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Warning: Contains F/F sex.

Here's my newest attempt at Rizzles. It's not as original as my first attempt, but hopefully it is just as enjoyable to read. Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed my other stories, I was stoked at the response it got. Everyone loves RIZZLES.

Doctor Isles opened her door to find best friend, Detective Rizzoli standing there.

"Jane? I thought you had a date tonight with that nice man, Douglas. Is everything alright?"

Scowling, Jane walked passed Maura and headed straight to the refrigerator; taking out a beer, she drank half of it in one hit, then slumped onto the sofa and grumbled "No! Everything is not alright."

"What happened?" Concern was clearly visible on her friends face.

"He took me to see a foreign film." Jane feigned gagging.

"Come on Jane, I thought you liked foreign films. You've never complained before when we've watched them together."

"Yeah, I do. I complain all the time….. Oh, you're being sarcastic. Very clever Dr Isles. Jane gave the blonde a round of applause. "Anyway, this film was way worse than any you made me sit through. "

"Really? What was it called?" Maura probed.

"It was called the Human centipede." Jane shook her body in revulsion. "Eww gross! My skin's crawling just saying the name. I mean come on! If that's his idea of a first date, then what's he planning for the wedding night? " Draining the remainder of her beer, Jane got up from the sofa and helped herself to another.

"Well I can't really comment. I haven't heard anything about that film. What is it about?" The blonde was curious as to what could cause her tough homicide detective friend to feel this away about a film.

"Trust me you don't want to know." Jane sat on the sofa picking at the label on the beer bottle.

Maura noticed how Jane was playing with her bottle of beer, and it reminded her of something she needed to discuss with the detective. "Well, if you don't want to talk about the film, then maybe we should talk about something your mother and I were discussing earlier."

"Yes please. Let's talk about anything, but that film. What were you and ma talking about?" Jane relieved to be off the topic of her disastrous date.

"Well Jane, we, that is your mother and I both agree you need to have sexual intercourse."

Jane spat a mouthful of beer halfway across the room. "What? Are you serious? What are you and my mother doing talking about…..that?" Jane had the same look on her face as when she was talking about the film.

"Well, we only have a few common interests, you being the major one. So we tend to talk about you a lot, otherwise we wouldn't have anything to talk about."

"Then don't talk about anything. Geez Maura! I can't believe you. Talking with my mother, about me getting laid."

"Well actually, when I said we both think you need to have sexual intercourse, I was paraphrasing your mother. She actually said you needed to get married. So taking into account her age and religion, for her marriage equals sexual intercourse." Maura said smiling at Jane.

"And so, why would you think I need to get some?" The brunette quizzed the blonde.

"Well Jane, I've estimated that you probably haven't had intercourse for at least the last five months." Maura stated mater of factually.

"What? You had to estimate? You mean there isn't an IPhone App that can calculate that for you? No, How horny is Detective Rizzoli feeling today? program, that you and Ma can download to keep tabs on my intercourse levels." Jane said sarcastically.

"See, you're snippy, an obvious sign of sexual frustration. Plus you're pulling at the label on the beer bottle, that's another sign. If you weren't so picky, I'm sure you could be having intercourse with Douglas right now, releasing all that pent up frustration. You know Jane medically speaking orgasms are…." Maura's sermon on the power of the orgasm was interrupted by Jane.

"Just stop and back up for a minute. If I weren't so picky? Yeah Maura, the reason I'm not having intercourse with Douglas right now, it's because I'm picky. It has absolutely nothing to do with having to watch a guy pitch a loaf into …. Ah geez! See what you've done? You've got me thinking about it again. Man, I'm never going to get to sleep tonight." Jane started rubbing her forehead wishing she had just gone home and not stopped by to see her friend.

Maura sat down next to Jane and put a hand on the other woman's knee. "Jane, I know it is difficult for you to hear this, but you are my best friend and I worry about you. You are in a very stressful job, the things you have to deal with everyday put a great pressure on you. Over time the stress of your job could lead to high blood pressure, stroke, or heart disease. You need an outlet to relieve your stress; orgasms are a healthy option, unlike drinking." Maura took the bottle from Jane's hands and squeezed the brunette's knee.

