It was quiet. A warm breeze caused a few dry autumn leaves to stir. But other than that, it was quiet. Shadows loomed across the floor of a cave. The breeze echoed off the cave walls, causing an eerie, mournful sound.

Sitting in the center of the cave was a young blue vixen, her bushy tail wrapped around her paws. Her fur was somewhat ruffled from the breeze. Her bright yellow eyes darted around the cave, warily. Suddenly, her ears pricked as the sound of paw steps approached her. The blue vixen leapt to her paws with a snarl. "Who's there," she barked, her hackles raised. Then, she relaxed as familiar scent filled her nostrils. At that same instant, an older blue vixen stepped out of the shadows, ears flattened to her skull, irritated. "It's only me, Russet," the older vixen growled coldly.

Embarrassed, Russet allowed her fur to lie flat. "Sorry, Auntie," she mumbled. The older vixen was her aunt, Lady Blue.

Lady Blue ignored her apology and muttered "We will leave as soon as the sun rises." The old vixens gaze was full of longing, and Russet knew very well what her aunt was longing for: revenge. That's what she had wanted ever since Scarface was killed, since they left White Deer Park. While Russet wanted vengeance for all the pain the Farthing Wood creatures had caused the blue foxes, she was worried that her aunt was a little obsessed. That was all she ever talked about: avenging Scarfaces death.

Now here they were, returning to start a battle that, as far as Lady Blue was concerned, was long overdue. And Lady Blue had quite a long list of the creatures she wanted dead ( she'd told Russet the other day).Including her son, Ranger.

Russet curled her lip ever so slightly as she thought of her traitorous cousin. After his father's death, he left the blue fox clan. AND he took a red vixen as his mate, who also happened to be the farthing wood leader's daughter, Charmer, she believed that was her name. It was a horrid shock.

Lady Blue interrupted her thoughts as she said harshly "I need for you to gather everyone up, and prepare. We will be leaving very soon." She glanced at the mouth of the cave, from which she could see sunlight beginning pouring in. The reason Lady Blue asked Russet to do everything was because she trusted her the most out of all the other blue foxes. Even more than her own daughter, Leaper, which caused a lot of jealousy.

Russet nodded and walked to the mouth of the cave. Before she could leave, though, Lady Blue, in a voice that was sugar-sweet, murmured "And Russet, dear, I have an important job for you to do once we get back to White Deer Park." Her velvety voice made Russet a bit uncomfortable, that meant she had a plan that would involve some deadly tricks. Tricks that meant some blue foxes would not survive.

However, she nodded. Even as she left, she could hear Lady Blue's crazed, triumphant howl "We will kill them! That Farthing wood filth will DIE!"