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"What?" I asked her.

"The whole birth was extremely hard on his body and we aren't sure if he is strong enough to be able to heal from this." Dr. Cunningham told me. I turned to look at our children. Both of them were asleep and looked so peaceful.

"You can go see him now." She told me.

I took a deep breath before I turned and made my way to his room. I looked through the small window and I could see him. I quickly wiped my face of the tears and stepped in. Everyone else was still at lunch so I was the first to see him. I slowly closed the door before going over to him. I sat down in the closet chair to him. I felt a tear slide down my face as I grabbed his hand. He was weak and pale.

"Hey." He whispered out to me when he felt my touch.

"Hey." I said as more tears streamed out of my eyes.

"What's wrong? We just had two beautiful children." He said to me, smiling.

"I know. I'm just so happy." I told him. I couldn't tell him the truth because if this truly was his last few hours I didn't want him to know. I watched him as he closed his eyes again and I started to panic.


He said nothing.


"Hmm." He finally mumbled out.

"Don't go to sleep." I pleaded with him.

"But I'm really tired Kendall." He told me. I wasn't going to let him go. He means too much to me for him to just go like this.

"Kendall?" I heard someone say. It was Dr. Cunningham. I walked over to her and we stepped outside the door.

"You have to let him sleep." She told me.

"But what if he doesn't wake up?" I asked her as more tears fell.

"Kendall, I promise you if anything goes wrong we will do everything in our power to make sure he lives." She said to me.

I shook my head.

"You can't promise things like that." I told her.

"What if the second you go on break or have to go home something happens?" I questioned.

"Kendall, I'm not even suppose to be here. Today was my day off but I assure you this is way more important that. I will not leave until both of you sign out with your beautiful children." She told me. I took her words to heart and if something happens to my Carlos I don't know what I would do.

"Okay." I said, sighing.

Everyone came back from the cafeteria and the second they saw me they started to worry.

"What's wrong?" James asked. I felt more tears fall as I told them.

"They aren't sure if Carlos will pull through."

We were sitting in Carlos' room. Both of his parents were at his sides as I sat at the end of the bed. My parents had to take Katie home and said that they would be back later. I had to excuse myself when Carlos let out a small cough. I walked into the hallway before I broke down against the wall. I slid down it until I reached the floor and pulled my legs close to my chest as I began to cry again. I didn't realize I was holding all of this in since everyone was here.

I remember when I first saw him. He had just got out of his mom's car. He had the brightest smile on his face. He smiled so bright that it made me feel these feelings I had never felt before. I remember when I found out that he wrote that song for me. How nervous he was to sing it to me. His amazing smile he had on his face when I began to sing with him. That smile made my heart do crazy things. It showed me how much I truly loved him and how quickly a person could change you forever.

When he told me that he was pregnant, I was scared out of my mind but the second I saw his face I knew. I knew that he was the one I would want to do this with. I told him I wasn't going anywhere I meant it. I remember when I proposed to him. He didn't see it coming. I let out a small laugh when I remembered his face as I opened the box. I remember that moment on New Years when we kissed. That moment I knew that I had to be the luckiest guy in the world. Now I feel like everything is crashing down on me. Carlos was slowly being taken from me, from our children, from our families, and from our friends.

As my body shook with my sobbing I heard the sound of a door opening. I felt someone sit down next to me and began to rub my back. It was James.

"I don't know what to do James." I confessed to him.

"There isn't much you can do really. All you can do is wait." He told me.

"I don't know what I'm going to do if he doesn't make it." I said, looking at him.

"I'll tell you what your going to do. Your going to raise those two beautiful children right and make sure they know that they had a brave father who loved them no matter what and that they still have one right here. You are going to raise them to be brave and to love who they are. That they can be anything that they want to be whether it's a doctor or a singer or an actor. But I know for a fact that you won't be alone with raising them."

"Why because I'll have you guys. James that's not the sam-"

"No. Not only will you have us. But you will have Carlos by your side. He's going to make it through this and both of you will be walking out of here with your children to live your lives as a happy family."

"But the doctor-"

"Fuck what the doctor said. They make mistakes and I know that this is a mistake. Carlos is going to make it so stop beating yourself up over this and go in there so you can be the first person he sees when he wakes up again. So you can see that smile that I know you love. So you can be there as he heals." James said before he stood and helped me up.

"And stop thinking like that. Hope is all everyone's got. At least try to hang on to it." He added before we walked back in.

