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Quinn tore her locker open in disgust. It was the first day of junior year and apparently not much had changed in the minds of McKinley's population because it was the same old shit just a different day.

When she approached her locker, already running late, she was upset to find that the word 'Slut' had been painted in bright red across it. Just when she thought things couldn't get worse, she turned to find a small brunette staring sadly at her.

"What are you looking at?" She spit out with as much venom as she could muster.

The petite girl furrowed her brows and her mouth dropped open. Quinn swore the girl was going to say something in response, but instead the brunette stormed off disappearing down the hall. Frustrated, Quinn slammed her locker door shut. "Shit!"

"Now, now, mind your language." A tall raven haired girl with green eyes smirked at her. "Just because you've fallen from the top of the pyramid doesn't mean you have to speak like a commoner."

The blonde girl glared at her. The look would normally have students cower in fear, but it did nothing to her tormentor as she took a step closer and whispered harshly. "It could be worse. It could have said, 'Dyke.'"

Quinn's face paled. Her eyes darkened in anger as she spoke through gritted teeth. "Go to Hell, Sadie."

Sadie chuckled manically. "You first, Fabray." She shouldered the girl into the lockers and stalked off.

Quinn leaned her head back against the locker and sighed. This was going to be another long year.

Flashback (3 months ago)

It was the beginning of summer, Quinn couldn't wait to get out of Lima and spend three whole months away from the rumors and the taunts and the rest of her so called life. At the beginning of sophomore year, she was on top. She was captain of the Cheerios, the National champion cheerleading squad, and then she had to go and fall for her second in command. Quinn never saw herself as gay, things would be far easier if she wasn't. Not that she is. But it was Cheer Camp and things happened. And what happened was she kissed her best friend, Sadie Frost. The two had a casual relationship throughout the year, but this was Lima, Ohio and homosexuality was frowned upon. Especially if your father was a minister, which Sadie's dad was.

Quinn decided to end the relationship, because it was just an experiment anyway. They weren't gay. She wasn't gay. Unfortunately, Sadie wasn't happy and since she couldn't bring Quinn down as a lesbian without outing herself, she started spreading rumors of Quinn being pregnant and anything else she could think of. The rumors got Quinn kicked off the squad and down the social ladder. The friends she thought she had took Sadie's side for fear of retribution if they didn't. The rest of the student body refused to take pity on one of their former tormentors, so that left her completely alone.

As Quinn was wandering through the park just before sunset, she heard the most beautiful voice she had ever heard. She followed the enchanting music to the pond where a petite girl was clumsily strumming her guitar.

"I like that song." She heard herself say and suddenly the girl stopped singing, though her hand was still playing with the instrument.

"I do too; it's one of my favorites."

Quinn took that as an invitation to sit beside the girl. They were silent for several minutes before the brunette girl spoke, breaking their reverie. "I like this time of year. The fireflies are beautiful. It feels almost magical, like anything can happen."

Quinn watched the girl who was looking up at the sky in wonder. She tore her attention away from the mysterious brunette and looked at the sky as well. She had to admit that the girl was right; the insects that were lighting up the sky were magical.

"I used to run around and catch the fireflies, when I was little. I'd put them in a jar and be so amazed at them. Then I would put the jar beside my bed, on the nightstand. It was like my own special nightlight. I felt protected in some weird way." As Quinn spoke she saw the memory vividly. It brought a smile to her face; the simplicity of childhood.

The other girl simply nodded and began humming as she strummed her guitar again.

"Do you mind if I sit and listen to you play for awhile?" Quinn asked.

"I don't mind at all, it'd be nice to have some company. You're the first person I met since I moved here that doesn't mind my company, actually."

Quinn frowned at the statement. "Lima's full of a lot of awful people."

"Apparently not everyone in Lima is bad." She replied with a small smile as she looked at the blonde.

"Where'd you move from?"

"Michigan. I lived out in the country and now, living in Lima, I had to come all the way out here to get away from the city lights just to see the stars."

Quinn smiled. The music got louder as the song she was playing was finally recognizable to her.

"My name is Quinn, Quinn Fabray. What's yours?"

"Rachel Berry!" The girl beamed.

"I would offer to hang out with you this summer but I am actually leaving town tomorrow and my family and I will be gone all summer."

The smile faltered on Rachel's face, but her brown eyes still shinned brightly. "I'll be attending McKinley in the fall; maybe I'll see you there."

Quinn smiled at the brunette, her first genuine smile in months. "I'd like that. To hang out in school I mean."

Rachel nodded happily before she went right into singing. Her voice was mesmerizing. Quinn felt as if she was entranced by it, Rachel was a siren and she was leading Quinn to her doom. However, the thought didn't scare her. She might just follow Rachel Berry anywhere. Suddenly, she couldn't wait for school to start.

Present Day

Quinn decided on skipping school today. She had fallen so far behind last year with all the stress that she had to take several classes over again, but suddenly had no desire to go to them. As she climbed into her car and started the engine, she couldn't shake the image of Rachel's disappointed face out of her head. The one highlight she had looked forward to all summer, seeing Rachel again, was ruined by Sadie and her stupid vendetta.

It had been nice to have one person in town who didn't know anything about her past, or the rumors, or whatever else there was that made her an outcast. Now Rachel would know everything and she would hate her too. Tears filled her hazel eyes at the thought. Why did her life have to be so fucked up?


As Rachel sat in class after class hearing the teacher call Quinn Fabray's name but not seeing the beautiful blonde anywhere, she began to worry about the girl. She looked so dejected this morning at her locker. Why were kids so horrible? It reminded her of her old school and the reasons why she moved to begin with. Quinn might have been a bitch to her this morning, but she knew better. She knew the real Quinn, didn't she? As she sat in class she decided on a plan of action.

She was able to get the cooperation of a mohawked boy to get some cleaning supplies out of the janitor's closet. During lunch, she spent her time scrubbing Quinn's locker clean. Then before she left to eat, she placed a small folded up piece of paper in the girl's locker and walked away unnoticed.

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