yelled Seyia. Taiki was shocked in amazement. "Why" Taiki said. "Our Princess said we can go there" said Yaten. "That means I can see Ami again" said Taiki. "Yes" said Seyia.

Meanwhile on Earth…

"You are destined to rule with Coleman, Neo Queen Serenity, and King Edimond in the 40th century Crystal Tokyo" said Luna to Clara and the girls standing in front of her. Just then Coleman walked by them. "Hi Coleman" said Clara. "Hi Clara, who's cat is that" said Coleman. "I don't know, but her name is Luna. Also do you want to come to Japan with us" asked Clara "Sure Clara" said Coleman. "Great, now we can go to Japan" Luna said. "Ahhhh talking cat" yelled Coleman. Clara grabbed his wrist before he could run away. When Luna, Coleman, and the girls arrived in Japan, Three Idols arrived at the airport too.

The airport was crowded with middle school and high school girls to welcome the Three Lights. "Can't we get a brake" said Seyia. "Who are the Three Lights" asked Camille. "They must be celebrities that don't get breaks" said Ny'quiria. As the girls and Coleman walked, the Three Lights passed the group and Seyia noticed something about Clara that he also noticed about Usagi.