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Part 1: Of Drunken Night and Sour Mood

To say that Rin and the other Esquires were flabbergasted was an understatement. Their usually fully-revealing-in-appearance teacher was dressing, for the lack of word, differently.

She didn't wear her trademark-revealing bikini, though she still had her shorts…with full black stocking on. Let say that her appearance was unusually, well, veiled. Moreover, it had to be noted that it was in the middle of the summer…

Kirigakure Shura was indeed wearing a shirt.

Yes, a shirt—the one with starch collar and button-up style. It was plain white…and it didn't seem like any female shirt at all.

They stared dumbly when the fiery haired exorcist strode into the class, promptly ignoring them and seemingly deep in thought. As if, Rin felt a strong urge to snort derisively, Shura was in the same league as him when it came to the brain department. She just didn't do thinking. It wasn't her forte at all.

Shura slammed her files onto the table—since when did she carry files when teaching, Rin had to wonder—causing her students to wince in an attempt to feel sympathetic towards the poor ol' teacher desk, and proceed to face the Esquires. She blinked when she was faced by several dumbfounded looks.


Her acidic tone—not her usual mocking tone, Rin noted—caused some other weak-hearted students, like Shiemi and Konekomaru, to flinch and whimper. Both Rin and Suguro glared at their teacher, who chose that time to turn around and flip her hair over her shoulder a bit forcefully.

"Whatever. Open the textbook page 235 about the Ghouls." She exclaimed coldly before added, "Hurry up. I don't have more patience fer now, ye wimps."

Rin kept glaring at her back while opening his textbook. Honestly, what the hell was wrong with her? Last night, when he and Yukio left Shura on her own at the nearby bar—honestly, she was impossible, Rin bemused; just what kind of teacher she was, dragging her still-16-years-old student and equally-16-years-old fellow teacher to a bar to get some booze?—she was still in her cheerful mood and laid-back demeanor. She was on the bordering of being drunk, they knew. Nevertheless, when was the time she wasn't? Shura was always getting drunk in one way or another, if she wanted to.

Now, she was in that rare-but-terrifying serious yet angry mood. Not to mention, those weird clothes. Well, Shura always had a weird sense in clothing, but still…this was plainly freaking weird.

The aforementioned person, however strangely, diligently scratched her lesson on the chalkboard without any word whatsoever. Her mind, though, was anywhere but the current classroom.

Shura's mind drifted through last night's memory. She felt embarrassment and anger wafting through her person. She scowled fiercely, and suddenly, much to Rin and the other's dismay, the chalk she used to scratch the lesson broke in half. She simply tossed the broken chalk into the trash bin and grabbed a new one before continuing her scritch-scratching on the board—still without any word or even sound whatsoever.

Rin grimaced. This was a bad omen, namely for him who would be in for next private training session with her just right after this lesson. God, I am so dead, he sighed, slouching slightly at his seat.

Last night, Shura was hammered.

She had dragged the Okumura twins to get some booze (mostly for herself) to the nearby bar, though they eventually left her alone later. She stumbled along the deserted alley behind the bar, thoroughly intoxicated with alcohol she had consumed before.

Humming some rather discordant tunes, she occasionally took a long swig from her jug of booze. Everyone said that her stomach was bottomless if it had regarded alcoholic beverages and she admitted that it was quite true. She could drink cans of beer and bottles of wine just for one night, although she did more trouble when she was intoxicated. Moreover, she was easily intoxicated at that, since she couldn't handle her liquor well.

Coming home so late at night, drunk, and dressed in skimpy red bikini, fitting jeans shorts, and leather jacket didn't bother her at all. Intoxicated or not, she could easily manhandle any thug that was brave enough to approach her. Still humming merrily while taking a swig now and again, Shura trotted her way back through the dark alley.

