Mike returned to the grave and opened the cap to the torch fluid.

"Is that gasoline?" Jason asked. "And matches? Bad combo, dude!"

"I know," Mike said. He poured the flammable liquid into the hole, struck a match, and let it drop. He immediately ran for cover as the dead bodies began to burn. As soon as Mike was satisfied with the fire, they ran.

"Why'd you keep the bottle?" Jason asked. "We're getting out of here, aren't we?"

"Not yet," Mike replied. "There's two bodies left."


Mike and Jason ran to the beach Mike had seen in his dream/vision/revelation. The cop rushed into the water, and swam to the edge of the fateful cliff. When he got to the rock that helped in killing the father, the took a deep breath, and dived down. It was hard to see through the murky water, and there was a current pushing him towards the shore, but he saw the bodies immediately. They were all but skeletons now, and thus were easy to get to the shore. Mike laid the bodies out, and looked at them for a moment.

"Two years," Jason said. "By the rate of decomposition, they've been dead two years."

In the distance, there was an inhuman roar. Branches and full trees began snapping, betting closer and closer. Whatever it was, it really didn't want those bodies to be found.

"It's too late to worry about that," Mike said. He scrambled to pick up the fuel and matches. He emptied the rest of the gasoline onto the bodies, and lit them. It was rather hot that day, and the beach was directly under the sun, so the bodies had dried enough for them to burn.

The monster i the distance shrieked again it knew that they had destroyed the bodies. That was when Jason pieced together why Mike had decided to burn any trace of dead bodies. They were the one thing anchoring the spirits in the camp to this world. If the bodies were found and/or destroyed, there would be nothing keeping the spirits of the dead on earth. They could pass on to whatever lies beyond life.

"Thank you," a voice said from the shoreline. It was the little girl that had led them into the woods. Her body was slowly unravelling into white mist. Mike smiled and nodded. The girl than dissolved into nothingness.

The creature in the woods finally burst onto the beach. It was the ghost of the father. He was dissolving himself, but was trying to take one last shot at the people that had torn his teather to the earth. He was no more before he even touched the sand.

"Do you think anybody will believe us?" Jason asked.

"No," Mike replied, 'but I believe you.