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Two years after the last chapter

"How come you're good at everything you do, except choosing missions?" Naruto asked for the tenth time in that evening

"Quit your whining… And I'm not that bad" Hasaki said with a slight pout

"Let's see the list" Naruto said, producing a long sheet of paper from somewhere "There was one in that frozen land, another one in the middle of an insect-infested jungle, another one was in a rocky, hot-as-hell desert, there was that other one that I had to carry the client's pet tiger – a freaking TIGER – for three fucking hours, and of course, my favorite of all time, the fucking MARSH! TWO fucking TIMES!" He listed

"He's right you know" Haku pointed out, joining the conversation

"Not you, too" She said, crossing her arms

"Then there was that one on which we had to escort the guy to a volcano, that one that we had to steal a bee hive, and the one in that desert island, and the one that had the crazy lady who tried to get Haku to marry her son. HER FUCKING SON!" Naruto listed on, ignoring the evil glare she was giving him

"And now, we're in a freaking boat, on the fucking basement of the boat – I didn't even knew boats had basements –, going to some backwater land, and for what? Some shitty pay to kill an old man for that idiot midget! That's so beneath me" Naruto was about to go on, but a glare that promised great amounts of pain from Hasaki shut him up.

The Bloody Angel his ass! Women were far scarier than him by a mile, Naruto thought

'I can't help but agree with you. Integra was scarier than the Iscariot Priest, when she wanted to be' Alucard added his input

'The great Alucard, the No-life King, a monster whose darkness cast a shadow upon darkness itself, was afraid of a woman?' Naruto laughed 'You're pathetic'

'Hasaki is reaching for her sword…' Alucard said with a hidden grin

'HOLY FUCK! Run!' Naruto was about to panic when he noticed that Alucard's statement was untrue 'You vampiric asshole! I'm going in there and I'm gonna kick you pale ass!'

'Oh my, I'm so scared right now' The vampire said mockingly

Naruto decided to ignore the vampire in favor of trying to find anything to do. That boat was boring… And now he sounded like Alucard! Just great!

Naruto eventually set for going back to the basement and trying to get some –unnecessary – sleep, using his newly acquired fedora hat, black in color and was wide as Alucard's, to shadow his eyes.

An hour and a half later, he was awakened by the unpleasant sensation of being hit with the flat side of Hasaki's kubikiribōchō. Her favorite method of awaking him up in the rare times he slept, much to Alucard's sadistic amusement.

"Why do you always do that? It hurts, you know?" He asked rubbing his head

"No it doesn't. I know for a fact that you once had your arm severed and acted like it was just a minor inconvenience. If you can handle that, you can handle being hit" She said in a matter-of-fact tone

"Why did you wake me up anyways?" He asked, rolling his eyes

"We got visitors" She answered

"Are they scantily–clad women with big titties?"

"No" Said an annoyed Hasaki, reaching for her sword

"And like that, you lost me" Naruto said with a smirk, before he had to dodge a sword strike

"They're old underlings, the Demon Brothers. Somehow they found me and want to work with us" She explained, pointing at a duo of people close to the door

"Oh joy…" Naruto mumbled, before he looked at the so called 'Demon Brothers' "Why do I fell we've aggregated pathetic life-forms to our group?" He asked finally, making the rest of them face fall

"Well, they do know who's in charge here, right?" He asked, eyeing them

"Yes, me, of course" Naruto was about to open his mouth to complain when she added "Or do you disagree?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, her tone making clear that she better get the right answer

"No ma'am, you're completely right, as always" He drawled out boredly, before he left to take a walk

'Why is it that everyone around me has an alias with some variation of the word demon?' Naruto wondered as walked around the ship

'Come to think about it, you had a demon inside you as well… Kinda funny, don't you think?' Akabane asked back 'It's like Karma… You get rid of one, real demon, and you get a load of fake ones'

His internal conversation was cut short by the arrival of the boat in Nami no Kuni. Once out of the ship, followed some samurai-wannabe thugs to a room, where a fat man in a suit as sitting behind a desk

"They say your group is the best there is, so I hope you can do it!" He said arrogantly. Naruto internally frowned, but said nothing.

"Well, whatever, just kill the old man and try to keep the body recognizable after you're done! I'll hang him in town" Gato said, sounding more like a rant "yes, will show them no one crosses me and lives"

"What does the old man looks like?" Naruto asked as he sat down "And where is he?"

