Yes, I know, it's the dreaded author's note chapter, but this is actually kind of important.

So, as you guys probably know, a LOT of my fanfics have not been updated. Some for a very long time. Now I have several reasons for this, but the ones that I feel pertain the most to you guys are the facts that;

A) I don't want to give you guys a super lame chapter just to say I updated. No, that would be bad of me, and I couldn't forgive myself, even if I went back and uploaded one that was ten times better as a replacement. So for now, any story that hasn't been updated in over a month or longer is on hiatus because I don't have any ideas that I feel are interesting as of right now, and I don't want to try pulling out one that smells like crap and writing it anyways. I feel like you guys deserve better than that for being so patient with me.

B) I recently lost the flash drive that I had everything on. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Fanfic chapters, school work that I typed, everything is gone. And I was stupid and didn't bother to copy everything onto another removable drive just in case something like this happened. So any completed chapters that would've been uploaded over the past two weeks, gone. Bye-bye! And they ain't coming back. I'm hoping that I'll find the flash drive eventually, because everything that I've lost without being able to find it right away usually turns up at some point. So until I either find the flash drive or just give up, all stories whose chapters were on there, are on hiatus. Sowwy!

C) Yeah, I've been taking a break from uploading because I've been really busy with various things in my life. Plus as of lately, I've been somewhat depressed because Lady Luck suddenly hates me and various other forces beyond comprehension are out to get me. But I've finally decided to suck it up, and get over myself, and use my sad face feelings to create a nice new fanfic to hopefully tie you guys over until I finally start updating all my other fanfics again.

Which brings me to the other reason why you guys are only getting this now.

I'm putting up a poll on my bio concerning a little issue my indecisive little self needs help with. And who better to help me than my lovely little readers, who hopefully don't hate me so much for not updating that they will leave me hanging high and dry. Now I won't tell you guys the plot because I want it to be a surprise and I'm weird like that, but I will tell you that it has to do with Pokémon Adventures.

For those of you Pokémon fans who don't know what Pokémon Adventures is, you might be more familiar with Pokémon Special, which is the same thing. For those of you who don't know what either are and have only ever played the games and watched the anime, Pokémon Adventures/Special is the manga adaptation of both the games and anime. There is no Ash, and it basically changes main characters every few volumes. I like to consider both the anime and manga two separate realms with different physics and rules that control both the pokémon and people, so I will admit I like reading fanfic where the two worlds are mixed together to see how people think the characters will react to each other. I myself have written at least two fanfics like that, both are fem!Ash. And this is a fem!Ash fanfic as well.

But that's beside the point! What I want you guys to do, if you'd be so kind as to take the time. Is to go on my bio, find the little poll thingy at the top, or wherever it is now that they've been changing the appearance of the site so much, and click on it. Because one downside that I find about the manga that the anime doesn't have, is that there are SO many main characters and it's very difficult to pick and choose between them. Now before people start spamming my PMs and Inbox and start telling me that Red MUST be in the fanfic, he's going to be in it. Chill out.

The maximum number of Adventures/Special trainers I'm picking is somewhere around 3-4, maybe. The number itself might actually change depending on whether or not I choose to include other characters from other spin-offs, but yeah. You guys get to pick 2, but only 2, no more, maybe less since I'm not entirely sure how the poll thingy works. And if I somehow forgot a character you think should be included in the list, PM it to me. A reason would also be nice, but you don't have to if you don't want to. And I may consider OCs, but they have to be very good ones! PM me those too if you think that I really must see them.

Anyways, so yeah, do this for me, and I promise I'll make the bestest chapter ever for… one of my fanfics. Eventually.

P.S. For those of you concerned about A Change of Fate, that is the only other fanfic that I am currently still updating.


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