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Detective Rizzoli stood over the crouching woman, impatiently waiting for her to answer. "So? Is It or isn't?" Dr Isles looked up at the hovering detective. "I'm ruling it as suspicious; I won't know the exact cause of death until I do the autopsy."

Jane started to walk away, talking to Detective Frost as Maura straightened up. "We've got no ID; we'll need to check fingerprints, dental records and missing persons."

Maura hurried after the detectives, almost having to run to keep up with their pace. Her tight skirt, while flattering to her figure, was not conducive to running, struggling to keep up, she called out. "Jane." The detective continued toward her vehicle. "Jane." Maura yelled louder, still no response from the other woman.

"Detective Rizzoli!" The chief medical examiner was almost begging for her friend to stop. It had been like this for the past week, ever since Maura had given Jane a medicinal orgasm.

"Yes, Dr Isles. How can I help you?" Jane replied with a polite aloofness. Avoiding eye contact with the blonde, the detective turned away quickly when Maura pulled off her gloves. The sound of the snapping gloves making her slightly wet.

"Well Jane, I was just wondering if you wanted to have dinner tonight. We haven't spent much time together lately." Maura smiled warmly at her friend.

"Umm…. tonight? I don't know. It's not really a good time, you know with this new case. Maybe another night. "Jane hurried off before Maura had time to respond. Feeling disappointed, Doctor Isles headed back to work.

Sitting at her desk, Detective Rizzoli received a message that Doctor Isles had found something that could help identify their John Doe. "Korsak, Frost. Maura's got something, go and see will ya?"

"Since when do you need the two of us to visit Doctor Isles?" Detective Frost queried.

"Yeah, have you and your BFF had a falling out?" Detective Korsak laughed.

Letting out a sigh of frustration, "Come on, let's go then." Jane got up out of her chair and followed her colleagues.

The trio entered the autopsy room where they were confronted by a grinning Dr Isles. "Our John Doe is deformed."

The group huddle around the body, looking for the deformity. "I don't see it, he looks completely normal to me." Korsak stated.

Maura walked up to the body and removed the sheet covering the man's genitals.

"O my God!" Jane put her hand over her mouth, her eyes nearly bulging out of her head.

"That's just…must have been a real hit with the ladies." Korsak looked on in admiration.

"Hmph." Frost looked seriously unimpressed by the man's asset.

"Really? Hmph. That's all you've got to say. That thing is humongous." Jane looked at her partner.

"It's big, but not much more than normal. Is it?" Frost looked at Korsak, unable to stop a glance at the other detective's crotch. The two men exchanged an awkward look, causing the women to laugh.

"Yes, Detective Frost, it is much larger than the average man's penis. Which is why I called it a deformity." Dr Isles stated.

"Well if you going to have a deformity, that would be the one to have." Korsak joked.

Maura began to explain to the group the problems the man in front of them would have experienced owing to his large penis. "Due to the size, he would have trouble getting an erection; the weight would prevent the penis to become erect. It would also take a considerable amount of time to become hard, because of the amount of blood required. And, the ejaculation would be more like a leaking faucet, than a.."

"We get it Doc. Bigger isn't always better." Korsak interrupted.

"Yeah, and if I was with a guy and he pulled that out, I'd run in the other direction." The group looked at Jane. "I mean come on; it would have to feel like giving birth." Jane felt flustered; she looked at Maura, hoping for some back up.

"Jane's right. It would be almost certainly painful for a woman to be penetrated by a penis this large. The average woman's vagina is ….."Maura was interrupted again, this time by an agitated Jane. "Maura, we're getting a little off subject here. How is this going to help us identify him?"

"Well, this isn't. I just thought it fascinating. I've performed hundreds of autopsies and have never come across a penis this large. "Maura beamed.

"If she ever has children, I hope they never bring her to show and tell." Jane whispered to Frost, the two detectives' began to giggle.

Detective Korsak didn't seem to find the victim's penis as fascinating as the doctor, clearly irritated he asked. "Then Doc, how are we going to ID him?"

"O, well Detectives, the victim was gay. You see during the external examination I found a stamp on his wrist. While I was waiting for you to arrive I goggled it, it's a gay club called Pump. "

Jane turned to Detective Frost. "Alright, Frost why don't you come with me to the club, see if we can get a name for our John Holmes here." The group giggled.

