Introuducing, a PK-Keyblade-Bearer production.

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One simple question. For the mathematicians out there. What happens when you take away from nothing? I'll give you a hint: You get something. As every organization member fell, they were taken away from. But they never existed in the first place. So what happens to them? They are brought into existence. Confusing, right? Well, you aren't the only one confused. Xemnas figured he had been done in.

"All the hearts… All for nothing. That boy… I should... Have seen… This… Coming…"

Xemnas faded into darkness, his body distorting as he vanished into thin air.

His defeat attracted thousands of dusks.

Xemnas awoke with a start. He immediately felt insecure and, as such, summoned his Interdictions (his signature ethereal blades).

"Master, calm down. We've been expecting you."

"Hmm… It seems the entire gang is here… Except for Roxas."

"The turn-coat still resides in Sora's body."

"So why are we here?"

"Well, sire, it goes like this. Since you, Master Xehanort's nobody, have been defeated, along with Ansem, his Heartless, Xehanort can return from darkness. In order for us to be revived, we must defeat all of our Heartless, which have scattered about the world. After that, we must pull our Somebody's into darkness once again. Then we can resume our physical form."

"I have an idea."


"If that old fool Xehanort is alive again, he'll be trying to find the X-blade again, right?"

"Yes… But I don't see where-"

"If we can find him, we can use his own greed to pull him back into darkness, thus reviving me."

"But lord… Ansem would also be revived."

"I can deal with that idiot as well. After that, all we need are a couple of headstrong youths to carry out our missions. Once all of the heartless are defeated, we can terrorize the worlds again!"

The entire organization by this time had gathered round to hear what the Superior had to say. At hearing this, they all cheered greatly. But they were all faking it, for how can Nobody's have emotions?

"But sire, how will we even manage to drag Xehanort back into the dark?"

"Kingdom Hearts absorbed me as I battled Sora. I have the power to control hearts. I'll be back in a few."

Before Saix could respond, Xemnas warped out, leaving the entire organization in a "good mood". Demyx proclaimed,

"Let's get rocking!"

He summoned his sitar, and began swinging it in a practice fashion. The others caught his drift, and all began to summon their weapons, practicing for the day they came back. The Organization was ready.


Two youths were tearing through the hallways, one holding a small blue hatchet in his hand. The other was chasing after him, his short hair bouncing as he put on another burst of speed, just enough to catch up to the first boy. Josh, the one being chased, ran straight for a wall. Before the second boy could react, Josh jumped straight at the wall, turned around, and jumped off of it.

"YAHOOO!" He said as he barely got his feet above the taller boy's head. Parcour lessons are very useful for fleeing…


Unless your hunter has them too.

The second boy grabbed out, his hand latching onto Josh's color. The first boy had no time to react, and he jerked backwards, the hatcher flying from his hand.

"Darn… You win this time, Carlo."

Carlo stood up, holding his ice-blue hatchet in hand. Carlo was pretty tall for his age, standing a full head above most people. He was Filipino, though he usually referred to himself as "Asian". This was because his parents had a heavy Chinese accent. He was skinny, and his black hair was parted in the middle of his forehead, and it was cut inches above his deep brown eyes. He was currently wearing a blue t-shirt, and jeans. He had a black Fedora hat, but whenever he wore it Josh usually stole it.

As Joshua stood up, massaging his neck, his chain fell to the ground. It was a small Tiki-like token which he received from his father, who had received it from his father when he flew back to Africa to visit. Josh had chocolate brown eyes, which unnerved most of the people he saw. He was African American, and was just as athletic as his friend Carlo. However, Carlo had the height advantage. Only one thing established him from Carlo besides height. His fondness of stealing things. He usually returned them, but he was still good at what he did. He was currently wearing Carlo's Fedora, a black shirt with a thunderbolt on it, and

"This was a gift from my uncle! You better not have done anything to it."

"Nahh… OH! Wait, we were supposed to meet the others on the stairs!"

"Dang it, we're gonna be late! Josh-. Josh?"

Josh was already bolting down to the old factory, where they usually hung out.

Josh walked into the building, exhausted entirely. Carlo came in seconds afterwards. The other four members were already there, lounging about. One figure was sitting on a box in the shade of the musty factory; three others were up the stairs, two on a sofa, and one on the railing.

"Welcome back…" said the final male of the group. Wyatt was shyer than the rest of the group, and he rarely raised his voice over an audible whisper. However, he was smarter than any other two of the group put together. He had light brown hair, and cold blue eyes. He had slight freckles, and was of German descent. He was garbed in a dark blue, purplish vest, a black t shirt, and baggy black shorts that went to the middle of his shins. He was wearing white shoes at the time, a stark contrast to the rest of his clothes. His real name was Otis, but he preferred Wyatt. Nobody knows why.

" Eh…"

"Sup Wyatt. Betcha got another A+ in science today, huh?"

"Yeah… I was mixing chemicals today, and I made this…" Wyatt tossed a vial full of a blue liquid to Josh. He deftly caught it, and before he could inquire what it was, Wyatt answered. "It's a positively charged metalloid… If you pour it on something, it will attract lightning…"

"COOL!" Josh said, because he just loved lightning. His mother was a meteorologist, after all.

