The door to Detective Mike Sasaki's office flew open, and slammed into the plain off-white wall.

"Wake up Mike!" the intruder said firmly. Mike awoke with a start as the intruder slapped a fat folder on his desk.

"Hey Alicia," Mike yawned. He was a Japanese man who was probably five-foot-nine. "How's our police chief doing on this fine day?"

"First of all, this is the worst storm since the flood of '79," Alicia said.

It was true. The police and fire departments had been on alert for over a week. Houses were getting struck by lightning, and trees have been falling into roads all over the suburban city of Brookville, Indiana.

"Second, we've got a new case for you," she continued. "Just before the storm started, about eight people went missing in the Brookville Lake Resort area."

Eight? Why are we just getting the report now? Mike asked, alarmed and stunned that nobody had attempted to see what had happened to them yet.

"Those people's families gave them an extra day in case they were unable to leave because of lakeside flooding," Alicia said as she sat down. "We sent David up there yesterday. He said that the camp was deserted. it took him almost 5 hours to make the trip because of destroyed roads and mudslides."

"Did he mention finding any traces of a struggle? Clothes? Blood? Impressions in the ground?"

"Not even a footprint."

"Jeez. Were they the only eight at the camp?"

"No. There were supposedly 23 to begin with. Only 15 made it out. Four of them are catatonic. One has gone completely insane. He's been babbling on about a 'ghost with a knife' ever since he and the others were brought to the hospital yesterday. The rest of them are in a normal state, and are only talking about how hard it was to get away from the camp. We know that they know something about the 'ghost with a knife,' but none of them are talking yet."

"Holy shit," Mike said. "So, do you want me to check it out?"

"As soon as the rain clears and the camp becomes operational," Alicia replied. "This might be aserial killer, so you and your partner are going to have to be really careful..."

"Whoa there, hold up sister," Mike said, cutting his boss off. "Did you say something about apartner?"

"Mike, I know you don't like having partners, but this is..."

"Don't like partners? I hate them! All they do is get in the way. Last time I had a partner, we got caught in a gang war, and he got shot in a head! I will not have a partner for this mission. No way."

"You realize that you could be the one getting shot in the head without one to watch your back, right?" Alicia said. "No solo mission for you and that's final! Read through that file. The info on all of the missing are in there. Your partner will be here in an hour or two. Please try to be nice to him."

Alicia stood up, and left his office. She left the door wide open, which Mike hated. He stood up, and slammed it shut.

"Great. That's just great," Mike thought. "This is not going to be fun."


Mike's partner's name was Jason Ellery. He came off as one of those people that take nothing seriously. He was 23, eleven years younger than Mike was, and he certainly looked it. His hair was a deep shade of brown, and was tossed around like he had just gotten out of bed. Mike wouldn't have been surprised if that was the case. Mike knew the first moment he laid eyes on Jason that this case wasn't going to go well.