Love is Pain

Tea Party

Meanwhile, in another corner of the meta world, two brightly-dressed demons were sitting down together in a strange kind of tea party. Their legs were tangled together so it was impossible to tell what limbs belonged to whom. The fingers of their free hands not holding cups of tea were linked tightly together. They both had the same pale, pale skin and wide, strikingly blue eyes, and both were grinning widely.

It was the sort of grin only worn by powerful demons who knew they had nothing to fear.

Both of them looked like girls, though it was wrong to assume they were what they appeared. After all, Lambdadelta looked like a young child dressed to go trick-or-treating, but there was something very ugly hidden under her cute face. These demons weren't both female- though their genders were unknown, just like their motives.

Because of the mystery that surrounded these demons, many people feared them. Even witches were wary of their powers, so they were rarely summoned as furniture.

They couldn't be trusted.

But they weren't evil.

In fact… they hardly even knew what they were. Good and evil were arbitrary terms coined by humans. They couldn't apply to demons or witches.

Humans were so simple. They wanted to divide the world plainly into good and evil, like cutting a cake down the middle. But cutting a cake evenly was also difficult; especially when it had an odd number of strawberries on the top, of differing thicknesses of icing.

Trying to divide anything in two, even physical items, was impossible. It was even more impossible when it came to vague ideals, like 'good' and 'bad'.

When would humans learn that?

They had stopped crawling around in the dirt… but they still didn't realize.

Everything on the earth contained a balance of both 'good' and 'bad'… and even purer emotions had darker undertones.

Take love, for instance.

Love was filled with gentle innocence… and dark lust. It was unclear and unpredictable. So, then… shouldn't the demons who presided over it be unpredictable, too?

Furfur giggled softly, head resting against Zepar's shoulder.

"Ahaha~ I can't believe Lady Lambdadelta actually believed that… She swallowed those lies up like a frog, fufufu~"

"Well, you do look exceptionally lovely when you cry," said Zepar. "I wouldn't be able to resist those tears."

"Hehe~ Thank you, thank you! You're too kind!"

Furfur bowed their head, just like a actor stood on a stage. It looked almost as if they were waiting for applause, or roses to be thrown at their feet.

"We weren't really arguing- of course we weren't~" Furfur continued, cooing softly. "I'd dieif we had a fight, Zepar!"

"As would I, Furfur! I wouldn't be able to live without you! I wouldn't wan to!"

"Aaaah- look what love does to people! It's so sad!"

"Yes- it's so sad! Gyahahahahaha!~"

Their expressions contorted into something truly demonic; smiles so wide they seemed to split their pretty faces in two.

"But you know…" said Zepar, once their laughter had subsided, "I'm glad Lady Lambdadelta and Lady Bernkastel took our advice…"

"Yes, me too! If Lambdadelta hadn't stayed away from Bernkastel, our poor little kitty cat would neverhave realized just how deep her feelings ran…~ Ufufu…~ Bern likes to doubt other people… She might even try to doubt the stars or fire, or that the sun does move…"

"Which it doesn't~"

"Ahaha, but science has no merits when pretty words are involved! And what science is more complicated than love and trust, and the bonds people people?"

"How true, how true~"

"And, in the end… Bern couldn't doubt her own love~ Kikiki~"

"Aaah, I'm glad this story had a happy ending!~"

"Me too~"

"We may be demons of 'love', and some people may believe we use our powers to toy with those in impossible relationships… and maybe that's true, maybe it is," said Zepar.

"We are fickle, love is fickle… How can we control such an emotion?" exclaimed Furfur dramatically.

Zepar smiled. "But… in some cases, there are people so broken they deserve happy endings… Just like Lady Bernkastel and Lady Lambdadelta. How could we, who take joy in seeing the seeds of love bloom into beautiful flowers, watch as that love is destroyed because two people are unable to express their feelings? It breaks my heart!"

"Those who love not wisely but too well will surely not be happy!~ They will not allow themselves to be happy!" said Furfur.

"All they needed a push in the right direction from us… And I'm glad we gave it to them, so we got to witness such a beautiful ending… Kikiki~"

"Aaah~ Tragedies are fine, but I love a fairytale 'happily ever after' too!~ It tastes sweeter to the tongue than any tea could, no matter how exquisitely brewed!"

"Nay, dear Furfur! Love isthe delicious tea we seek to indulge in; it is our only pleasure in this world, just as roses need the rain to thrive and be healthy~ Compared to love, all food and drink in this world is bland!"

"How true, Zepar! How true!"

"The world is full of lovers-"

"-and those waiting to fall in love-"

"-so we will never die of thirst!"

"The well of our passions will never run dry!"

"Not when so much love exists in this world!"

"Aaaah- love is beautiful, love is divine!~ Can't you see it? Without love it cannot be seen- it definitely cannot be seen, you won't be able to see itttttt!"


Furfur's eyes widened slightly, and they gently squeezed Zepar's hand.

"Ooh… And you know what?"

"What, dear Furfur?"

"I think another interesting romance story is about to unfold soon…~"

Zepar leant forwards, eyes widening to mirror Furfur's. "You don't mean… a story involving that poor, poor maid on Rokkenjima who wanted to be a witch?"

"Yes!~ Her prince has returned; didn't you hear it? Her prince has returned!"

"On a white horse?"

"Of course not~ But in a white suit… Kikikiki~"

"Aaah, how interesting… How very interesting… It sounds like another fun tea party for the connoisseurs of love will begin very shortly!"

"It really is a sad, pathetic story…"

"…an unrealized romance that blossomed too early…"

"…and a forgotten promise that broke a young girl's heart."

"How tragic, how tragic!"


Furfur and Zepar turned around, eyes eerily empty… and smiled… It was impossible to know what they were looking at, or who they were talking to… But surely somebody would have heard them, would have seen them.

Maybe even more than one somebody.

So… they were addressing their speech… to all of those people.

"This really is a sad story of failed love, you know…"

"And this poor, poor princess has been dreaming for so long she even turned into a witch~"

"She wants somebody to listen to her, even if her words never reach that incompetent man."

"So… Won't you stay with us, in this demonic tea party… and listen to that story, too?"

"After all… what use is a story if nobody listens…?"

"Can you discover the heart of that poor child and find a solution for the murders?~ If you can't find her heart, you can't solve it; if you don't understand how powerful love is, you won't understand!"

"Is it a mystery story or a fantasy… Or is it a mystery that delves beyond closed rooms… and pokes around in the deepest, darkest recesses of the heart?"

"Do your best to solve it, okay…?~ She's counting on you!"



The End

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