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Shox and Laxcor dropped softly to the ground. A small note floated from the dark corridor opened a few feet off of the ground, and it then closed.

"Shox & Laxcor

We have to see to the other two teams, so you guys will be on your own for now. The mission shouldn't be too hard, when stuff pops out of the ground, kill it. Thank you.

Sincerely, The Superior"

"Ugh. How'd we even get dragged into this?" Shox stated nonchalantly.

"Shut up. I can control water now. I'm happy."

Shox looked at his hands, and they sparked momentarily before sizzling and returning to normal.

"How the heck do we even use our 'powers' or whatever?"

"Like this." Laxcor summoned his trident in a torrent of bubbles. He gripped it and did an experimental jab with it. "Jeez, this is nice."

"Hey, where are we anyway?" Josh looked around. The sky was pitch black, and there were dead trees littering the grass-less ground. A few streetlights illuminated the narrow alley. There were random pumpkins with fires illuminating the insides. Shox walked over to the nearest pumpkin and kicked it. It bounced along the sidewalk before shattering. From the sizzling embers, a purple cloud arose. From the cloud, small ant-like creatures with waving antennae appeared. Shox jumped backwards and shot his hands outwards, summoning his daggers.

"Cool." He said in admiration of himself.

"I guess this is what he meant by 'stuff popping out of the ground. Fun stuff." Laxcor said before racing towards the bugs, trident gripped and hanging by his side. He jabbed at one, impaling it and dispersing it into a black cloud. The other four launched towards him, and though his trident blocked three, one slashed him on his right arm. He winced, dropping his trident, which disappeared in more bubbles.

Shox came in then, his blades spinning in an amateur fashion. He dropped one, accidentally decapitating a Shadow. He slid into a kick on the next.

Laxcor had since recuperated from his blow, clutching his blue shirt through the slash in the Organization coat he was wearing. He summoned his trident, but decided not to use it, seeing as the rest of the Heartless were already dead.

"Nice job. Let's see if we can find any more." Laxcor said. But there was no need to search. A loud bubbling noise alerted them, and they turned to see a dozen Blue Rhapsodies floating behind them, their useless toes flitting around. A swing from Shox's daggers and they became agressive.

"Oh great." Laxcor breathed before turning and fleeing. Shox wasn't too far behind. They passed through the town square, through the main parts of the graveyard, until Laxcor stopped at the edge of the pit where Roxas had fought the Leechgrave. Laxcor stopped before falling, but Shox was too busy looking backwards to notice the cliff. Shox smacked straight into Laxcor, and they gasped for air as they toppled over the cliff.

Toxis and Xyba opened a portal to see colorful rocks everywhere. Toxis was surprised to feel himself floating. He opened his mouth and felt water rush in. His eyes bulged, and he did flips, before accidentally hitting himself in the face with his tail.

Wait… I have a tail? Am I a…

Toxis had been transformed into a merman, also known as a half-human half-shark. He turned to see an unconsicous Xyba turned into a mermaid, and he gazed at her in awe and with a hint of fright. As for Xyba, she also began to stir and come back to her senses. Give or take a few seconds for staring at each other and cue the screaming.

"AAAH!" the two of them screamed very loudly, Toxis softer than Xyba.

"You… You- You're a mermaid!" Toxis breathed, pointing a shaking finger at his partner.

"You are, too!" Xyba responded in a very similar fashion.

Toxis splashed indignantly. "Wha- No, I'm not. I'm a merman. You're a mermaid."

"Same thing… Now, what are we going to do now? I don't like the looks of this situation!"

Suddenly, as if to answer her question, another hybrid creature sneaked out from the shadows. Lo and behold, Saix was looking back at the duo in a half-human half-serpent body. Toxis and Xyba both looked at each other for a second before paying attention to Saix.

"This underwater world is known as Atlantica." Saix said to them, "Your mission is to swim down to the deepest depths of the ocean and exterminate all of the Heartless down there. A Heartless is a weird-looking dark creature with antennae and yellow eyes."

Toxis remained silent and pondered over the instructions. Xyba shrugged instead. "Okay, I guess we'll be going down, now. Let's go, um… Toxis."

The two of them swam down to the bottom of the ocean, hoping to find some Heartless to destroy.

When they got to the bottom, Xyba noticed some weird creatures floating around in the darkness.

"That looks weird enough. I'm for it." She summoned her wand and began shooting energy balls in the direction of the shadow. The heartless weaved through the water, before flashing towards Xyba. In a fit of panic, she stunned it with her tail. Toxis came in behind her, his dual-blade spinnning rapidly. He executed an upward slash, and the heartless evaporated.

