Catwoman 55

James lived up to it. The summer saw the ground break, the foundation laid, and the building go up for the new youth center at our Forks church. Next to the castle like building we loved was a large metal building that blended well with the surrounding forest, and housed a full sized gym, a kitchen, a dining room, a game room, with a large restroom for each gender, equipped with three bays of showers.

James hadn't paid for the whole thing. Edward happily put up the money. But James' check was filling it with the proper amenities.

The babies came. Twins for Ben and Angela. A boy for Rose and Emmett. An adoption in process for Alice and Jasper. A boy for Jacob and Leah. So we spent a lot of time that summer in Forks.

I did go back to our home in Chicago a couple of weeks after Edward flew James home. Things were better between them. The restitution seemed to give both of them a place to work from. James seemed to gain some self-respect, and he liked what Edward was doing with the money, and Edward worked hard to get to and stay in a place of forgiveness. Forgiveness did not mean he approved, it just meant that he wasn't holding on, he wasn't acting out of vengeance.

James and Vickie did not get back together. We rarely saw Vickie these days, but heard through Esme that she was living in Los Angeles. Sandy and another student had taken over the completion of James' loft and now James was dating Sandy. I finally finished my design courses, and I continued to assist Esme. I was loving the work.

Peter and Tanya took over much of the work at the foundation, but Edward was still very active. Their book was selling well and made a couple of best-selling lists.

The pressure to procreate had bitten us hard as we held the babies of our friends. We hadn't announced it yet, but the bun was growing in the oven that was me.

We were doing our favorite thing. I was relaxing in a full tub with the jets going, and Edward was kneeling behind the tub and massaging my aching breasts. "These things," he said, "are so fantastic, I should have gotten you pregnant months ago."

My eyes were closed and when I spoke, I had trouble forming my words, "…it's the miracle of a child growing in the womb, not the miracle of breasts."

"No, no, no. Someday it will be all about the child…but now, baby it's you." And he gave my nipples just enough of a pinch to get a lusty noise out of me.

"That's it," he said, and I could hear his clothes coming off. We always got here eventually, but tonight he had less patience than usual.

I sat forward, my eyes still closed, even when he moved so his thing could poke me on the shoulder. That thing had been in every hint of an opening my body had. He was quite creative with it, and obviously thought it was the greatest thing going, as did I sort of, but I had a real sense of humor about it, too. So I surprised him by kissing it quickly before he sat all the way down.

"Oh," was all he said. We readjusted, with him behind me this time, not our normal position of facing one another. It felt so good to lean against him, but I said, "This is like laying on a sleeper sofa mattress."

"Oh yeah, sorry about my big rod," he said in my ear with his sexy voice. This made me laugh.

I reached around to the rod and gave it a few strokes. "It's so dirty," he whispered, handing me the bar of soap. So I lathered my hands and twisted around and got to work on it. But it was below water until he would lift his hips a little and let it poke out at me like a turtle's head. That's what I told him it looked like and he loved that.

So now I floated up to him and laid my head on his stomach, and let my arms relax that way while the jets shot against us. But after a few minutes he moved his hips a little and there it was, poking me under the chin this time. "Hey," he said in that low sexy voice, "would you like to say a few words?"

I lifted my head and put my hand on it like it was a microphone and brought my lips close to it, "I'd like to thank the members of the academy," sometimes I let my lips just graze it. I looked up at him and he was riveted on my performance. "Like my little speech?"

He pushed my head down a bit, "Love it." So I took him in, and he raised to meet the challenge. Always such an over achiever.

Six months later, we had a girl. She looked just like Edward. Our goal was to move back to Forks. I wanted her to grow up as I had, in a place where time slowed and people knew one another. I pined for Rose and Alice and Angela. I wanted my girl to know their children. We knew it would take us some time, maybe a couple of years, but we had the goal of going home.

The End!

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