"You got the reference?" A surprised Jane asked Maura.

The medical examiner ignored Jane's question." There isn't anything else I can do until I complete the autopsy. I will forward the results as soon as possible."

Jane noted the tone of her friends' voice and felt a knot form in her stomach. Picking up her cell phone, Jane took a picture of the victim's penis.

Frost Laughed. "A little something for latter on tonight?"

"Jane! That is incredibly unprofessional." Maura scolded the detective.

"Yeah Rizzoli, you don't need to take a photo. There's a whole internet filled with that stuff." Korsak joined the condemnation.

"What? We need a photo to show around the club to get an ID." Jane replied defensively.

"We've got a photo of his face." Detective Frost stated to Jane.

"Really? OK, you pass the photo of his face around, and I'll pass this round. First to get an ID wins. Looser pays for drinks tonight." Jane smirked.

"Deal. I can't believe you think gay guys are so superficial that they'd remember a dick over a face." Disappointment filled Detective Frosts voice.

"Gay has nothing to do with it. They're men, men are pigs." Jane stated matter of factually.

"Whoa! The fairy tale romance over already, Rizzoli? What happened? He didn't call you back?" Korsak teased his former partner.

"What are you talking about?" Jane had no idea what Korsak was referring to.

"You went on that date last week with that guy, and you've been swooning ever since. Every time I look at you sitting at your desk, you 're staring off into space with a blissful look on your face."

Jane was horrified. She took a quick glance at Maura, hoping the blonde had been distracted by something and hadn't heard Korsak. However, Maura was looking straight at Jane, there was a huge grin on her face and her eyes were telling Jane she heard and understood every word.

"Jane is that true? Didn't Douglas call you back? Would you like him to call you back?" Maura asked suggestively, raising her eyebrow's at the detective.

"Don't you have work to do? " Jane glared at the blonde as she grabbed Frost's arm "Come on let's go get this ID."

Doctor Isles had finished the autopsy, and was in her office looking over reports. The task was taking longer than expected, as she was distracted by thoughts of sex. Having reread the same sentence five times she put the report down. "What is wrong with me today? Why am I so horny?" Maura squeezed to legs together tightly, hoping to make the throbbing go away.

Glancing at the calendar on her desk she discovered the reason for her wandering mind, and wet centre. Knowing there was only one cure for her current condition, the chief medical examiner decided to leave work early.

Arriving home, Maura quickly left her unfinished reports on her desk and began to head up stairs.

"Maura? You're home early." Angela Rizzoli greeted the doctor warmly. "I've been organizing your kitchen, look I've labelled everything so you know where to find things."

"That's wonderful Angela, thank you." Maura said politely.

"If you'll excuse me, I'm just going to take a shower and freshen up." Maura tried continuing up the stairs.

"Are you alright? You're not feeling sick are you? You're not usually home this early, should I call Jane? "Angela pestered.

"No, Angela I'm fine. Sometimes I like to work from home. Fewer distractions. " Maura hoped Angela would take the hint.

"Of course, I'll finish this latter."

Maura watched as the other woman left the house, the second the door was closed the blonde raced up the stairs to her bedroom. Opening her bedside draw, Maura took out her second best friend. Stripping her clothes off, the doctor lay on the bed and pushed the dildo into herself.

Jane and Frost were leaving Pump. "Told you men are pigs. Looks like I'm going to get hammered tonight." Jane lightly punched Frost on the arm. "You and Korsak might have to go undercover, and check the bar out." Jane teased.

"No way, I'm not going to pretend I'm gay."

"I did, why can't you? Jane demanded.

"I'm a guy. It's different for woman, you know, with kissing and touching each other."

"Really? Frost, Straight woman just don't go around kissing and touching each other…." Jane stopped herself realizing what she had just said; the knot returned to her stomach.

Jane felt conflicted when she thought back to the night Maura touched her. "I'm not gay; it was just a medical procedure." The woman tried to reassure herself. "It felt so good though." That thought had entered her mind countless times during the week. Jane had never experienced sex that felt so satisfying before; the connection she shared with Maura was unprecedented, no one had ever made Jane feel so happy and loved. The drive back to the station was quite, as Jane continued with her internal struggle.