"Hmp. Too easy." Toxis stated, quite boldly. As if to prove him wrong, twenty more poofs brought in a brand new hybrid. They were reminiscent of the lowly Shadow heartless… But a large emblem adorned their foreheads. The crest spread red veins to the arms and legs of the heartless, causing them to morph into fins, suiting the underwater world.

"Ooh… I'm gonna call you a glimmer. And you shall be my Glimmer, oh yes you will…" Xyba cooed at the fish-like being. Toxis, knowing the fish to be dangerous, sped towards it with speed aided by his blade. He rammed through the Glimmer, and quickly stowed his blade and grabbed his head. The Glimmer had taken the blow and dealt a poisonous slash to Toxis' head.

"Dang…" Toxis said, down for the count. His stomach turned upwards, and he started floating upwards.

"WYA- TOXIS! DON'T GO BELLY UP ON ME!" Xyba said. Her rage completely ended her power source. A pair of angel wings appeared behind her, as they had when she obtained her weapon. This time, however, they shattered violently. Her wand disappeared, and her hair even dimmed.

"TOXIS! WHY DID WE EVEN COME HERE?" She swam towards Toxis before taking a Glimmer spike to the side. Her coat ripped, and she spun out of control. She ran straight into Toxis. The boy had, in fact, been applying the poison to his blade. When Xyba head-butted him, he had really gone unconscious. The Glimmers closed in. They couldn't save themselves.

"Imbeciles." A rushing of bubbles was heard, and, like a thunderbolt, Saix struck. Twenty heartless exploded away, their captured hearts disappearing. The pair of teens was floating on top of each other, and, angrily, Saix grabbed their bodies.

"Foolish kids. Why does the Superior even trust them? What does he see? Sometimes I wonder…"

"Wonder what?" A deep voice boomed across the ocean floor.

Saix knew better than to lie, and instead threw the kids into a portal.

"Where are Kixar and Lexa?"

"I have a good feeling… Oh, and the Lexa girl demands to be called Lexi now. Let's get back to the castle, then gear up. Oh, and Saix? Shox and Laxcor need your help. Bring them back as soon as possible."


As Saix disappeared through a portal, Xemnas thought to where he had last seen Lexi and Kixar.

"They're gonna need our help."

~Somewhere in China~

"Chu qu! (OUUUT!)"

A tall man kicked open the front doors of a kung-fu school and flung out a bundle harshly.

"Ling zun ying dang kui! (YOUR FATHER SHOULD BE ASHAMED!)" he yelled. Whatever was in the bundle struggled to get out, and it revealed a teenage boy.

"Cong bu hui lai! (NEVER COME BACK!)"

The boy recoiled angrily, "Wo wu xu ni (I don't need you!)"

The door slammed, and then opened again. A staff was flung outside and hit the boy in the shoulder.

The boy sighed deeply. Ugh, I don't care anymore. I'm going solo. I've got enough fruit to last me… He checked the bag. The week. I can find something, mebbe a stream or an abandoned house. I, Matthew, will live! I might be able to catch a boat to England or something and go to school there. Then I'll go back to that dumb kung-fu school and show them a thing or two! There's nothing that will stand in my way!

That's when a crash of lightning was heard and freezing rain came pouring down. Matthew gasped and grabbed the bag, covering himself with it. He grabbed his Bo-staff that the man had thrown at him and walked away, shivering. The teenager took shelter underneath a banana tree with leaves dense enough to keep him fairly dry.

"Better… Practiced… Engliandish." Young Matthew stated to himself, cursing the day he fell asleep in English class. A small drop of rain fell onto his coal black hair, and he blew it off, where it landed on his dusty sandals. He lay down, his ice blue robe getting its first stain. His one fingerless blue glove hit the ground with a dull thud as he finally allowed his staff-hand to come free. The final thought to come to his mind was that of his good friend, a guy he'd met in a Kung-Fu Competition, the Dragon Furnace Tournament in England.

He was out cold before he could sag to the ground completely. Matthew lay down, oblivious to the thunder and lightning booming out across the bamboo-covered mountainside, the freezing rain pounding over his legs that had moved from under the leaves. He didn't notice the small ant crawling across his hand, the large pile of dirt his hand was laying in, or the fact that the dirt was coming alive.

"Lexi?" Kixar said with shadowy claws held above her.

"Yeah. I know." Lexi said with a flourish of her sword, blade blazing angrily.

They simultaneously looked at the massive heartless with a hole in its fingers. A shadowy blob appeared, and if it weren't for Lexi's quick sword action, the blob would've taken her arm off.

"We're screwed."

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