Chapter 1

The Begining

once, far away in land where 6 kingdoms ruled, there was a King and Queen who no children while the other kingdoms had plenty. They were woeful until one day they discovered the Queen was pregnant. This was not an easy pregnancy for it was discovered the the Queens body was too weak to carry the child. Her husband was very worried about her and the baby but the Queen would always just say she was fine.

Finaly the day came when she gave birth, to a young violet eyed baby boy, but in the process she gave her life so that their Kingdom would have an heir. The King was very distraught and suffered from depression for many years and ignored his son. It wasn't until his son was 5 years old that he even remembered him.

"Sire, Sire!"

King Damien looked over and saw his sons nurse maid. "What is it Helen?"

"Sire, he's gone. he's not here."


"Your son, prince Duo, he was out playing in the garden...then he just...just disappeared into thin air.", Helen said distraught and bowing before her king hopeing for mercy.

"Where in the garden was he!"

"By the purple roses."

The King knew where his son was and couldnt believe that he had stumbled upon it. He went out to the garden and to the purple roses. Behind the purple roses was a wall that to many was just a wall but to two, well now three, there was a hidden door.

King Damien walked in his wifes old hidden garden, it was his anniversary gift to her many years ago, a place just for them to escape the palace and their royal duties. He hadn't been there sence she died and hadn't planed to. If it wasn't for his son he might not have seen this beauty again. To his shock the garden was thriving and more beautiful than ever. He looked around and there his son was. On the swing he had hung for his wife.

As he neared his son he heard him speaking.

"I wish you were here mom and we could weed this garden together. Maybe even father would join and he would not hate me so...", Duo trailed off into a hisper.

Damien spproached his son and caught the swing, even though it was barley moving. "I do not hate you son, it was just painful for me because you look so much like her. You have her bautiful hair and her violet eyes...It hurt to see that I lost her but now I see that I still have bits of her in you and that she will always be with us in our thoughts.", King Damien said pulling his son in for a hug. "I promise from now on we'll be a true father and son."

"Father...I'll be turning five soon and was wondering if we could have a few kids my own age over..."

"Of course, we will throw you a grand arty with-"

"Father no, just a few kids...please"

"Sure son, do you know who?"

"Well there was this one kid with blonde hair he seemed nice and this girl..."

It was the day of Duo's party and the King had invited his advisor the Duke of Winner and his son and his neighboring kingdoms daughter and some village kids.

"Hello Narrisa," King Damien greeted the Queen,"and this little lady must be Relena."

"Hello King Damien, where is Prince Duo. I would like to be introduced", Relena said politly.

HE lead them over to where Duo and The Duke of Winner's son, Quatre, where playing.

"Duo, Quatre, this is Princess Relena. Princess this is my son Duo and his friend Quatre"

"Hello", they all greeted.

While the children where playing the King watched and had a idea...He looked for Queen Narrisa and by the look in her eye they had the same idea. They could bring there children together and hope a bethroled will come of it. yes it was a great idea.