Detective Rizzoli sat down at her desk. "Korsak, the guy at the bar identified our victim the second I showed him the picture. You wouldn't believe what he said, when I asked if he was sure who it was."

"What'd he say?"

"If it can fit in his mouth, he's not interested, and there aren't many that won't fit."

"Sounds like a size queen." Korsak stated, Jane and Frost both looked like they had been slapped.

"What? Where'd you get that from?" Jane laughed.

"While you were gone, I tired the internet to see if I could get an ID."

Jane got up from her desk and walked over to the other detective, looking at his computer. "What did you do? You put big dicks into Google? Korsak, you do realize they monitor our internet?" Jane and Frost burst into laughter.

Korsak tried defending himself. "It's for the case; our victim has a huge cock. It could be relevant to our investigation."

"Man. I want to be there when you're trying to explain that to the Brass." Jane and Frost where in tears, while Korsak sat looking worried.

"Mmmm, aahhhh, oooooo" Maura slid the thick ribbed shaft in and out of her pussy, as quickly as she could. Maintaining a constant rhythm, she was almost at her climax when her phone rang. Seeing that the caller was Jane, she answered it, continuing to fuck herself.

"Hi Jane." Maura huffed.

"Is everything alright? You sound funny." Jane was concerned.

"I'm trying to get a lid of a jar, it's stuck." Maura groaned. She felt bad for lying to Jane, but for some reason she desperately wanted to listen to her friend's voice as she pleasured herself.

"Look Maura, I need to say something, so don't talk, just listen." Jane paused, listening to Maura groan as she tried to "loosen the lid".

"I just want to apologise for the way I've been acting for the last week. I'm really sorry. Can we just forget about me being a jerk? You're my best friend and I miss you." Jane said affectionately.

"O Jane, I got it." Maura gasped into the phone. Taking a moment to catch her breath, the blonde continued. "Jane you don't need to apologize, I told you I'm always here for you."

"Do you want to meet me at the Dirty Robber tonight? Frost is buying." Jane asked.

Maura could hear the smile in the woman's voice, and she did want to see her friend, but she still had that craving in her centre. "Sorry, Jane I can't tonight, but how about tomorrow?"

"Sure, I'll see you at work. Bye."

Maura put the phone down and resumed her pursuit for satisfaction.

The next day Detective Rizzoli walked into the Medical Examiner's office.

"Hey, I got your message, what's up?" Jane noted how the usually impeccable doctor was looking a little frazzled.

"Jane I'm ovulating." Maura announced.

"Really? You had to make me come all the way down here, to tell me that. Isn't that what Facebook is for?" Jane teased.

"Look Jane, I wouldn't normally ask this, but I've tried everything and it's not going away." Maura paused looking slightly embarrassed.

"Ask what? What's not going away? "Jane queried, but before Maura could answer, realization hit the detective. " Nooooooooo, No, no, no! Maura last week was a one off. We can't keep doing that." Jane told her friend.

"Why not? We both enjoyed it; I know I enjoyed giving you…."Jane interrupted Maura.

"Firstly, woman who do that are lesbians, Maura we are not lesbians. OK? Secondly, we are not going to discuss that night ever." Jane was beginning to feel agitated. She knew Maura's philosophy on sex was more relaxed than her own, and that the blonde could easily share orgasms with her, without it meaning anything. Jane didn't want it to not mean anything, and she wanted Maura to feel the same way.

"I don't think that would make us lesbians, Jane." Maura protested.

"Really? Maura, two women having sex doesn't make them lesbians? Then tell me, what does make women lesbians?" Jane yelled angrily at Maura.

She instantly regretted it when she saw the look on the other woman's face. "I'm sorry Maur', look I'll help you out. One time only though, this can't become a regular thing. Come over to my place tonight and I'll take care of you." Jane hugged Maura.

Maura smiled. "I'll bring dinner and wine."

The remainder of the day dragged slowly by, Doctor Isles left work early to prepare for the evening, while Detective Rizzoli tried to find any reason to stay at work, there wasn't any.

The two women were sitting silently, picking at their meals, both too pre occupied with their own thoughts to talk or eat. Jane finished the last of the wine. "OK, are you ready? Do you want to do this on the sofa?" Jane's voice was shaking slightly.

