Sweet Child of Mine

Prolouge 1 Rei-chan's Pov- Leaving the Brownlicks

Crazyhanyou: I thought I would write something about Ren and Bridgette's son, Rei since he doesn't get any attention in the original series. The main characters are Rei Maaka (Ren's son that was conceived in volume 14), Vienna Armash (one of my OC's daughters from Secrets of the Armash), Hikaru Keito (human boy who goes to school with Vienna in Japan), Adrian Armash (Vienna's father… also OC from Secrets of the Armash), and Gabriel Desmarais (Vienna's Childhood friend). Please enjoy and give me any feedback.

Rei's POV- Brownlick Mansion

The night sky over the Brownlick mansion was alight with the ominous crescent moon. Its menacing brilliance made the ice inside my veins seem even colder. As I stared at the sky, the wind blew my messy silver hair in every direction. I had been dreading tonight for the past month. The stars seemed to laugh at me with their hateful existence. My amber eyes slowly moved from the sky to the one person I had been dreading to see all night, my father. He was only here because my grandparents forced him to come visit me the same day every year, my birthday.

"So you're finally eighteen today, Rei?" My father said as I walked the short distance between us to greet him. He smiled lightly and gave me a light hug when the distance between us was closed.

I pulled away and stared at the man who I called my father. He was very tall and had porcelain skin. His eyes were the same amber color as mine and he also bore silver hair. I knew my mother was so obsessed with him, why any woman would be for that fact. My father was incredibly handsome and you rarely saw someone as good looking, and cocky, as him. In truth, I used to look up to him because I thought he was cool... but as I grew up, I began to realize more and more every day that my father didn't really care about me. He would grimance every time he thought I wasn't looking and always had excuses for not coming to see me. After time, I began losing my affection for him until one day I gave up on him completely. Father had taken me to Shiihaba for a "father-son outing" but as soon as we hit downtown, he used me to pick up random women to feed on and also do other things with. That day I decided I would never be like him, I would only love one woman and treat her with respect and kindness. The worst part is, I not only inherited his looks but our mannerisms are the same.

"Rei? Did you hear me?" I blinked in confusion as my father brought me back to reality and laughed nervously and tried to shrug of the fact that I had zoned out.

"Ah! Yes, father! I was just going to say I am very excited to be eighteen!" I yelled, feeling my face turn warm. I always embarassed myself in front of him. ...Not that it mattered.

Father stared at me quizically and sighed. "Rei... you really weren't listening. I asked you if you wanted to come back with me to Shiihaba. You need to get out and enjoy yourself. Your mom's got you under too much of a lock down."

I blinked in confusion. He actually understood how I felt about living with mom. I thought for a second that maybe he was starting to care about me and contemplated going with him. It would give me a chance to get closer with him... No! I don't care about him. But I could get away from mom for a while... and maybe father really does care...? I made my decision, "I want to go."

A smile came across my father's face and he nodded in agreement. "Well if that's the case, let's leave now before your mother figures out that I'm here." I could practically see the goosebumps developing on his skin. Father couldn't stand being around my mom; she would always call him at wierd hours in the day and make sure he wasn't staying out with some other girl and when she was around him, she would literally smother him. Really, I could sympathize with him. My mother would smother me and praise me for looking just like him.

I quickly (and quietly) snuck into my room and grab as many clothes as I could along with my campus and paint. After everything had been gathered, father and I quickly made our way to the Osaka train station and began our journey back to Shiihaba. The whole ride I looked out the window and thought of many things; how my mom would react to me leaving, what my father would do once we got back (would he just abandon me?), and what the future held for me. It was both exciting and scary.

Little did I know that my entire life would be turned around completely and that I would learn things about vampires that even I never knew...

Okayyyy so the first chapter was more of an introduction to get the story started. Just a couple side notes: I do not like Bridgette at all, she and Ren are NOT married in this fic and she is completely obsessed with Ren and therefore treats Rei like a second Ren and smothers him and makes him stay close to the mansion at all times, Vienna will make her appearance in the second chapter which will be in her POV, I do not own Karin (obviously), and I really want reviews so I can better my stories. Drop me a review and I will be sure to bake you lots of cookies!