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There is a time where a girl needs to run.

This girl, however, has been running her whole life. She cannot seem to stop, nor does she want too. Clouds that created her skies also became grey, she grew up closing herself off from everybody. Nobody knew why, not even her best friend. She believed it was from running all the time. That's all she need to do, was run. She only wishes to speak when necessary.

Today, she sat underneath a tree in the rain. It was the third time this week that she's skipped school. No wonder why she's slipping behind. But to her, it didn't matter. All she needed to do was run. Run away from the pain, the pressure and the lies.

She sniffled and cried but nobody dared to help her. She thought of herself as a shadow. Though she exists, she isn't noticed and perhaps it's her own fault but it was most likely destiny. That is what she wanted to believe, but could not help thinking that it was wrong.

She didn't go on the computer, or even own a cell phone. She liked being isolated. Her short blonde hair blew in the slight breeze and she pulled her hood over her head.

A boy, who was a year older, ran through the rain and hurried to her side. She didn't pay any attention to him and turned her music up louder. He heard her music that blared out from her headphones. She growled when he pulled her headphone jack out. No words, just a sound. Her blue eyes remained dull.

He combed his own fingers in his own silver hair, trying to ring the water out. What she didn't know was that he left their school in order to find her. Again. She knew the routine though. She would run away to get from that monster and he would drag her back.

What she was afraid of though couldn't just disappear. A guidance counsellor told her that the fear was only as big as her. She scoffed and said that it was slightly larger and lived with her. The guidance counsellor shut up and the girl didn't see her again.

That was only two weeks ago.

"Come on, we have to go back." He begged her. She glanced up at his face which didn't bother her at all. One eye was blue while the other was slightly green. She slowly shook her head and plugged in her music. He sighed.

Yet again, it was silence. He sat beside her and didn't say anything else. This was on schedule again. He would stay with her for a bit then bring her back, even though she despised it. He knew that every day she was becoming more of a broken doll.

People walked passed, some even sending glares or muttering words, but none of them asked why they were skipping. The boy cringed.

"Rin, I'm really sorry but we have to go." He whispered. The girl, Rin, didn't bother to respond and stood up. He followed in suit and they both gradually walked together back to what she called, Hell.

Rin didn't respond to anything he asked her. She just kept her hood up and stared forwards, blinking a few times. He didn't like it. "Rin, you should really say something." He grimaced, her blue orbs darted in his direction.

"I can't, Piko." She bit her lip. Her mouth quivered and she seemed like she was going to cry. Rin had recovered quickly and she built her 'wall' which blocked anybody from seeing her emotions. Piko didn't get anything out of her again.

In silence, they finally managed to reach the school. Rin spat on the concrete, she didn't want to return. Ever again. As long as that monster attended here, she could not stand this place.

All of her used-to-be-friends turned away and eventually forgot about her. She didn't want to think of her past and hesitantly went inside. Piko sauntered behind her.

"It's almost lunch, don't bother going to class, 'kay?" He gave her a tiny smile. She nodded and turned away, heading upstairs. Piko watched her disappear up the staircase before heading to his own locker, on the other side of the school. He groaned in annoyance.

Rin wavered in the hallway, deciding whether or not to leave again. She knew that the monster would attack her again soon. She kept her black hood up and raced to her locker. Hopefully she could escape before facing it. The monster was no long a he- she thought of him more as an it now. Painful flashbacks appeared before her eyes. She shook it all away.


She cursed under her breath, slamming her locker and closed the lock. She wasn't one to run in school but she knew she had to escape. Instead, Rin decided to speed walk and ignore the flooding of students. They all knew to keep out of her way since the time she threatened Akita Neru with a knife to her throat.

People shoved into each other but nobody dared to touch Rin. It was as if she was an expensive jewel that was really fragile and weak. She didn't have time for this. Rin planned to leave the school and head home for the rest of the day if she could but she had to meet Piko again. Piko spent his lunches with her all the time, and made sure she went to class on time. He was just worried about her, was all that Rin thought.

"Well hey little sister." The toxic filled voice hissed. A strong aroma of cologne filled her nose. She crinkled her face in disgust. A boy, slightly taller than her, put his arm around her. She didn't move. "You know what time it is, right?" He toyed with her. She nodded slowly, knowing what was to come.

