Conversation From Ireland

Michael sat in his hotel room and dialed his wife's cell phone. When he heard her sleepy voice, he realized that it was the middle of the night in Miami. At first he didn't say anything, and neither did Melanie. Finally Michael chocked out some words.

"Tell Sam I am going to be delayed. Bad weather so I got a hotel tonight."

Melanie was trying her best to hide her tears. As soon as she heard Michael's shaky voice, she started to cry silently.

"I will. Callie misses you so much. She's with Jesse right now so I can rest. Are you ok?"

More silence.

"Mike, you can talk to me. No matter how bad it seems in your head, you can tell me."

She heard Michael slow his breathing and swallow. "I know. I feel horrible putting all this on you. You deserve better than what I have given you. I tried so hard to make you my first priority, but sometimes I couldn't because of Fiona and my need to find her. You never deserved to be second fiddle to a ghost."

Melanie's heart ached for her husband. He was going through so much right now and she couldn't make it better for him. "Michael, I came into this relationship knowing that you had this blind devotion to Fiona. I knew it from when we first met. I was always ok with being second to Fiona. I love you so much I figure just having part of you is better than having nothing at all."

Michael was quiet again. She hated his silence when he was so far away. At least when Madeline died and he was quieter than usual, she would wrapped her arms around him, give him a kiss or even just hold his hand while he worked out whatever he needed inside his head.

Finally he spoke again. "Sean told me she died in New York. Stabbed in her apartment and she bled to death. She was all alone."

Melanie heard him sniffle. His voice was getting louder. His words sounded very deliberate and forceful, like he was planning each word very carefully. "She didn't have to die alone, Mel. If Anson was dead, she could have come to Miami and found me. She knew I wouldn't move. I would have taken her in and helped her get on her feet again, like she helped me for all those years. I owed it to her." He stopped for a moment but then continued. His voice became softer. "You have a good heart and I think she would have liked that about you. You guys would have been good friends."

"I would have liked to have met her. Can you do me a favor, Michael?" she asked.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Come home. Your family is here. We all miss you and we'll all help you get through this."

Michael replied quickly. "I wish you were here. Tell Sam I'll call him when I land. It's late, you need to rest."

"If I am sleeping when you get home, wake me up."

Michael's tone softened and sound more calm. "I will. Don't let Sam sleep in my bed. He drools in his sleep."

Melanie laughed. He loved to hear hear laugh.

"I love you Michael."

"I love you Mel. Get some sleep."

Michael got into bed and laid staring at the ceiling. He was mad at himself for unloading all of his problems on a woman who was due to have his second baby very soon. He was jarred from his thoughts when a text came though on his cell phone. It was Melanie.

Stop thinking. Even Michael Westen needs sleep. Love you.

He closed his eyes, thanked God for a wife who understood him so well, said a prayer for Fiona, fell asleep quickly and had dreams of being back home with his family in Miami.

A/N...The End! I hope you enjoyed! I never meant it to go on for these many chapters, but I want to thank all of you for helping me & encouraging me! This is the first multi chapter story I wrote :) I'm done with all the angst for now (come on...the season finale gave me enough angst to last me a few YEARS!).