"What?" Gibbs asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. "You think that's cold?"

Despite the chewing out Gibbs'd given her earlier that day, Vivian didn't miss a beat before saying "very."

"Good," he said with a curt nod. "Means I'm focused."

And, even though he'd already disappeared behind the door, she muttered, "I hope I'm never that focused."

I almost smiled. As much as I hated the "focused" Gibbs that came out during a case, his reasons were right. Getting distracted by personal feelings could prove deadly in our line of work. Viv would have to learn that soon or she'd be out of a job.

But, when we were all down in autopsy listening to Ducky's brief, I nearly broke that very important, yet often unspoken, rule.

Viv was glaring at me for taking Gibbs' side in the argument over the DNA. I averted my eyes and moved to see what Ducky had at the other end of the room so she didn't see my worried expression.

She couldn't know, right?

When Gibbs gave the order to check the bridges above the falls, I dreaded him saying he wanted both Viv and me to go. I didn't really want to do the job alone but didn't want to be questioned about my brown-nosing tendencies either.

"You're on your own," he told me. "She's going with me to JAG."

Thankfully, I found the bloodstain halfway through the second bridge the next day. When the Marines showed up to guard, I almost cheered. I had made it through the boring task fairly quickly and was safe from Viv finding out my biggest secret with her FBI interrogation skills.

Back at the Navy Yard, Gibbs tells me we're going to Benzinger's to get a drink. And he called me "loverboy."

Oh crap, I thought, he knows!

As we drove to Falls Church, I tried to not visibly fidget in my seat. That was kind of difficult when I kept thinking the man I loved knew of my feelings and was going to kill me for it. I breathed a sigh of relief when I made it back to the squad room with all of my limbs intact.

A few days later, we were off the coast of Spain trying to catch the guy Bin Atwa was supplying. When the cabin of the ship blew up I nearly stopped breathing because Gibbs had been up there with him.

Thankfully, he was the form emerging from the smoke.

If Viv noticed the bright smile on my face as our boss approached, though, I'm screwed. Her FBI training will kick in and she'll find out what I've found is hard to hide at times.

I'm in love with my boss.