Chapter four

Lady Blue stared at Russet as though she'd lost her marbles while the younger vixen explained her plan, and how Dash's body was going to help. Russet, on the other hand, looked entirely confident and almost smug.

When she finished, Lady Blue was quiet. She looked at Dash's bloody body, then at Russet. "You truly believe that this will work?" She questioned softly.

"With all my-" Russet began, but her aunt cut her off.

"Then you're stupid!" Lady Blue snarled. "Did you not listen to what I told you? I wanted to wait before we made our presence revealed! They'll notice that this hare is missing, and come searching for it!"

Startled by the aged vixens' explosion, Russet took a step back. "I-I…" She stuttered.

"Foolish cub! We haven't even settled anywhere, and you're already killing Farthing animals! What makes it worse, from what you told me, this hare is a good friend of Fox!" Turning to Trip, who had been crouched some distance away, Lady Blue demanded "Why didn't you try to stop her?"

Trip opened his mouth to defend himself, but decided it would just be better to keep his mouth shut as his mother continued to rant about how they were all useless and stupid, and how she was going to have to walk them through every step. Finally, she ran out of steam.

Taking a breath, she growled "Alright, if I have to walk you through each step, so be it."


Hare gave an irritated sigh, and finally turned around, heading back into the familiar darkness of his burrow. No point in waiting on Dash any longer. She would return on her own terms, he figured.

Still, there was a hint of concern somewhere in his heart. It wasn't like his daughter at all to stay out as the sun was beginning to disappear behind the treetops. If there was one thing she prided herself on, it was promptness. Where was she then? What if…?

His thoughts briefly flickered back to poor mate, as she struggled within Scarface's cruel jaws…

Stop it, Hare chided himself. That old monster was long dead, and his family was gone. Still, he couldn't shake this nagging doubt…

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