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Hetaween event... One hell of a party... And there were several crack pairings to come out of it. And two new guys. And a crack pairing with one of the new guys.

And so this crappy excuse for fluff came into existence...

I don't own Hetalia. If I did, I wouldn't be guessing India's personality as I write this.

"Alright, let's take it from the top."

It was late afternoon in Delhi. It was the day before Halloween. The dance studio was closing. Everyone had gone home already.

Except, of course, India and Prussia.

"Like this?"

"That's it."

Prussia and India grabbed hands and ran through their part of the dance again. India smiled warmly at Prussia.

He looks like he's having so much fun.

"You're an awesome dancer, Prussia."

The Prussian smirked. "Of course! Watch this!" Prussia stood on his hands and tried to do a flip.

"Prussia. You'll get-" Prussia fell flat on his face. "...hurt. ^^;"

India walked up to Prussia and held out a hand. Prussia pouted.

"Need help?"


India pulled Prussia up and pulled him close. They laughed at each others' smiles for a second before grabbing hands again.

"Let's take it from the top..."

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