Only this night, she was in for more trouble than she had bargained for. Initially, it wasn't mere thug who dared to annoy her, but some kind of low-level demon, which abruptly poured out from nowhere. She chuckled darkly, her hand poised about her chest, ready to draw her blade out. Just mere lowlies, she thought drunkenly, it's not something so much as serious as—


Shura gaped as her jug slipped from her grasp and shattered on the ground. She knew it! She knew it that those lowlies weren't just coming out of nowhere! They must have their boss with them and ho boy, was she right!

Instantly sobered and cursing loudly, Shura drew her sword.

The huge demon before her was ten feet tall, with four large horns on his head, pupil less golden eyes, foul breath, a mouthful of razor sharp canines, massive talons, and long, huge lizard-like spiky tail. Its skin was scaly and slick with some kind of slimy substance Shura preferred not knowing about. The overall structure of the demon mostly resembled a Western dragon—or dinosaur, a very ugly one, Shura sneered in disgust—aside from patches of thick, black fur covering some parts of its body, such like the paws and back.

Shura grimaced and activated her demon blade.

Defeating and killing the demon might have been an easy task for her…if only her head didn't choose that very moment to start getting dizzy. Shura groaned loudly. She regretted getting drunk so early that night.

"Kirigakure Ryuu, Demon Blade Style…Dabo!"

She launched the first of her many attacks at the demon, though it only served to graze the creature—in which the scratch immediately healed. Shura clicked her tongue in annoyance.

She darted away from her previous spot when the demon's tail lashed down on it, effectively wrecking the pavement in an instant. Blinking in slight amazement at the devastating force the creature barely displayed before her, Shura didn't have time to recuperate from her kind-of twisted landing as another lash from the huge tail forced her to roll on her back, away from the deadly assault.


She tried to stand, only to yelp in pain when she was suddenly aware that she had twisted her left ankle. It must be from her false landing before, she grumbled, her blade poised before her, ready to defend herself. The demon sneered down at her—really, she bemused in disgust and annoyance, could a dinosaur-like demon sneer at anything, for fuck sake?—and launched another torrent of assaults at her. Shura cussed loudly—half running, half waddling—as she avoided the assaults, only to get her right arm stabbed by protruding metal from the broken concrete.

She cried in pain—fuck, fuck, fuck, shitfuck, it hurts like hell!—and involuntarily dropped her blade. Kusanagi hit the hard concrete with loud clanking sound. Shura cursed as she tried to pull the metal off her arm…only to be horrified when she saw that the demon was hurtling its huge body towards her.

Well, fuck.

She was going to die by now.

A scornful smile formed itself on her luscious lips.

I shoulda've given that brat and Scaredy Four-eye a well-deserved goodbye back then…

Shura flinched as the wound on her right arm stung.

She had her wound treated right after she came back to her apartment, just a few hours before she had to rush for her lesson in the morning. She had cleaned and bandaged it properly. She had made sure that the bandages were tight enough. Shura was quite proficient with her medical practice, she knew. She wasn't a Meister in Doctor for nothing, although it was an unconventional one.

Thank goodness, the wound didn't quite affect her movement. At least she was somewhat relieved that her twisted left ankle was tightly wrapped in bandages by now. If not, she couldn't imagine how much pain she had to endure just by walking around the campus.

She could still function just fine—she didn't want to cause some commotion, especially amongst her student. More specifically, Rin. Despite his normally rude and stubborn trait, Rin was genuinely kindhearted and caring person. If he had known, Shura was sure he would make quite a hassle. Not to mention, Yukio…Shura sighed. She didn't want the boy-teacher to nag her about something like 'being careful' and 'not to get drunk again'.

She abruptly blinked in sudden epiphany.

…No, correction—she had her wound re-treated after he, of all people, treated it last night. She involuntarily blushed at the memory. She didn't expect the man to be so…gentle, due to his (real) character she had always known.

And not only that…Shura blushed some more—somewhat unaware that she had stopped scratching on the chalkboard as she reminisced her last night's memory.