I went to his side of his bed, taking his fathers spot and held his hand. I stayed by his side for about an hour until I wanted to see my babies. I got up and announced to everyone that I was going to the nursery.

"Wait. Can I go with you?" James asked.

"Sure." I said before we left.

As we walked down the hallway James was rubbing my back, knowing that this was a tough time for me. When we got to the nursery I looked through the window to see my babies sleep. I saw a nurse on her way in and when she noticed me she walked over.

"Which one's yours?" She asked.

"The two in the third row in the middle." I told her.

"Oh my gosh, you're one of the fathers! You guys have been on the news all evening! Can I get your autograph?" She squealed out.

"Sure." I said before I signed her hospital clipboard.

"Where you going to check up on the babies?" James asked her.

"Yeah, do you guys want to come in?" She asked us.

"Yeah." We both said in unison before we followed her into the room.

We both walked to the twins before we picked them up. I cradled my little girl in my arms as James held my son. I smiled down at her as she yawned a little before snuggling closer to me. I looked up at James and I saw that my son had opened his eyes and was staring at him. James looked at me and smiled.

"What are you going to name them?" James asked.

"Me and Carlos were thinking that if they were going to be a girl and a boy it would be Hailey Ellen Knight and Oliver Bennito Knight. We chose Ellen and Bennito as the middle name because those are the two people who accepted us before they even knew us. Not to mention we sort of promised Ellen we would name them after her. I know she was kidding but we really wanted to surprise her. We also wanted to honor Carlos' uncle Bennito who gave us everything." I told him.

"I like those names. It fits them." He said.

"You know," The nurse said, walking over with a chart in her hand, "It's very unusual for a child to have dark hair and light eyes."

"Well, my babies are special." I told her.

We both turned when we heard rapid knocks on the window. It was Katie and she was crying. My heart almost shattered at the sight. We both quickly put the babies back before rushing over to her.

"What's wrong?" I asked her. She was so frantic that she started mumbling and stuttering and I couldn't understand a word she was saying.

"Just come on!" She said, letting out a frustrated sigh and tugging my arm.

We ran to Carlos' room and when we got there I saw that the doctors were in the room. I immediately feared the worst but when they saw me they smiled.

"What's going on?" I asked them.

"It's good news." Dr. Cunningham told me and I felt tears come down my face as I smiled at Carlos. I went over to him and held his hand as she spoke.

"We don't know how but when you left he had spiked a fever and when we went to check on him we saw that his abdomen was healing tremendously well. Carlos' body hasn't seased to amaze us. We don't know how but he is healing quicker than a normal mother would and we're happy to say that he will definately pull through."

Everyone cheered before we all hugged each other. When we finally calmed down we noticed that Carlos was coming to.

"What's going on?" He asked, his voice a lot stronger than what it was before.

"I feel hot." He added as he held his forhead.

"That's because you are hot." I complimented before I connected our lips. I couldn't hold it back, I had to hold his face in my hands as I kissed him passionately. When we pulled apart I couldn't stop smiling at him. I had my baby back and he wasn't going anywhere. Everyone crowded around him giving him hugs and kisses before we all stepped back to congratulate him.

"When can I see my babies?" He asked us.

"Well, since you're healing quicker than anyone we've ever seen, I think you can actually go see them now. Just be extra careful and don't rush or anything." Dr. Wilson told him.

After the doctors unhooked him from everything, everyone backed up as I helped Carlos out of the bed. I helped him stand a little before he said that he was okay enough to stand. I made sure that his hospital gown didn't show his backside to everyone before we made our way out of the room.

It took us a while but we finally made it to the nursery and he had the exact same look on his face that I did when he spotted them.

"They're beautiful." He said, almost pressing his face up against the glass.

"You want to go in?" I asked.

"We can?"

"Yeah, the lady's like a huge fan, she'll probably die when she sees you." I told him.

When we walked in the nurse did just that. Well, not literally but emotionally. She almost screamed but she remembered where she was. After she started stuttering and stuff she finally asked Carlos for an autograph. He wrote his underneath mine before putting a heart around it.

"I would hug you right now but I can't." Carlos told her.

"So, how about when he is released we take a couple of pictures in the front." I suggested.

"Oh my god that would be amazing. Thank you so much." She said before she hugged me.

"We are suppose to act professional." Dr. Wilson told her as he came in with Dr. Cunningham behind him.

"It's totally fine. She just got really excited." I told them.

