Hi guys! So, this is the very first story I have placed here on . I have written fanfiction before, but never have I ventured into the brave, somewhat fantastical world of HnKnA! *prepares herself for tremendous battle* I got inspired for this when I was listening to Hachi's Lynne (with Hatsune Miku) and I had always wondered why Alice never wanted to fall in love, why her ex had betrayed her (and how) and just the fact that Hachi has to be at least some form of demigod (there, I said it). Sadly, this is only the prologue, but if you review and comment, I might be tempted to write more. Please, please review! It is how us authors stay current with the story and reviews are always really nice.




"Alice. Alice, I'm leaving… What we did, it was a mistake… We should have never gone that far..."A warm voice was pressed against Alice's ear, full of remorse and bitterness. Alice wanted to see that person again, wanted to see him smile, but her eyes wouldn't listen to her. She laid there, helpless, as a last, painstakingly long kiss was placed on her cheek. Then the warmth was gone. She was alone, broken, and so very frightened.

Please… please don't go… she thought when—

Alice landed with a thump on the hard wooden floor of the Clock Tower. She rubbed her sore bottom, her head feeling as though it was going to explode. Glancing at the clock, she noticed it was nearly noon. What a way to start the day, she thought. Standing up, she brushed the dust off herself and began to remove her nightgown in favor of her blue dress.

There was a knock at the door. "Are you all right?" Julius asked; he sounded concerned. Plastering on a fake smile, she finished changing and went to open the door. He was standing there, his unusually colored bluish-black hair pulled into a low ponytail. In his hand was a clock, which Alice could only assume was one of the many hearts of the citizens of Wonderland. Being such the mortician, Alice knew she probably had interrupted him with her fall.

Smiling, she replied, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just tripped when I got out of bed." Even though she said this, the look in Julius' eyes seemed doubtful; but knowing the man, he wouldn't say anything unless it seemed particularly important. Alice sighed; that had been one of the reasons she had stayed here.

"Just be more careful next time," he said as a light blush covered his cheeks. Alice giggled. It wasn't everyday she saw the walls of the supposedly 'cold' Julius come down, but when it happened, he seemed so much younger. Of course, Alice had tried getting him to do it more, but the man was persistent: he completely ignored every advance she made by either giving Nightmare to her or just running away until she dropped the issue. Knowing she wouldn't get anywhere, she let him leave without another word. He had clocks to fix, after all.

Grabbing her favorite hairpiece, she made her way down for breakf— er, lunch. She hadn't realized she'd slept in so late, but last night had been horrendous. She had been having some rather crazy dreams about her world, so perfectly colored that she thought she was reliving them at first. But every dream became more vivid and vivid, until she couldn't even fall back to sleep. By some miraculous turn of events, she had, but the last dream had really, truly scared her.

Alice was in her bed. But for some reason, she had checked the clock and realized it was well past midnight and she didn't feel tired. In fact, she was anxious for something that she knew was going to happen.

Then her door cracked open, as though someone was trying to sneak in. Which, for all intensive purposes, there was. Standing in the doorway was a raven haired man with dark violet eyes and a taunting smirk. His hands were hanging precariously on his hips, where Alice blushed when she noticed he wasn't wearing any pants. The man looked familiar, but for the life of her, Alice couldn't place where she'd seen him.

"Alice," he purred, like a predator about to attack its prey. Taking her eyes away from his lack of clothing, she stared straight into those eyes that seemed to devour her very soul. Slowly, he made his way towards her, stopping when he was nearly a few inches away. Glancing down at her, he asked, "Do you want me Alice?"

Alice stared as comprehension washed over her features. The man was her ex, the very man who had supposedly broken her heart. Somewhere in her mind, she knew she was dreaming. But logic was completely abandoned when he sat down on the bed and placed her hand on the slight bulge in his pants, a sure sign. Sighing, Alice replied, "Yes. I want all of you. Please… please make me yours."

Smiling, he placed his lips on Alice's, kissing her first very sweetly, but becoming more urgent as time went on. Along the way, his tongue slipped into her mouth, exploring every crevice and dancing around playfully. She grabbed his hair; pulling him as deep as she could, she still couldn't get enough. She hadn't necessarily wanted this, but now she knew: she was glad. She was glad that he wanted her and somewhat naïvely believed he would always be with her.

Lowering her down onto her bed, he began to remove her shirt, which she gladly let him. She found herself mesmerized; how could one man be so perfect? Soon, her pants were off as well, and she realized that only a very small amount of cloth was separating him from her. He pulled of those troublesome pieces, already having removed his, and began his ministrations…

She screamed, reaching her climax as she did. A painful, shocking realization filtered through her; what had she done? She could see blood and felt incredibly tired, as though she had just run a marathon. He pulled away suddenly; too quickly in fact and began to reapply his clothes. Alice, too tired to even move, felt him place his lips against her skull, whispering sweet nothings to her. Then he left her there. Alice was alone.

She couldn't help it. Bitter tears began to fall from her eyes—

That had been when she had woken up. She still couldn't displace the images from her mind because it was all too much. But the emotions she felt were worse. Anger, betrayal, hurt, sadness… her heart seemed to be breaking as she remembered him. He had used her, used her so much that the wounds had to yet to heal over, and then he abandoned her.

The truly sad thing was she still wanted him to love her.