She held her breath and slowly, the swarm of people disappeared, leaving her with what she feared most- her brother. She didn't consider him family now. But it was biologically true, he was her older twin brother and she knew that she couldn't deny it. He pulled her along beside him and she didn't bother to fight back. She knew what happened last time she tried. The doctors told her to be careful and try not to fall down any more stairs- they believe his lie.

She knew where it was going to happen this time. He kicked open the boy's bathroom door and pushed her inside. On his part, he was glad nobody really stayed in this area at lunch. Last time, it was in a random classroom. The monster had captured her again. She gave him a nasty glare.

"Whoa-ho, Rin, don't need to be so bitchy." He glared down at her, his spiky blonde bangs pressed against her hood. He shoved her against a wall lined up with sinks and he smirked evilly. "You know what to do."

She didn't move a muscle. Her thin fingers played with her sweater zipper. "Shut up, Len." She sneered. He ignored her remark and gladly took his hand and placed it on hers. He pulled down gently and his eyes were locked on hers. Rin's heartbeat increased from a shot of adrenaline. She knew that she had to escape.

Len eyed her shirt, which was a black one shoulder shirt with a red rose like design on it. He grinned. "That's kind of kinky." His right hand peeled off her hood. "Now I can see the beautiful face of my love." He hummed. She rolled her eyes. Most girls would love to be in the presence of Len like this, but he was her brother and she didn't like it. He hurt her regularly and now she was scarred. She thought of herself as his little toy.

Next, he hurriedly tore off her sweater and watch her shiver in fear. Len leaned closer to Rin and placed his lips on her neck. "Mmh, shall I renew my mark?" His hot breath puffed against her. She squirmed.

"N-no, Len d-don't." Her eyes widened in fear as she felt his tongue against her icy skin. The warmth of him pleased her but she didn't like it when he hurt her in this way. Len ignored her and she felt his teeth sink into her, drawing a tiny stream of blood. She wanted to scream but she knew better not to. The healing scar on her neck reopened and caused her to wince.

Len pulled back, blood around his lower lip and smirked. "I renewed my claim. Nobody can have you but me. Not even Piko." He snickered. His blue eyes sharply glared at her. He knew that Piko was her best friend, and he knew that they were getting a little too close for his liking.

"You already took the one important thing away from me!" Rin huffed. Bad move on her part because Len tilted his head slightly, to intimidate her.

"Your virginity?" He slapped her. A stinging pain formed where the red circle resided on her cheek. Tears wanted to spill but she blinked them away. "It wasn't that important." Her pushed her to the ground. She whimpered but didn't bother to fight back. "You've been trying to avoid me." His glare scared her again. "You deserved to be punished."

"L-Len… N-no!" She cried. He ignored her protests and roughly removed her shirt. The floor was freezing and Rin lay shirtless on it with Len towering over her. Blood still seeped from her neck. Len licked it up again.

"You taste divine, sister." He lowered himself on her so they were chest-to-chest but he stabled himself on his one elbow. His left hand searched for her bra-covered breasts. He found her right one and squeezed it. Rin's eyes were shut tightly and she let out a moan of discomfort. His growing but clothed erection rubbed against her. He forcefully unbuttoned her jeans and she had to pulled them down for him. "Willingly now?" Len's question didn't deserve an answer.

"W-why do you do this to me?" Rin gasped as she felt Len toying with her right breast and his right hand caressed her panty covered area. His eyes softened, the first time in a while.

"I love you." He rubbed her clit through her panties and she moaned loudly but bit her bottom lip until she tasted more pennies. The bulge in his pants grew harder.

"It's wrong!" She screamed. He didn't bother to argue back and took this as an opportunity. He pressed his lips to her and shoved his tongue into her mouth. She knew that he put his tongue in her mouth but she couldn't help but somewhat enjoy it.

He pulled back momentarily. "But what we're doing is wrong." He sloppily open-mouthed kissed her again. She never thought of biting him or hurting him back during these times and only went along with it. Rin's hands found their way to the back of Len's head and gripped onto his hair as he plunged a finger into her.

"A-ah." She managed to moan out as her removed the under garment completely.