"How I'm I suppose to know? Figure it out yourself" The short man answered. Naruto's eye twitched, but again, he didn't say anything.

Naruto tuned the conversation out when Gato and Hasaki started to argue about the payment. A few years ago, they had agreed it was best to left it to Hasaki to negotiate the price, as she was less prone to break necks when people pissed her off…

Naruto did not really want to do this job. It was more like working as a common thug than anything, and it was beneath him. Beneath them all, actually. But he could not simply don't do it. Hasaki needed the money to overthrown the Mizukage, or so she said. He could take the Mizukage any day, but noooo, they had to do it her way… He was brought out of his musing when Alucard pointed out that Gato was making Hasaki angry, which meant he would have to intervene before heads started to roll. And he wasn't talking about hers

"I will not pay that much for two idiots, a kid, a woman and a taller idiot" Gato exclaimed angrily, banging his fist in the desk, his thugs reaching for their swords in a failed attempt of intimidation

Naruto shifted in his seat. A second later blood gushed all over the room as the Gato's thugs arms and/or heads fell off.

"What did you say?" Asked Naruto "I didn't quite hear you, I was distracted by your guards... I think they dropped something" He added condescendingly, while he grabbed a severed arm and used the sleeve to clean some of the fresh blood on his shoe

Hasaki grinned and Haku acted like nothing was wrong. They were used to it by now. The Demon Brothers had eyes the size of saucers, having never seen someone so fast and/or brutal before.

Gato was frozen with fear, so he didn't do anything for the first ten seconds. Then he snapped at Naruto, shouting about killing his men and other things that Naruto ignored in favor of trying to remove a blood-stain on his shoe

'The midget doesn't seem very smart, speaking to you like that after you killed everyone in less than a second' Akabane mused, more to himself than to Naruto

'Hey, Double A' That was Naruto's way of calling both Alucard and Akabane 'Did you go through my memories to find out where I saw the whirlpool symbol back in Konoha?' Naruto asked him, remembering the request he made to Alucard two years ago

'Yes, of course we did' Naruto waited for Alucard to continue, but the vampire stayed silent

'So?' Naruto asked, trying not to sound annoyed

'So what?' Alucard faked ignorance

'Where did I see that symbol?'

'Everywhere. It was pretty common in the Leaf. It was in the back of the flak jackets and in the sleeves of the chunnins and jonins shirts' Akabane told him 'But, interestingly enough, it was also in the back of that hideous orange jacket the Hokage bought for you'

Naruto hmm'ed before asking ´And what about the redhead's name and the blonde girl?'

Alucard stayed silent for a moment, earning a raised eyebrow from Naruto. Unknown him, Alucard and Akabane were discussing if they should tell Naruto the truth. Eventually they decided against it, for now. Later, they would speak of it, when Naruto didn't have to worry about the fat pipsqueak that was still complaining about loss of his men.

'I did not found anything yet. These things are a bit more specific than the spiral symbol, and there are a lot of memories in your mind' Sensing Naruto was about to argue, Alucard added 'But I found something very interesting about some new powers… '

'Oh? do tell'

'That Sage… he could absorb ninjutsu'

'Carry on'

'It should activate by a dire need to protect yourself from a powerful force. I mean really powerful. If you get hit by real lightning, you'll probably get it'

'You're kidding, right?' Naruto asked rhetorically. He had, of course, tested the limits of his regeneration by jumping off cliffs, ripping his own arm and other things, but he wasn't planning on get hit by lightning. That was insane, even for Alucard

'It is not the only way, I admit it. But if you'd rather find a Bijū and have it attack you with a Tailed Beast Ball, by all means, knock yourself out' Naruto could feel the grin Alucard had in the moment. He just ignored the vampire, planning how he was going to get his new powers

"ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?" Gato screamed, snapping Naruto from his thoughts

"No" He said simply "Why? Are you going to do something about it?" Naruto asked, tapping his fingers absently on his knee

"Whatever! Just go kill the old man!" Gato shouted trying to hide his fear, pointing at the door

After they left Gato and got to the room where they would stay, the group started to plan how they were going to find and kill Tazuna. Eventually, after much arguing between Naruto and Hasaki, it was decided that Naruto and the Demon Brothers would go try to find Tazuna, while Hasaki and Haku would stay in Nami, in case he came back before the trio could find him.