Maura smiled "I'd prefer the bed; here I got this for you." Maura pulled a strap- on out of her hand bag.

"What is that? I mean, I know what it is. What is it doing here?" Jane sounded alarmed.

"It's for you, to use on me." Maura innocently replied.

"What? Maura, I thought I was going to return the favour you did for me. You know the hand job." Jane whispered the last few words.

"Jane, I thought you understood what I meant, when I said I was ovulating. During this time of a women's menstrual cycle, the body releases a number of hormones, which result in the woman craving vaginal penetration. I didn't think you would get upset, is it the size? When I bought it I tried to choose one that would suit you." The blonde said earnestly.

"Suit me? You actually went shopping for a sex toy, while thinking of what would suit me?" Jane was furious at her friend's naivety.

"Jane I don't understand why you're getting so angry." Maura dithered.

"Oh! I know you don't. You have no fucking idea why I'm so angry." Jane screamed back.

"I'm sorry Jane; we don't have to do this. I'll leave" The blonde timidly offered.

As angry as Jane was, she didn't want Maura to leave. She had been thinking about touching her friend all day long, and it had made her ache inside.

"Oh! We're going to do this. I'm going to pay back my debt, so I don't owe you anything. Go take your clothes off and lay down on the bed. And don't turn on the light!" Jane ordered, as she stormed off into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Maura swallowed hard, she had never seen her friend this angry before. She knew she had crossed some line, but didn't know which one. Walking into the bedroom she took off her clothes and laid down on the bed, in the dark. The waiting was excruciating, her heart was racing and the throbbing between her legs intensified.

Jane walked into the dark bedroom. "She wants it; she is so going to get it." Jane thought, smiling, "I'm going to make sure you never ask for this again." The time spent undressing and attaching the harness had not dampened the woman's fury. Reaching the side of the bed, Jane roughly grabbed one of Maura's legs, and climbed on to the bed. Taking the other leg, she placed both on her shoulders. Maura feeling her friend get on top of her, placed her hands on Janes back.

"Don't touch me." Jane ordered.

Maura feeling shocked, placed her arms above her head, to hold onto the headrest.

"Ow!" Maura yelped out in a mixture of pain and surprise. Jane had swiftly entered her without warning and immediately began thrusting into the woman, hard. Jane pushed as fast and hard as she could, she didn't pause, even when she heard Maura's obvious discomfort. Maura could feel Jane's breath on her neck, and the sounds made from her friend's exertion caused Maura's walls to tighten.

"She's giving me everything I need." The blonde was amazed that even though Jane was angry, she was still devoted to helping her.

Jane continued to fuck the woman beneath her, trying her best to ignore the insistent groaning and yelping the blonde made. It felt like a workout for the detective, sweat beaded on her back and ran down her thighs. Her muscles weren't use to the movement, she began to feel fatigued. Not wanting to, but having to, she slowed down. When Jane tried to change her position, to take the weight off her elbows, Maura quickly rolled them both other.

In the darkness, Jane could just make out the silhouette of her friend straddling her. Perfect breasts swayed as Maura rolled her hips against Janes.

Tilting her head back, Maura let out a low moan."Mmmmmmm, Ohhhhhhh." Unlike the previous noises she had been making, this was pure pleasure escaping from the blonde woman's lips.

Jane watched Maura in awe, her anger melting away. "She is so beautiful." Jane finally accepted the fact that she was in love with her best friend. She also decided that even if the sex meant nothing to Maura, it was still special for her.

Maura leaned back slightly, resting her hands on Janes legs for support and began to slowly work up and down on the shaft. "Feels so good, never end. "Maura kept her eyes closed not wanting to upset her friend further, with awkward eye contact.

"Oh!" Maura's eyes flew open with shock and looked at Jane; the detective had begun thrusting up in to the gyrating doctor.

Jane smiled at the blonde and reached out her hand for Maura to take, Interlacing fingers, the women shared that look. It was a look they had given each other every day, at work and at home for the past two years, but it wasn't until tonight that it's meaning made sense.

Jane sat up and put her arms around Maura, placing her forehead against the blonde's. Maura looked into Jane's pleading eyes, placing a soft kiss on the detective's lips, the doctor whispered sweetly. "Oh! Jane. I love you too."

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