Jane looked up at her friend and knew her intentions were pure. Taking a deep breath Jane tried to allay her friends concerns. " Maura, I don't need a man to have orgasms." The blonde gave Jane a devious smile, trying her best not to laugh. Jane laughed, "You know what I mean. I'm quite able to take care of myself."

"You know as well as I do, that masturbation, while enjoyable, is nothing compared to an orgasm from another person. Also, in the past, woman diagnosed with hysteria were often treated with manual stimulation by their physicians." Maura informed the detective.

"Are you calling me hysterical?" Jane's outburst was a little dramatic, but she could see where this conversation was leading and was hoping to head Maura off at the pass.

"No! I'm suggesting that I treat you for sexual frustration, with manual stimulation. I am a doctor." Maura knew that convincing Jane to let her help was going to be a battle.

"You're a medical examiner, you treat dead people!" Jane groaned.

"This is no different from when I work out a kink in your shoulder, or the time I helped you with your ingrown toenail." The doctor was not going to let Jane talk her way out of this.

"No different? You're talking about touching my vagina and giving me an orgasm. How is that the same? "Jane's voice was getting louder as she became more defensive.

Maura tried to calm her friend. "If you're worried about it being a sex thing, I can assure you I will be completely professional. It will be just like visiting the gynaecologist."

"Really? Your gynaecologist gives out orgasms? I think you need to report him Maura, that's not normal." Jane's sarcasm had returned.

"Very funny Jane. You know what I mean. So what do you say?" The blonde raised her eyebrows expectantly, hoping for the best.

"No! Maura, you don't seriously expect me to say yes, do you?" Jane said solemnly.

"Give me one good reason why not?" the woman demanded

"One reason? I can give you a million. My mother lives in your guest house, we work together, ..."Jane trailed off, she was sure she had more reasons, she just couldn't think of any.

"I wouldn't call that one million reasons Jane, I only counted two. None of which I would consider good reasons for not wanting my help. Your mother is irrelevant to our current situation, if she were in the room that would be a good reason not to proceed."

"Really? You think?" Jane smirked, Maura ignored her and continued. "Also we aren't currently at work so…."

"You're a woman! "Jane exclaimed, a fact she was sure the doctor couldn't dismiss.

Maura asked calmly "What does that have to do with anything we've been discussing? Both men and woman have hands and fingers."

Jane let out a sigh of frustration "Look Maura, it would just be weird, OK?"

Maura got up of the sofa and left the room. Jane let out a sigh of relief, thanking god that crazy conversation was over. She put her feet on the coffee table and took another swig from her beer.

Maura returned a couple of minutes later. Jane nearly choked on her beer for the second time that night. Dr Isles was wearing a medical lab coat and carrying two towels, a tube of personal lubricant and a latex glove. Putting on the latex glove, she snapped it against her wrist.

"Does this make you feel more comfortable Detective Rizzoli? You are obviously worried about it being a lesbian sex thing. So let me make this as clinical and non-sexual for you as I can."

"O my god Maura, are you trying to drive me crazy? This is insane." Jane exclaimed. The second beer was just starting to kick in as she sat there looking at Maura. Realizing her friend was not going to give up, Jane conceded.

Maura saw the fight drain away from Jane's eyes, knowing she had won, she said. "Stand up, while I put this towel down. I don't want to have to explain any stains to your mother."

Getting up, Jane informed her friend. "Rule one. Never mention my mother if you expect me to have an orgasm." "Rule two. I'm only doing this because you won't leave me alone until I do. Ok? It doesn't make me gay or us a couple right? I just need some help, and you're just taking one for the team."

"Of course. We're just two friends and I'm taking one for the team." Maura chuckled

Maura put the towel down and instructed Jane to undo her pants. "You'll need to pull them down a bit to give me access. Here you can cover yourself with this." Handing her the second towel.

Jane lowered her pants to her ankles and sat down on the sofa, the towel covering her lap.

Maura sat snugly up against Jane's body, and applied a small amount of lubricant onto her gloved fingers. "Just to help things get started." She whispered to her friend.

Placing on arm around Jane's shoulders, Maura encouraged the detective to lay her head in the crook of her neck. "How is spooning clinical and non-sexual? Jane questioned.

