Sweet Child of Mine

Chapter 4

By: Crazyhanyou


Ren's POV- Jumbled Memories

It was weird. I had never seen a human girl react to me the way that she had. Usually females were always falling over themselves to speak to me or even when I sought them out. This girl didn't, instead she fell to the ground and began shaking. She held her hands over her head as if she was having a headache. Had I bit her and she remembered? Did I do something to her that put her into this much pain? I couldn't remember. The only thing I knew was that this girl was the key to what happened to me a week ago.

After a couple of minutes watching her tremble, I began to feel guilt and curiosity hit me. I bent down and put my hand on her shoulder, almost as if to console her. When my hand came in contact with her shoulder, she jerked away with cat like reflexes. I cleared my voice and sighed before speaking to her again. "Look, I don't know what happened between us but I doubt it was so bad that you have to ignore me."

When she looked up and our eyes met, I felt my body go numb. Her eyes were an inhuman shade of lavender and at the moment filled with tears, which fell like small perfect crystals. Her skin was a dark shade of olive and contrasted with her platinum blonde hair. What was it about those eyes that made me feel uneasy? When she spoke, an image began to appear in my mind. "I-I'm sorry... I don't know who you are."

Before I could say anything more, she shot up to her feet and ran with inhuman speed rounded the corner of the street and was gone. I stood there, my mouth gaping open, in confusion. It was then that a blurry memory hit me.

I was at the Casanova Love Hotel, my favorite site for picking up easy targets. I had been seeking out a very delicious looking woman. Her stress was practically oozing out of her pores and I was about to make my move when a herd of cows (unattractive older women) crowded around me. They were asking me the most annoying questions. My eyes searched for someone in the crowd to help and that is when they fell on her. She was a little young for my taste, probably fifteen or sixteen, but she was very pretty and the perfect excuse to escape the cows. I took her by the wrist and we entered the hotel. My memory started getting blurry at this point. The next few scenes that played out were jumbled and didn't make sense.

We entered the room. The girl wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss my neck. Just the feeling of her lips on my skin made me lose my composure and I decided that age was not reason enough to get what I wanted. I started to undress her and that's when the sweet pain hit me and my memory stopped.

As I came back to my senses, I felt something on my neck tingle and then another wave of painful pleasure hit my body. It was almost as if I had been bitten by a snake and my veins were full of its poison. I bit my lip and decided to search for the answer. I was getting hungry and frankly, the memory of that night made me want more than just blood. I need a woman who is loaded with stress tonight!


Rei's POV

I was in the middle of feeding from a older woman when the first bat alerted me. Annoyed, I ignored it and continued to enjoy the taste of the woman's hatred. It was so undeniably bitter and had a twinge of sadness in it that I felt I was in heaven. Hatred was my blood preference and I enjoyed someone with loads of it built up. This woman was the perfect mix of hatred and sadness and was incredibly rare, I didn't want a bat to interfere with my golden opportunity. When the second bat flew over my head alerting me of my father's awakening I sighed and pulled away from her. I then wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and erased her memory of me.

According to my bats my father had been awake for almost an hour now and he was already feeding on a very attractive young woman. I rolled my eyes again at my father's typical perverted actions. Suddenly I blinked in confusion. Only a day ago he was acting like a perfect gentleman, well as gentlemanly as a vampire can get, and was feeding like any other typical vampire would. Why was he suddenly acting normal again? Before I could think I was on the move.

I ran from the nature park to main square of Shiihaba in search of the hotel my father was performing" his feeding rituals. When I found it I quickly made my way through the crowd. As I neared the front doors I almost lost my footing because I tripped over something, or rather, someone. After regaining my composure, I looked down to see who was in my way. Directly below me crouched a girl with long platinum blonde hair wearing a high school uniform. It only took a moment to realize it was her.

She was having a coughing fit and her body shook violently with every spasm of her chest. I bit my lip as I walked directly in front of her and bent down to her eye level. I placed my hand gently on the top of her head and she quickly looked into my eyes. Her eyes were filled with tears, like they were when I first saw her. It wasn't this that made my heart freeze and then continue to beat. Her eyes were not the typical vampire color, amber. They were a vibrant lavender color. I felt myself smile as I began to speak. "You really should pay attention where you decide to crouch down. I could have died from tripping over you."

I meant this as a joke but the look she gave me made me think she took it seriously. She bit her lip and shook her head, causing her tears to fly in every direction. "I didn't mean to. I just haven't been feeling very well..." Another round of coughing cut her off. Her tiny body shook as if she was having a seizure.

Before I could even think, I had picked her up and was now carrying her tiny body in my arms. I walked her into the lobby of the hotel and carefully set her on one of the couches inside and then took the seat next to her. After a couple minutes I spoke again. "You're pretty sick. Have you gone to the doctor to get it checked out?"

She wiped the tears out of her eyes and stared up at me. For some reason the way she looked at me made me feel like I was prey. This of course was a stupid thought considering we were both vampires. A small smile spread across her face. It was a somber smile and I could tell she had pain hidden behind it. "There's nothing a doctor could do about this. It runs in my family." She stopped talking for a second and her face began to turn a dark shade of red. "Who are you anyway?"

Suddenly I realized I hadn't introduced myself and had been acting on instinct. I felt my face grow warm with embarrassment. While scratching my head, I laughed nervously. "I'm sorry. I guess it was kind of stupid to pick you up and take you in here without telling my name. It's Rei. Now that you have my name, I want to know yours."

The smile on her face grew warmer and the sadness I saw earlier disappeared. "My name's Vienna. It's a pleasure to meet you, Rei." What she did next surprised me more than she had before. She took my face in her hand and kissed me on both cheeks. She then whispered in my ear something that made my heart skip a beat. "I know you're a vampire and I know you know what I am."

I pulled away from her quickly and stared at her in shock. Her beautiful vibrant eyes stared back at me as if waiting for my response. Before I could say anything, my father entered the lobby with yet another woman. I sighed and rolled my eyes in annoyance. He's back to normal... Pathetic. It was Vienna's reaction that confused me. Her eyes followed in the same direction as mine and when they locked on my father, her face lost its color. She stood up abruptly, grabbed my hand, and dragged me into an elevator. Once we were alone I noticed the sweat had started to appear on her forehead again.

She breathed heavily and stared at the door. When it opened, she raced out of the elevator still clutching my hand and dragged me with her. We finally stopped at a door with the numbers 715 on it. She only paused to take out a card and swipe through the card key lock. When the door opened, she pulled me into the room. After a catching her breath she blinked at her hand in realization. She let go of my hand and let out a confused laugh. "Great. Now you think I'm crazy."

Still dazed from the recent events, I just stared at her with my mouth gaping open. After finally regaining my composure I couldn't help but feel annoyed. "What's the deal? Why did you freak out when you saw my dad?"

Vienna stopped laughing right away and bit her lip. "I knew you looked familiar! He's your father?"

I knew then that she was the key to my father's strange behavior and decided I might as well get my answers. "What did you do to him?"

The look on her face confirmed my suspicion. She sighed and walked to the bed, motioning for me to follow her. "You're going to want to sit down. It's a really long story."


Crazyhanyou: Chapter four ended kind of on a cliffhanger but I promise it will be good in the next chapter. Right now I am trying to formulate a plan so that I can incorporate new characters and easily stick to the main story. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Remember, I need to keep you guys interested in the story so I want to keep this story fresh. Anyway, leave me a review and keep on reading!