Blue Memories

Walking to the local park, a woman with short blue hair sat down on a park bench. She was a recent high school graduate and top of her class in grades. Looking at the falling snowflakes from the sky she thought of the time when she was in 10th grade. How that one boy changed her life, of course she was one of the legendary sailor scouts. Lost in her own thoughts, a guy with long brown hair and violet eyes walked up and sat down beside her. Feeling the same warmth she felt over two years ago now realizing she wasn't alone in the park anymore. She looked up and seeing the guy sitting next to her. "Could he be? Taiki?" she thought. "Hello." She said. "Hello " he said. "TAIKI!" She joyously said as she hugged him. Thinking about what happened over two years ago too both of them, she slowly baked away not knowing what to do. Not knowing what happened next, she found her self in a deep embrace. "I've missed you so much, Ami. So much has happened since the battle with Galaxya and after we left to restore our planet." he said. "I've missed you too, Taiki." She whispered back. As they looked back upon their memories and seeing how things have changed the Christmas lights shined on them like stars shinning brightly in the night. As the two kissed, snow started to fall and brought back blue memories.

Authors note: I don't own any of the characters. I simply own the plot.