The night before the trio departure, Naruto went to the higher ground he could find in Nami, and started to fire Firas and Firagas at the sky. After some time, lightning was cracking the blackened sky, and Naruto walked in the sky and waited

Naruto didn't have to wait too long, as he saw a lightning bolt coming right at him. Acting on instinct, Naruto brought his hands up, in order to protect himself from it.

When he didn't feel anything, Naruto opened his eyes to see the lightning bolt being sucked by his hand. Then, he felt energy course through his arm. Blinking, Naruto spread his fingers, trying to understand what was happening. He raised his arm again, and lightning began to strike at the extended limb once again.

Each time, the electrical bolt simply disappeared as it touched his hand, and then he would feel the energy on his arm. After some time, Naruto realized what was happening. Since he couldn't turn the electricity in chakra, the energy absorbed was powering up his nervous system, enhancing the neural synapses of his body.

'Maybe I can take this energy and return it?'

When lightning attacked again, Naruto focused the energy on his hand. Feeling it enter his arm, and then holding it there, Naruto shot it back. Instead of a lightning bolt, from Naruto's finger tips, a stream of lightning shot out 'Oh?'

After his little adventure, Naruto silently returned to Gato's hideout/base. He walked in the room they had been given, and saw that the Demon Brothers were sleeping, Naruto smirked. He grabbed one ankle of each, and discharged a low charge, barely strong to do anything but shock them.

Naruto laughed as both screamed in surprise, jumping off their beds. He stopped laughing however, when a low, yet feminine, growl as heard. Naruto paled as he slowly turned around. He cursed everything known to man as the face of an angry Hasaki met his. Apparently he had awakened her. That was a very bad idea

A static boom was heard as Naruto grabbed the brothers and disappeared, barely dodging a sword strike. Naruto wondered why, when he as almost killed by her, the only thing he could think of was how cute she looked with bed hair. Maybe it was the images Alucard was sending him, Naruto wasn't quite sure…

"I'm bored…" A whiny voice said from a tree

"I don't care" Answered another voice in the tree

"I'm bored, too" A third voice spoke, sounding much like the first one

"Again, I don't care" The second voice replied

"I'm -" The first voice was interrupted

"I don't FUCKING care!" He snapped "Now shut the FUCK UP before I start to FUCKING hurt you" Naruto screamed

"But I- " Meizu

"Fuck this shit! I'm out of here!" Naruto complained, before he jumped from that tree to another one.

He sat down on a branch and continued to keep an eye on the road to wave. They had found out that the old ma Tazuna was in Konoha, and that he would go back to Wave in that afternoon. They were watching the road for three hours now, and the Demon Brothers had been complaining the whole time. When he heard a 'Hey Gozu…I'm bored' from the other tree, Naruto groaned and slammed his head on a tree branch 'She put me with those two on purpose, I just know it!'

Naruto's advanced hearing picked something up, and he decided to check it. Maybe there was another way to Wave, or the old man was going to stop somewhere.

"Hey! Moron Brothers! I'll be right back! IF the old man comes this way, don't screw it" Naruto warned, before he disappeared with a Sonído

Naruto appeared in an old road, barely recognizable in the grass, but it was there. He looked around, trying to find the reason for the noise. He didn't have to look much, as soon a volley of kunai made its way to his direction.

Naruto simply batted them aside with the Force. He looked at the direction of which they were coming and found out the reason for the noise, and the kunai. Four Hunter-nin masks were staring at him.

Three of them jumped and circled Naruto, who just grinned in return. The one who didn't jump quickly made a few handseal and shot a lightning jutsu at Naruto. Raising his hand, he simply absorbed the jutsu.

Naruto grinned as he felt the jutsu turn from lightning chakra to regular chakra, and then dilute itself into his own chakra pathways. Using the distraction caused by his little trick, Naruto dropped on his back, falling inside a black portal.

He appeared behind the hunter-nin which had used to lightning jutsu. Naruto grabbed the man by his shoulders, keeping him in place while an inky shadow appeared from the ground and grabbed the struggling man, dragging him into a black portal in the ground.