Who knows that he-he was so-so fucking good in…in…

Shura blushed like mad, gripping the chalk tightly it crumbled into pieces. Behind her, Rin and the other students raised their respective brows at her strange behavior. Shiemi barely had her bravery to ask her what was wrong, when suddenly Shura let out a frustrated growl and punched the chalkboard as hard as she could—thoroughly cracking the poor thing.

"Damn fucking bastard! I don't understand him, that jerk!"

Shiemi yelped in surprise, while Rin and the others blinked, dumbfounded, at their suddenly snapping teacher. Shura still had her fist on the cracked chalkboard, as if trying to make a hole on the unfortunate board just by her bare hand. She felt painful stinging on her right arm and cursed loudly as she realized that she used her wounded arm to punch the board. Grumbling and cursing in whatever colorful language she knew, the fiery haired female eventually pulled off her fist from the board and let her bruised hand hanging limply beside her. The stinging, thankfully, had dulled into slightly painful throbs.

"…Shit…fucking shit…"

She ran a hand—her left one—through her red hair, somehow feeling uncharacteristically nervous. She felt like screaming right now. How could he make her so distraught like this? Normally, she would ignore him or pretend him as nothing but an annoying bastard as he was. But now…now she wasn't too sure how to even see him on the face anymore.

"Shura, what the hell?" Rin's incredulous voice brought her back to reality.

Shura glanced at him to find the half demon, and the other students, stared, horrified, at her arm. She blinked and looked down at her right arm. It was bleeding again. She cursed loudly. Must be from the punch, she concluded grimly. Great, just fucking great…

"Shura, your arm…"

"It's fine. Ye don't hafta make a ruckus about it, Rin." She droned lazily at her apparent pupil. Rin, however, didn't look convinced.

"…What the hell is wrong with you today, Shura?" He inquired a bit worriedly, blatantly ignoring her last words. Beside him, Shiemi looked at her with worried and concerned eyes. The others also stared at the female teacher expectantly, though Izumo tried to make herself look nonchalant and uncared.

Shura was silent for a moment, cradling her injured arm. "…N'thin'. Just lacking some sleep last night…"

"Really?" Rin pushed her further. "And that blood is coming from your punch before? I don't think so."

"I accidentally cut myself when I cleaned my blade last night."

"…Uh huh?"

"Yeah, uh huh. What's with this interrogation, Rin? Are ye my mother or what?" Damn boy was real stubborn when he wanted to, Shura mused, annoyed.

Rin flushed and pouted at her. "I'm just asking, sheesh! You act strange this morning! I think everyone's agreed with me about that!"

Behind him, Suguro made a noncommittal sound of agreement.

Shura, however, waved him off. "Nah. Don't worry 'bout little ol' me, boy. Worry doesn't suit ye after all."

"OI! I'm not worried, dammit!"

Shura chuckled teasingly at her so-called apprentice's flushed face, though in her mind, she pondered about everything that had happened the night before. Damn, it was frustrating! She needed time to think about it, it seemed so. She glanced at the chalkboard, noticing her half finished scribbling and, seeing the board's apparent cracking, courtesy of her fist, she tried her hard not to wince. Mephisto would be nagging her about the cost later; she was sure about it. But more importantly, Yukio would firstly yell at her, spewing something around 'public-property damaging', 'vandalism' or something like that.

Not that she would think about it firstly though.

Now, her top priority was about how to settle this …disturbing matter with that personlater.

She uncharacteristically sighed, somehow earning both Rin's and Suguro's attention—and more of concern from the said half demon (not that he would admit it out loud, of course). Shura never sighs. She boasts gleefully, she laughs boisterously, she sneers cynically, she smirks teasingly, but she absolutely, definitely doesn't sigh.

Shura eventually continued her scribbling, halfheartedly at that; at least right until the bell rang, signaling the end of her session. She dimly noted that Rin got up from his seat a bit reluctantly, unlike his usual rushing pace. She ignored his worried glance and strode out from the class.

She needed to find a certain someone.

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