Game On

Disclaimer: If I owned the Vampire Diaries than we would have more episodes and way more scenes between certain characters. Need an intern Julie?

Caroline Forbes could be a full on bitch queen when she wanted to be.

And right now she did.

Or at least she did now that "Barbie Klaus" was out to get her for reasons yet to be declared.

It didn't matter though. Whatever the reason she had set her sights on Caroline's life and had started the beginning of something that was sure to be an epic battle of the blondes.

Little did the Original know Caroline Forbes had been in competition her whole life – she knew how to play too and she would be damned if she let a girl who couldn't roast a marshmallow steal her spark, her popularity, and her boyfriend.

If it was a competition Rebekkah wanted, fine.

Game on Barbie Klaus. Game on.

A/N: I was inspired so I decided to write and this is what came out. I'm certain I'm not the only one fascinated by the rivalry between the two Barbie vamps. Reviews keep Klaus a happy hybrid. ;)