"Hey guys, check this out!" said one of the three girls. She pulled out an old radio antenna, and, with a flick of the wrist, it grew out. There were red spikes all along the antenna that popped out as soon as the shell of the antenna released its pressure. She demonstrated her prowess with the sword-like antenna by flipping off of the railing and slicing an old rusty rod in half. Brownish dust flew everywhere, and it was all Josh could do to dodge the shower of rust. This was Marcell, A.K.A. Marcie. She had black hair that fell to around her shoulders, black eyes, and was Argentinian. Her attire consisted of red tube top, black jeans, and a red bandana on her head, tied in a knot behind her. She was currently wearing black boots striped red, reflecting her tomboyish nature. She constantly played with her black armband, where she currently was stashing her antenna sword. She bobbed past the three boys, skipping around them and dancing back up to the railing.

Before the other two could greet the two boys, however, a massive earthquake shook the ground. The factory literally fell apart, bricks and everything falling everywhere. The group just barely made it from the shaking factory. The rubble crashed around them, and as the final members escaped, they realized they weren't alone. Six other people were there, and they were gathered around the entrance. Josh snarled with anger, as they were a rival gang.

"Destroying our chill spot? That's low."

"All the easier to defeat you, my pretty." Said one of the boys.

"Gabby, Kira. Get away from here."

Because the formers had no weapons, they just nodded and fled.

"Six on four? You're making this too easy."

"Michael, shut up."
The previously mentioned Michael was as tall as Carlo, with the same colored eyes. He pulled a long wooden stick from his belt, a weapon he used as a club. His other members pulled out an assortment of wooden swords.

"I got Michael. You guys split the rest up on your own." Josh dropped into a fighting stance, and pulled two sharpened granite rocks super glued to a wooden cross out. They served as dual daggers.

"Aww… How come you always get all the fun?" Marcie complained as she pulled her antenna from her armband and whipped the blade out.

"It's fine. I'm quite used to it." Said Carlo as he pulled his gift hatchet from his pocket.

"Good times…" Wyatt quietly commented as he whipped out a short diamond rod. Nobody knew how he got it, nobody asked. But what everyone knew was that Wyatt's parents were richer than everyone on the block put together.

Michael smiled. "3-2-1… FIGHT!" He said in an announcer voice as he charged Josh with a simple side swiped. Josh crossed his daggers, and pushed the club upwards before jabbing Michael in the side twice. Michael retaliated by swinging his stick, landing Josh a side swipe blow that sent him flying. Josh quickly rebounded by leaping with an animalistic roar. Michael swung in fear, catching Josh in the hip. Josh winced in pain, rolling over. Michael opened his eyes, saw his foe sprawled on the ground, and gave a bloodcurdling laugh before leaping, his club raised way over his back.

Marcie and Carlo were back to back, bobbing and weaving around each other and lashing out swiftly. Marcie's new weapon was devastating the enemy, swinging blurs around their eyes and dealing sharp and painful blows. Carlo's sharp hatchet was even stronger, as his long arms allowed him to get near the opponent without getting near his opponent. There were four members of the other gang, each carrying a wooden sword. However, their weapons were no use to the metal weapons, and they quickly dropped unconscious, random bruises on their body.

Wyatt was having a grand old time. He had one hand behind his back, in a fencing position. He was thrusting and parrying like a pro, giving his opponent no quarter. He had destroyed his opponents little wooden sword and backed him into a quarter. He made a subtle flick and the enemy's sword went over his head. The opposition immediately was broken and he fled in terror. Wyatt came to Marcie and Carlo to see them finished with their enemies. Everyone then looked at Michael to see him leaping at a grounded Josh. Time seemed to freeze.

Josh dodge rolled and got onto his feet, but he saw Michael still suspended in mid-air. Michael was moving slowly, as were his friends. Leaves were blowing as if a snail was carrying them. Even a small droplet of rain was moving slowly. His friends were stuck with looks of shock on their faces, but Josh didn't think about it, dropped his weapons, and delivered multiple jabs to Michael. Before he could think, time sped up again.

Michael staggered as he landed, looked at Josh with a confused expression, then dropped with a somewhat strangled-sounding:


He was writhing in pain, his other friends were unconscious or gone, and rain began pouring swiftly. Josh's group viewed the scene with forbidding countenances. Before anyone could say anything, a loud bark was heard. Michael crawled away, somehow dragging his pale friends with him. Before any of them could stop him, a MASSIVE dog jumped by, beginning by sniffing the ground, the surrounding air, and finally, looking at the four friends. It let loose a massive bark, and the moon came from behind the clouds. It grew larger, and then growled.

"F!" Joshua exclaimed.

"U!" Wyatt said, at a normal toned voice, which was loud for him.

"C!" Carlo said.

"C-C-C-C COMBO BREAKERRRR!" Marcie yelled.

Everyone looked at her, she shrugged, and the battle commenced.

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