"Wet already?" He pulled out his finger and put it to her lips to suck. She complied but wasn't that happy about it. The taste was bitter, she didn't understand how he could like it. He spat on the ground, far away from them and removed his hand from his breast and pointed to it. "We're like this for a reason." He glared at her.

Rin didn't move, she only watched Len torture her in this way. The only thing she could think about was Piko. Piko would be disappointed that she was going to be late again, but she never told him that she was raped. Again.

Blood dripped from his mouth. She could tell that he was personally beating himself up just for her but she thought nothing of it. Yesterday, she caught him with a knife at his wrist.

"H-haaaa." She breathed out heavily, gripping onto Len as he pushed three digits in her. It was uncomfortable on the floor but it was something Rin had to suck up. Len rubbed against her G-spot, causing his sister to wiggle unusually. "S-stop."

Len knew her protests were useless. He would do as he pleases. So he thought. Len pumped his hands quicker and Rin moan in response. Rin was fighting the feeling of pleasure only because Len would love it.

"Shut up, you stupid emo bitch." Len's body tensed. In her eyes, he was the scariest sadistic brother. She didn't know how to cope with it so she let him continue. He grinned and placed the tip of his member to her entrance. Yet again, there was no condom.

In Rin's mind, she didn't know how many times they have had unprotected sex. There were too many to count.

She squeezed her eyes shut and focussed on Len pushing inside of her. The known object spread the walls further apart and she let out a growl. "Hurry up." Her sarcastic answer rewarded her with another slap to the other face.

"And what if I wanna go slow, Rin?" He smirked, poking her cheek and neglecting her breast. She shivered and stuck out her tongue but didn't say a word.

His length eventually prodded the end in her and he began thrusting casually, she moaned out, not bothering to restrain herself. Len had won again. Rin hated it whenever Len gained satisfaction from her but this was getting too much.

He slowed down, too much for her desire. She sharply glared at him. "Damn, you're such a whore. You aren't as tight as before." Len grunted, barely shifting himself in her. She gasped, from being insulted and the pleasure.

"Hurry up, brother." Rin gripped onto Len's hair as he began to pound in her. "H-harder!" She would demand it. He kept up the pace but it didn't satisfy her. She wasn't as hormonal as he was and Rin knew that deep down, he only used her. This meant nothing to him. Right now, she brushed it off as if it was nothing.

"Rin, oh god." Len felt his release wasn't going to be a while. The tingling sensation bewildered Rin more. Her voice was powerful, letting out any noise possible.

"Mm, yes, moan out my name." He hissed in her ear. Tons of phrases kept escaping her mouth such as, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.", "F-faster L-Len!" and "Oh my god, oh my god." he loved to hear her like his. The sound of slapping skin and moans echoed through the bathroom.

"L-Len, f-fwah!" Rin sighed out. Her fingers loosened her grip on his hair and rung her arms around his neck. The pleasure below was amazing, she wouldn't mind doing it this often… if this wasn't just a game to him.

"Rin, I'm gonna cum!" He let out breathlessly. She gulped. Sometimes, he made her swallow but it didn't look like it this time.

As Len was cradling her in his arms, she let out a high pitched scream, digging her nails into his neck. "Len!" The walls of her private region contracted and she felt something pushing down, as if she had to pee. White juices leaked out, coating her and Len. At the same time, Len held her tight and she felt creamy ropes of cum milk out of the head of his member.

"Fuck Rin," Len's face was slightly pink, and so was Rin's. They both had the afterglow of sex and their pants were the only sound. Len looked into Rin's eyes. "I…" She looked away quickly.

"…?" Her expression was confused. He grinned his cocky smile again.

He leaned into her, their lips just touching briefly before pulling away. Rin could barely even remember it. She felt him withdrawal from her and he cleaned himself up. "Get yourself cleaned up, I can't let my sister looking like… Like a whore." He grumbled.

Rin pushed herself from the ground and pulled her pantie back on, there was a squishy wet mess in her lower area. "Jerk." She smirked before leaning into a mirror and fixing her hair.

"Don't tell anybody about this." Len turned and left, leaving Rin to be depressed again. She sat up against the wall, her eyes wide with fear. What the hell did I just do? Her thoughts raced through her mind. She began to shake uncontrollably. I need to get out of here! She raced for the door.