Before his teammates could react, Naruto shot a scalpel from each hand, piercing the throats of another two of his opponents. The last hunter-nin turned around, ready to bolt away. He never saw a red and black whip-like appendage coming to his direction

The last thing the hunter-nin felt was something wrapping around his neck, before his head was severed from the rest of his body

While Naruto was killing Hunter-Nin, the Demon Brothers had prepared a trap for the old man. They killed the Jonin and charged at Tazuna

"One down -" Started Meizu

"Two to go" Continued Gozu

They were about to attack when the 'dead' jonin appeared behind them and knocked them unconscious. After tying them up and confronting the old man about it, the jonin called for ANBU to retrieve the captured duo, the genin team continued their way to wave.

Had Kakashi paid attention, he would have heard a faint whistling coming in that direction, but other things occupied his thoughts…smutty things

The genin team walking to Wave consisted in a black haired boy wearing a blue shirt with a fan on it, a girl with pink hair wearing a red dress with a white circle, a boy with brown hair with a dog on his head and lastly, a silver haired jonin who was reading a book with only one eye.

As they walked, there was a rustling on a bush, which made the dog run into it. The dog came back a few seconds later with a white rabbit on its mouth

"KIBA! Control your mutt! Look at what he did to the poor rabbit!" Screamed the pink haired girl

Kiba and Sakura started to argue, while Sasuke just ignored it. Kakashi however was thinking about the rabbit. It was white, so it meant… His eyes widened

"GET DOWN!" Kakashi screamed as he grabbed Tazuna and ducked, avoiding a giant clever-like sword that buried itself in a tree. A black haired woman wearing stripped purple-ish pants with no shirt, just a bikini top of the same color

In his mind, Kakashi wasn't sure if he should enjoy the view or curse the client for lying to them. He decided to do the former, much to Hasaki's annoyance at seeing his only eye focus below her neck

Few minutes earlier

Naruto was calmly walking back to where he left the Demon Brother, whistling a tune he had picked from Alucard, which the name he did not remembered. His whistling came to an abrupt end when he saw the brothers, unconscious and tied in the middle of the road.

Naruto focused on the Force and probed Gozu's mind to find out what happened. He was about to wake the two idiots the most painful way possible, when five Konoha ANBU dropped from the trees

'Oh joy… Hey Alucard, do you think Hasaki received the message saying the old man was going to Wave today?' Naruto asked as he dodged a sword strike by a Bear masked ANBU

'I guess' Alucard answered with a shrug, as Naruto grabbed the Bear's arm and broke it, before he punched the man in the chest, his hand piercing through the man's torso, crushing his heart along the way

'Good, so she'll be waiting for us, which means she will see the old man and kill him for me' Naruto thought as he leaned back and crouched to avoid a horizontal sword strike from a Bird masked ANBU close to him. As he crouched, an inky clone shot from his body, kicking the ANBU on the chin, before dissolving into black ink-like substance. Naruto then kneeled the nin in stomach, before grabbing his head and breaking his neck

'Why worry? You can take care of those guys and get to the old man' Naruto made a grabbing gesture towards a Tiger masked ANBU, followed by a crushing motion. A loud, sickening crunch was heard as the man's ribcage shattered under Naruto's Force Grip

'I'm not sure. Those guys are ANBU… Fighting those other two might take some time. Time I don't have' Naruto explained as he dodged a Great Fireball from a Dog masked ANBU

'I beg to differ. May I suggest something? Use that repelling attack from the Sage; summon some of Vergil's swords and after that, if needed, fire some Ceros or Eraser Cannons' Akabane butted in the conversation.

Eagle jumped at Naruto's side and kicked him, but Naruto blocked the strike with his arm, then fire a point blank Cero at him, but it was dodged by the ANBU

Naruto extended his arms and called 'Shinra Tensei'. As the two nins were blasted away, Naruto summoned four ethereal swords 'That was a good plan' Naruto conceded, then used a Bansho Ten'in and when the ANBU started to flew back at him, he shot the swords at them, impaling Dog in the stomach and Eagle in the shoulder.

Seeing that Eagle was still alive, Naruto used the Force to summon two of the ANBU's katanas, jumped and kicked the ANBU in the chest, slamming him to a tree. Naruto dashed through the air to him and impaled his arms in the tree, crucifying him.