"Sorry." She said, taking a step back.

I looked over to see Carlos looking at our babies. I walked over to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"We make awesome babies." I said to him.

"They're so beautiful." He said as he laid his hand on my shoulder.

"They get their hot looks from their papi." I told him. He looked up at me in amusement and I chuckled.

"You remembered what I wanted them to call me." He said in shock.

"How could I forget?"

"Aww." He said before he gave me a kiss.

"Do you want to hold them?" Dr. Cunningham asked.

"Of course but I don't know which one to hold first." Carlos responded.

"How about you hold our daughter while I hold our son and then we switch." I said.

"Okay." He said before he went over and picked her up.

She smiled and giggled up at him as he held her in his arms. I saw that his eyes were watering as he looked at her. I went over and picked up my son, who was sleep. He looked so much like Carlos sleep. I smiled down at him as he leaned closer to me.

"What are you going to name them?" Dr. Cunningham asked us.

"We are going to name our daughter Hailey Ellen Knight and our son Oliver Bennito Knight." I told her while Carlos was to awestruck. After we switched we got a chance to feed them and then we signed their birth certificates.

Today was the day that Carlos was being released and we were taking our babies home. Camille and Dak had bought the babies some clothes to wear out the hospital. They were really cute matching colors of yellow and green stripes with ducks on them. We found out early on that the reporters and stuff were outside so we decided to send our babies with our parents. My mom and dad took Oliver while Carlos' parents took Hailey.

The press didn't really seem to notice until they were all packed in the car and on their way. We got Carlos bodyguard to help us leave. Dak and Camille were already at my house with everyone else by the time Carlos was checked out. James and Logan decided to stay with us to help control the crowd so they wouldn't harm Carlos. He still had his scar but the doctors said that it would go away in a while.

We made our way to the front of the hospital and when we got there we saw the nurse waiting for us with a camera and a huge smile on her face. We both smiled at her as she walked over after we signed out. She took a picture with Carlos and then one with me before we took one with all three of us. I hugged her goodbye and she squealed when Carlos hugged her. I'm guessing she thought he wasn't going to do that.

After saying goodbye we all walked to the door and let out a sigh before the bodyguard stood in front of us and James and Logan stood on the sides. I stood behind Carlos and placed my hands on his shoulders. When the glass doors slid open all I could see were flashing lights and people were screaming at us different questions and things. We ignored them and followed the bodyguard to my car. When we finally got in we let out a sigh. The bodyguard held the reporters back as we pulled away. I was driving with Carlos in the passenger seat and James and Logan were in the back seat. I smiled as we reached the end of the hospital parking lot. I had a surprise for this day that I made a long time ago. I had made a CD with us singing our song on it. As the familiar piano sounds started playing Carlos smiled at me as his eyes widened.

"This is why you asked for us to sing the song that night." He said.

"I wanted us to remember what started this all and fo us to remember that we are in this together." I told him, grabbing his hand, before we began to sing along.


Now I'm about to give you my heart

But remember this one thing I've never been in love before

So you gotta go easy on me


I heard love is dangerous

Once you fall you never get enough But the thought of you leaving

Ain't so easy for me


Don't hurt me

Desert me

Don't give up on me


What would I wanna do that for?


Don't use me

Take advantage of me

Make me sorry I ever counted on you

1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5, baby, I'm counting on you [4x]


Understand I've been here before,

Thought I found someone I finally could adore


But you failed my test,

Got to know him better saw I wasn't the only one


But I'm willing to put my trust in you,

Baby you can put your trust in me


Just like a count to 3,

You can count on me and you're never gonna see

No numbers in my pocket.


Anything I'm doing boy I'll drop it for you 'cause you're the one

I'm giving my heart to but I gotta be the only one


Don't hurt me

Desert me

Don't give up on me


What would I wanna do that for?


Don't use me

Take advantage of me

Make me sorry I ever counted on you

1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5 baby I'm counting on you [4x]


I really hope you understand

That if you wanna take my hand


You should put yours over my heart

I promise to be careful from the start


I trust in you with loving me


Very very carefully


Never been so vulnerable


Baby I'll make you comfortable

[Me (Carlos) ]

1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5 (yeah), baby, I'm counting in you (oh)

1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5 (why would I want to do that, hey, yeah)

1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5, baby, I'm counting on you

1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5


Now I'm about to give you my heart

So remember this one thing

I've never been in love before

Yeah, you gotta go easy on me.

The End

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