Twisted Love: Warrior of Vengeance


Naruto x Twisted Disney Princess




Author's Note


I realized I've been neglecting some of my fics and I promised to update some, so it looks like I'm putting all of my non-scheduled (every fic but Kitsune of Gakuen), Unleashed/New Origin fics on hold until next year. So yeah, that means a slew of new fics that only I, Kyuubi16 will have plotted out or come up with and you guys know it.

Now this is the first of my Twisted Love series based off the Twisted Love Princesses series from that one guy on Deviantart. Look for link on profile.


Story Start


His voice was like a howling animal filled with madness. Darkness itself tore at him as his rage pierced through the endless void. This madness born from hatred and that lusted for destruction. ''Do vengeance?'' this was the voice of subdued madness with a cold cruel edge that tore through flesh with unbridled ease. ''Is revenge what you seek...Shan Yu?'' Though the man with boundless rage could not answer. He was nothing more then pure instinct and fleeting memories. ''Kill them...kill all of them!'' the void whispered as the vicious man was given life once more. ''Hunt them down and make them pay!'' And with that Shun Yu arose from what would have been his snowy prison.

Suddenly the hand of the man broke through the layers of snow, grasping at the air as if to grab something to pull itself out with. The hand dug at the snow around it until finally pulling himself out until a tall figure fell onto the snow, a masculine man with evil black feline eyes with yellow pupils emerged. He had mustachioed black hair, pale inhuman skin dressed in fury pelts with a prominent forehead and a nasty sneer.

Free from his frozen grave Shun Yu had one thing on his mind...vengeance. For his thirst of vengeance was on the forefront of his mind over his ambition. The darkness in his heart overflowing, possession him like a malevolent spirit. Giving his men the order to move and fight shelter as they regained their bearings the last thing he expected to find in a cave was his object of vengeance.

What Shun Yu expected was a warrior but what he got was a young woman. A young woman with a slender and well developed body; blessed with beautiful long black hair that was a bit on the dry and dirty side as one would expect from being in battle and being denied to the shampoos and other luxurious items that young women had access to; the items that would allow her to prim herself and present herself as a fetching bride. Her skin was also quite fair, like a shade of peach and her dark brown eyes were filled with fear. Fear was always something that he thrived on.

Fear was like euphoria to Shun Yu. It exhilarated him and it made him feel alive like a hunter's first kill. The rush of the hunt was all about the fear and power over the prey more so then the kill itself. It was that exhilaration that fueled his revenge. He would torture her, break her in every way imaginable and when cries would no longer leave her pink lips and the tears from her rosy cheeks dried out he would end her life.

And when that light went out a spirit opened his eyes for the first times in century. 'Something is wrong!' the spirit finally landed on the snowy mountain after his long travel. He followed the trail of footprints as the stench of darkness grew stronger. 'It's his work. He's free once again.' Suddenly a blinding aura of incredible power blinded the spirit.

Using his paws to shield his eyes the fox looked up in surprise as the image of a woman came into sight. He could feel it...her rage...her hatred...her pain. Soon forming around her, his massive torso blocking the majority of her body was a slender red Chinese dragon with blue horns, gold mustache, yellow belly, and dark red nose. 'My choice ruined your life young one! I'm sorry.' the golden furred fox thought, wrought with guilt as he could sense that man's evil tainting the scene and whatever actions occurred was because of his failure.