Chapter Three

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Oblina sighed as she slid the half eaten chocolate bar into the labeled shelf. She was tired of sneaking these human objects around the house, but by making the potion, she could actually find means of escape out of the dreary castle she is forced to call home. All she wanted was some time to go out and act like a normal girl, to play with friends and just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine she barely got to cherish.

You see, Glorox did not want her to be seen by the other monsters. She didn't know why, but his excuse was always along the lines of: "Children shouldn't be in the way of real work." or: "You are not old enough to experience everything in the outside world."

What was that supposed to mean? Did it mean that she was unfit to be seen or she was out of the ordinary? She looked just as gruesome as any monster or ghost outside, heck, she bet she could even be scarier than some! But no, she wouldn't get the chance, she was always stuck in her tower or doing chores for her adoptive father.

Oblina's head jerked up when she heard one of the upstairs doors creak open. That was one of the pros and cons about the castle. The creaking of the rusty hinges really can alert you if somebody is coming, but that was the con as well, they can give you away.

"Oblina, are you down there?" She heard Glorox's voice croak as he made his way down to the first level. She could hear the motor on his electric wheelchair twist and run as he moved it to get to her.

Oblina's eyes widened and she quickly shut the cabinet that held all of her ingredients. He couldn't find them; they were her only ticket out of her gloomy, dank prison. If he found them, he would destroy every last morsel and forbid her from ever going outside again.

"You came back." Glorox grunted as his wheelchair came into view. He was wearing a peculiar smile on his face. It seemed to taunt her by knowing she couldn't just get up and go. Don't get me wrong, Oblina liked her adoptive father, but sometimes, he was just too commanding and ordering.

"I had to." The young monster mumbled as she stared at the old floors of the castle. Moss had begun to spread and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a flicker of brown darting into one of the darker corners of the room. Still, looking at the old floors was ten times better than staring at the look on Glorox's face.

"Because you know you can't go anywhere else. Who else would feed you, house you, and take care of you other than me? Plus, I have this."

Glorox raised one of his withered hands and held up a small black book. Oblina gasped when she saw her most prized possessions in his clutches. It was her diary, the only place she could let loose her jumbled emotions and express what her soul was telling her.

Glorox tossed the book at the girl and she instantly reached out to grab it. She slightly smiled when she felt the old leather rub against her fingers. That smile faded though when she looked up at her adoptive father.

"Shall we?" He asked, turning his wheelchair to go back upstairs, most likely to take her to her sleeping chambers. Oblina sighed as she slowly followed him up the twisty walk way.

There was only silence for a while as both monsters made their way upstairs. The only sound that broke the quiet was the slight running of Glorox's motorized wheelchair. Oblina let her eyes wander to the stone walls of the tower, some weathered with age and some coated with layers of dust. She assumed that would be one of her next chores, dusting the halls.

"That is the second time this month that you have slipped that ghastly concoction into my drink, Oblina." Glorox said, breaking the silence. Oblina's green eyes flickered back to her adoptive father, inwardly wincing at the disappointed look on his face.

"Actually, it was three times" Oblina whispered softly.

"You're mine you know," The old monster began, raising his voice slightly. "I adopted you! Where would you be without me hmmm? Probably still sitting at that dirty orphanage!"

"Father, I am restless, I need time to be outside and experience the world for myself! I can't help it!"

"It's a faze, my dear. It will pass and all we need is to be patient." Glorox said in a softer tone as he stopped his chair at the cracked door that lead to Oblina's room. He looked at her and his eyes softened. "Now go to your room and I will call you when I need you."

Oblina nodded as she opened her door with a soft creak and entered. She closed it and let herself fall to her bed with a soft sigh. All she wanted was some independence. She let her eyes flicker to the black journal and let a smile make its way on her ruby red lips. Her hopes and dreams were in that small, leather bound book, all her desires and greatest wishes. It helped soothe her nerves and calm her down whenever she wrote in the booklet. Oblina glanced at her bedside table and grabbed her pencial as she sat up and opened the diary to a new page.

Ickis let his eyes wander along the forest trees as he walked deeper into the woods. He watched the shadows dance back and forth along the outskirts of the darkness as if they were trying to avoid the brightness of the full moon. This was a nice place just to get away from it all, no annoying sounds disrupting him from his thoughts, no screaming fans, no admirers, no Pumpkin King.

The red monster sighed as he thought back to his dilemma. Why did he, of all people, have to be the king? He would be just as happy if he was just an average monster, to let another rule in his place. But you can't control what fate or destiny has in store for your life.

A small bark shook him from his thoughts and Ickis looked down to see Fungus string at him with worried eyes. The monster felt the dog's cold nose press against his thin leg as the mutt whimpered.

"No Fungus, Ickis sighed as he kept walking ahead. "I'm not in the mood."

Fungus ran ahead of his master and let out another begging whine as he put up his front paws in a pleading manor.

"Oh, alright." Ickis said, reaching down to the ground to find a stick. His clawed hands grasped around a piece of wood and he halfheartedly waved it in the air. Fungus's eyes were instantly glued to the stick and his tail began to wave back in forth to the same motion as the piece of wood.

"Here you go boy." Ickis said as he tossed the stick in a random direction. Fungus let out a happy bark and chased after it with his tail high in the air.

Ickis let out a small chuckle and sighed. At least he could still look forward to small things like this to cheer him up, even if it was just for a second.

So, with a troubled heart, Ickis continued to walk into the forest, slowly being engulfed in the shadows. What he didn't realize was that somewhere hidden deep inside the drkness, he was going to discover something that was going to change his life forever.