L'Etoile: Finaly no more problems.( resting after from helping Robert)

Haruka: Oh, he better keep his hands off her.

L'Etoile: Is this about Seiya that has you steaming angry, Haruka?

Haruka: Yes. And you better not be helping or in this with him. (threting to punch L'Etoile)

L'Etoile: Eep... Michiru, Setsuna, HELP ME! (starting to freak out)

Michiru: Haruka leave L'Etoile alone. ( grabs Haruka by the wrist)

Haruka: What? HEY! ( starts being draged along by Michiru)

Setsuna: Hea... continue?

L'Etoile: Oh, right... I do not own Sailor moon.

Seiya: Hey was that just Haruka I saw being draged along by Michiru?

L'Etoile & Setsuna: Yes. (hears Yelling in the distance) Oh, brother. (runs after them)

Chapter 6 past life and curent relations

At Rei's shrine Sunday afternoon...

The inner senshi, the three lights, and the constalation senshi gather to have a little bit of relaxation after fighting two enemys. "Finaly a day to relax." said Usagi sitting down on a pillow. Everybody turns to see that a shaby haired guy in front of rei's bedroom door. "Hey how is everybody doing?" said the guy. "YUUICHIROU!" shouted Rei. Then Yuuichirou noticed that two of Rei's friends were wearing rings on their left hand ring finger. He wispers to Rei "Did you notice the engaement rings on Ami and Minako?" Then Rei sudenly realises that Ami and Minako were both wearing engagement rings. But her attion went straght to the twelve girls, and then a conversation started between Rei and Robert. "Oh! That's right! Mom said in a letter, that we had cousens here in Japan, and their last name was Kou." said Clara. "So were related?" asked Seiya. "Well it depends. What is your last name?" asked Clara. "Kou." said Seiya and his brothers. Clara was surpised. They heared screaming outside, and a sudden flash from outside came in to the room.

On The moon...

"Why are we on the moon again." said Makoto. "To learn the rest of all your past lives." said a figure. Everyone turned around to see a small figure on a pedistlue. "Queen Serenity!" yelled Usagi and Clara. "Yes. Now its time to learn the rest." Said Queen Serenity.

In the past...

"Huh... mom. MOM, WHERE ARE YOU?" screamed Princess Clarity. "Oh. Clarity. your mom is busy." said Queen serenity. Clarity walked to the medical room to find her friends Rachel and Laruan siting by their fathers bedsides. "hi guys." said Clarity. "hey" they replied. The three girls walked from the medical room to their rooms to get ready for the ball that night.(bump) "Sorry mercury." said Rachel. "Its okay" said Sailor Mercury. "Hi mom."said Clarity. Mercury talked to the girls and sent them to their rooms to get ready for that night. As Mercury walked to the medical room, Sailor Pluto menchend that they will wake up soon.

Back at the shrine...

everyone sat in silance as the 4 outters walked in to the shrine. "WHAT! WE'RE YOUR PAST LIFE DAUGHTERS!" yelled Clara, Rachel, & Laruan at the three lights. The outer senshi were surpised to see that the group shouting about what just happend. Ami explained what happend to the outters. " This is going to be a long weekend" sighed Haruka.