Simply Amazing By: Nikkii-Love706

Disclaimer: No own the epic Harry Potter.

Warning: Subtle and underage slash.




Charlie Weasley watched as the 4th Triwizard Tournament Champion, Harry Potter, entered the arena. The 14 year old seemed to glide over the unsteady rocks, he was slowly heading toward the egg nest but just then the Hungarian Horntail flew in to his path making Charlie lean forward in his seat. The red-haired dragon tamer was worried about what the small boy's plan was and was completely shocked as Harry talked to the dragon in low tones, his musical voice cleansing the dragon of its rage. Charlie could hear bits and pieces of what was being said, "Shhh…. Calm girl….. Fake egg… look….. Get it….. Thank you beautiful."

Charlie watched in awe as Harry moved and pats the large dragon on its snout before gradually making his way towards the nest and grabbed the golden egg. The small boy turned and showed the Horntail the fake egg before leaving the shocked crowd and content dragon behind. Charlie was still in a state of shock as he moved the dragon back in to her cage.

When he was done he went on a search for Harry. 'That boy was amazing. His sweet voice and calculated but smooth movements had calmed a vicious dragon and he looked beautiful doing it.' Charlie thought as he finally found the boy he was searching for. "Hey Harry!" He jogged up to the raven-haired boy in the abandon hallway. "Hello Charlie, is there something you need?" Harry's musical voice washed over his body and aroused his darker desires for the boy. "I just wanted to tell you how amazing you were with that dragon." Charlie said grinning. "I've never seen anyone do that before you truly are amazing." He finished as he caught a piece of shoulder length raven-hair in his fingers and started twirling it as he leaned in towards the boy. He was happy to see the pink blush spreading over porcelain cheeks and a slight glaze covered his emerald eyes.

Smirking, Charlie leaned forward and gave Harry a strong and passionate kiss. Pulling back he was delighted in the disappointed groan he got out of the dazed boy. Tracing Harry's cheek he quietly spoke, "Come visit me this summer, OK, beautiful?" When he got a nod he smiled and pecked the boy on the lips once. Twice. Thrice. Before he reluctantly left. As he got to the dragon cages and his teams camp he sighed, 'Just have to wait for summer, then I will have my green eyed beauty under me.' He smirked as he laid down imaging the younger boy wiggling in pleasure and begging for more before he fell in to a peaceful sleep.


Authors Note: I just wanted to test out this pairing. I rather like it, tell me how it was, please? R&R!