'Your grasp in theatrics is improving. Crucifying your opponents? I admit I had not thought of that' Alucard praised

'Thanks... I guess' Naruto said as he walked to the Moron Brothers and kicked their heads, as to awaken them. When they woke up and saw Naruto standing in the middle of the clearing, five dead bodies around, and staring at them, the eerie blue eyes gleaming angrily under the shadow provided by his hat, there was only one though in their heads


- Back with old man Tazuna

"Kakashi of the Sharingan, the man who copied a thousand techniques" Hasaki said as she leaned kubikiribōchō on her shoulder "It will be an honor to fight you"

"Hasaki Momochi, the Demoness of the Bloody Mist" Kakashi said "Team, protect the client" The man instructed as he lifted his headband

"Oh! The great sharingan, so soon?" She asked "But first, tell me copycat, how were you able to defeat my associate?"

"You mean the Demon Brothers? It was easy, actually" Kakashi said as he took a kunai, but inwardly he frowned at the question. She could not really hope the Demon Brothers to defeat him, could she?

Hasaki's eyebrow quirked at that "The Demon Brothers? I'm not talking about them, they're morons… I'm talking about my Bloody Angel" She smirked seeing Kakashi's surprise, though he quickly hid it

"He wasn't there…I think he dumped you" Kakashi joked. Hasaki scowled, lifting her blade

Conversation time was over and the fight begun. At first, Hasaki was easily dominating the fight, even coming close to killing Tazuna for a few times. Eventually she was able to trap Kakashi in a Water Prison, though he was freed by Sasuke and Kiba, who hid a Man Beast Clone in the shadow of a Fuuma Shuriken. With that Kakashi had the opportunity to use his Sharingan and the tide of battle turned. The Demoness of the Bloody Mist was overwhelmed and she would've been killed had not been by Haku posing as a Hunter-nin[ So it's basically the cannon fight]

Haku dropped Hasaki in the ground, leaning against a tree, before moving to remove the needles in her neck. He was about to grab the first needle when Hasaki's hand stopped his

"I'll do it myself" She said, removing the needles "Damm Haku, you're brutal. Too much like Naruto, if you ask me, but effective as well" She added, rubbing her neck

"Sorry, but your neck was the easier place to hit. Plus, Naruto-sensei would kill me if I scarred your, in his own words, 'beautiful body'" Haku said with a chuckle

"Damm right kid!" Said a familiar voice behind them. Haku turned around and Hasaki looked up to see Naruto sitting on a tree branch, the still tied up Demon Brothers under his arm. The silver streaked boy dropped the brothers unceremoniously on the ground, before jumping himself, landing with a foot on each of their heads

"I see Kakashi was a bit too much for you, eh kiri-hime? Well, no bother, we'll get him later" Naruto said

"Where were you anyway? I could've used your help with the copycat" She asked

"Blame those idiots" He pointed at the Demon Brothers "The morons tried to surprise Hatake Kakashi by hiding in a goddamm puddle, in the middle of the freaking summer"

The brothers had the decency of looking ashamed of their poorly thought trap. Hasaki muttered 'morons' under her breath, but said nothing more

"How much time till she can fight again?" Naruto asked, turning to face Haku

"I don't know for sure, a week, maybe two" He answerd "But why does it matter? Can't you just kill the old man and get done with it?" He asked his sensei

"I could, and would, but Miss 'Swordsman Honor' here probably wants to kill the scarecrow herself" Naruto explained "Isn't that right, Kiri-hime?'

"Damm right I will! And don't call me that" She said, glaring at Naruto, but he just waved it off

"Shouldn't it be Swordswoman Honor?" Haku asked. Naruto looked with a raised eyebrow, just shrugging his shoulders, something Hasaki did as well

"Can you walk?" He asked, walking closer to the woman, who shooked her head in a negative way. Naruto picked her up bridal style, much to her surprise and said, turning to Haku "See you at Gato's… And don't bother with the Moron Brothers" He added

With that the taller boy disappeared with a static boom.

The brothers pleaded to Haku help them, but he knew better than disobeying his sensei, so he just shrugged and used the shunshin to get back to Gato's base.

That night, when it started to rain, Haku asked about the Demon Brothers, Naruto said he 'forgot' about them, but wasn't going to get out in the rain, saying he might get sick. The younger boy knew his sensei couldn't get sick, but decided against voicing that.

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