"Quiet, you need to relax." Maura chastised while sliding her hand under the towel.

"Before I start, if you want me to stop or I do something you don't like just say the word. OK?" Maura said lovingly

"I trust you." The detective let out a deep breath and put an arm around Maura's waist.

"I'm only going to touch your clitoris, rubbing in gentle circles. Just relax and remember to breathe." The last statement was more for herself than the detective, the doctors heart was racing.

Jane inhaled sharply at the coolness of Maura's touch. "Breathe. "Maura soothed into Jane's ear.

Maura started rubbing slow lazy circles around Jane's clitoris, talking into Jane's ear. "We're going to go slow, build the orgasm up. It will be better that way. "Slowly, slowly." Maura whispered to Jane.

At first Jane felt embarrassed letting her friend touch her in this manner. But as she lay bask in the woman's embrace, she felt her wetness grow and realized how much she needed and wanted this. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the blondes scent and moaned softly.

Maura could feel Jane become aroused, as she stroked her. She still couldn't believe her friend had allowed her to do this. "Clinical and non-sexual" the blonde smirked to herself; she knew exactly what to say to get her friend to do what she wanted. Hearing Jane softly moan, Maura felt her own walls tighten. This gave the blonde an idea. "Jane, do you want me to talk to you? Women respond to aural stimulation, it's scientifically proven to heighten a woman's orgasm."

"Oral stimulation?" Jane said shyly.

"Not oral, aural stimulation. Talking dirty. if you like, I can try." Maura was hopeful Jane would say yes.

Jane lifted her head and looked at the blonde and teased. "The doctor likes it dirty, huh?" Jane laughed until she felt Maura's fingers dip into her sex, making her gasp. "Oops, sorry I slipped." It was Maura's turn to laugh as she returned to rubbing Jane's clit.

Jane resumed her previous position, enjoying the feel of the blonde's movements. She could feel herself getting close to release. "So Jane, do you want me to talk or not?" Maura was desperate for permission, but the detective only shook her head.

Maura wanted to give her friend the best orgasm of her life, not only because she felt Jane deserved it, but for her own satisfaction. Knowing that Jane hadn't had sex in so long, Maura suspected that it wouldn't take long to achieve. As her moans were becoming more frequent and her breath ragged, Maura knew Jane was only moments away. The blonde stopped rubbing her friends clit and started lightly spanking the detective's mound.

"Ahh, God, what are you doing? I was right there." Frustration lacing Janes words.

"I'm delaying your orgasm. Isn't obvious?" Maura playfully teased.

"Please! No, I'm so close" Jane was begging. Enjoying the power she had over the other woman, the blonde increased the force and rate of the spanking, causing Jane to cry out at each contact. "Hmm? Jane is that a stop noise? Do you want me to stop? Maura couldn't resist teasing the brunette. "Don't stop." Jane pleaded.

Jane couldn't control herself, thrusting up to meet Maura's hand, the sound of each slap made her walls tighten. "Fuck, that feels so good." she cried out. Closing her eyes, Jane had a vision of her on hands and knees, with the doctor fucking her ferociously. "Oh my god, Maura, please." Jane grabbed the blondes hand and pushed two fingers into to her, using her friend's hand like it was a dildo, forcing it in and out. Maura was in shock, unable to form a coherent thought; she let the detective jerk her. As she felt Jane's walls tighten around her fingers, Maura resented the glove she wore, craving the feel of the woman's sex on her skin.

As Jane felt the orgasm flow from her centre in waves she let go of Maura's hand. The doctor continued to gently rub Jane to keep the orgasm going. Jane grabbed Maura's thigh, holding it tight while she rode the waves of pleasure. As the orgasm subsided she lay her head back down on the doctor's chest, hot breath bathing the other woman's breasts. When her breathing subsided, Maura cupped the woman's sex. Jane looked up at her friend. "Thank you." She mouthed; Maura placed a kiss on her forehead and said "I'm here for you whenever you need me."

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I know everybody wished they had a friend like Maura Isles, but was she being altruistic, or will she ask for Jane to return the favour? Let me know what you think.