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Part Eleven


Martha Kent rinsed the last dish from dinner and placed it on the drying rack. With a sigh, she turned to the table and gave it a quick wipe-down, brushing the few crumbs from the cornbread rolls into her hand. As she dumped them in the garbage, her mind couldn't help remembering how much Clark had loved her cornbread rolls.

It was so difficult some days, how simple things could remind her of her son and how much she missed him. She took a deep breath, holding back the tears by sheer force of will alone. Martha had decided she was done with crying. She'd known from the moment she'd laid eyes on him how special her boy was, and she trusted him to find his way back home. She wouldn't mind if he did it sooner rather than later, but she'd vowed not to cry anymore until she could cry on Clark's shoulder.

A knock at the kitchen door had her heart jumping, as it always did, with the hope that her baby was home at last. However, when she looked through the window, she saw Chloe and Lois. She was surprised, because they weren't expecting the girls over tonight. It had been hard keeping the secret from Lois, because she couldn't understand why they weren't actively looking for Clark anymore. Martha suspected she was still conducting searches in her free time from MetU.

She opened the door and let them in, smiling as the three of them hugged in greeting.

"Not that it's not lovely to see the two of you, but what brings you here tonight?" Martha asked.

Chloe and Lois gave each other a look, and then looked at her with identical frowns on their faces. "We got your note, Mrs. K," Lois said.

"What note?"

Chloe handed her a piece of paper with the words 'Please meet me at the farmhouse at seven tonight' typed on it. It was unsigned. Martha looked back up at the girls after she'd read it.

"I didn't send this. Jonathan!" she called towards the living room.

"Yes, dear?" he said with a grin as he came into the kitchen.

"Did you send this note to Chloe and Lois?" she asked as she showed it to him.

"Nope, can't say as I did," he said with a frown.

"I sent it," a voice said from behind them. Everyone whirled around in shock to stare at Clark, standing beside the kitchen stairs. For a moment, everyone was frozen, and then Clark grinned at them. The next few minutes were filled with shrieks, tears, shouts, a few punches to the shoulder courtesy of Lois, and lots of hugs.

Once everyone had calmed down, Clark asked that they sit down so he could tell them what had happened. His parents shot nervous looks in Lois' direction, but Clark shook his head.

"I know that Lois was just as devoted to looking for me as the rest of you were, so she deserves to know the truth about me."

"Clark, I'm not sure-" Jonathan began.

"Dad. It's my decision now," Clark said quietly, but firmly. Jonathan sat back and closed his mouth, but he still didn't look very happy about it.

Lois took the news of his origins with nothing more than a wide-eyed stare at Clark, then she smirked. "I always knew there was something weird about you, Smallville. I just never thought it was that you were a little green man from Mars."

"Funny, Lois," Clark said dryly.

Then he told them what had happened since he'd been taken out of the house by Lee and Wilkins. Martha was appalled at Jor-El's methods of ensuring that Clark bent to his will, and she hated that she had been apart from her son for so long, but she recognized that Clark had to do what he did. She knew her child. If someone had lost their life so that he could live, he never would have gotten over the guilt.

Martha got the feeling that Clark was leaving out a few things, especially in regards to his communication with Lex while he was a spirit. Which brought up another question. "Clark, why aren't Lex and Lana here? Have you spoken with them already?" While she knew her son was no longer a child, it still hurt that he might not have come home to mom and dad first.

Clark blushed and ducked his head. "Well, I knew the conversations with them were going to be long and difficult, so I kind of put them off and came to you guys first."

"Why are they going to be difficult?" Chloe asked curiously.

"I'm going to have to break up with Lana right after I let her know I'm still alive, and Lex… Well, Lex and I have a lot to talk about," Clark said, his blush deepening.

Martha noticed the way that Jonathan frowned at the tone of Clark's voice when he said Lex's name, and Clark saw it, too.

"Dad, I know it's not the choice you would have made for me, but I'm in love with Lex, and he loves me, too. We're going to be together whether you like it or not, but I'd really appreciate your support."

"Holy shit, Smallville!" Lois burst out. "Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Kent," she added quickly. "I didn't see that one coming either! You're just full of surprises tonight, Clarkie."

Clark talked with them for a little while longer, his eyes occasionally flicking to the clock on the wall. Martha never wanted to let him out of her sight again, but he was a grown man, and he had adult responsibilities. It was time to loosen the apron strings a little. Martha didn't think she'd ever be able to cut them completely, but Clark had to make his own decisions now, live his own life.

"Clark, I know you want to go see Lex, and you still have to talk to Lana first. You be gentle with her, do you hear me? We'll be here waiting for you when you come back."

"Now, Martha, there's no need for him to rush off so soon," Jonathan protested.

"You hush, Jonathan Kent! You'd better get used to the idea of Clark with Lex, because there's no way I'm not seeing my son because of your prejudices," Martha said sharply.

"Okay, okay!" Jonathan said, raising his hands as if to ward off his wife's possible attack. "I'll work on it, son, I promise."

"That's all I can ask, Dad," Clark said with a smile.

Hugs were given all around and if Martha was the one who had a hard time letting him go, even after she'd given him permission, Clark was kind enough not to comment on it. She sniffled and wiped away a tear as she watched him disappear from the front yard. When had he learned to fly! Jonathan wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she leaned in to his side, feeling complete once again at last.

Lex closed his laptop with click, and glanced up at the clock in his study. Nearly midnight, he noted with some surprise, his work having apparently taken longer than he thought it would. Still, even though he knew he should probably retire for the evening, Lex couldn't bring himself to do so. He got up from his desk and walked over to the bookshelf, perusing the titles. Perhaps if he read for a while, he could ease this sense of restlessness he felt.

It had been six months since Clark had disappeared from his life. Lex missed sensing his presence so fiercely, it was like missing one of his own limbs. Incredibly, his father had disappeared from Belle Reve at almost exactly the same time. Lex was not a great believer in coincidences, but even he couldn't see how those two events could possibly not be connected.

He had been impressed with Martha Kent's quiet faith in her son. Many times, Lex had found himself flagging, certain that Clark was gone forever, but a few words from her could make him hope again.

He spoke with the Kents nearly every day, though at first, Jonathan had been very standoffish. It had taken him a couple of months to thaw towards Lex, and even now he was sure that Jonathan wished his son had chosen someone else to fall in love with. At least he was willing to accept – mostly – that Clark and Lex would want to be together when Clark returned.

If Clark returned, Lex thought morosely, then sighed. He was suffering another moment of doubt, apparently, because at this moment, it felt like he was never going to see Clark again. Midnight was far too late to call Martha Kent to get a dose of her optimism.

Finding nothing in his library that piqued his interest, Lex turned to his alcohol to help him sleep. He walked towards his bar, intending to induce slumber with a good scotch. Halfway there, he glanced out the window and froze. Clark was outside his window! His second-story window.

Lex gasped, feeling like his breath was being stolen away.

Clark grinned.

Lex staggered, his startled gasp turning into a wheeze.

Clark's grin faded and he literally flew right through the window, smashing the glass to pieces, and took Lex into his arms. One arm held Lex securely against his warm, living body, while one large hand cradled Lex's head, his thumb stroking Lex's cheek.

"Lex, breathe," Clark said urgently. "Breathe, Lex. You're not imagining this. I'm real, I'm here." He continued to murmur assurances, and finally Lex was able to take a breath without his chest feeling like it was crushing him.

When Lex became aware of his surroundings again, he found himself clutching Clark's shoulders as if he was holding on for dear life. Clark smiled at him, and Lex felt dizzy for a reason that had nothing to do with his first asthma attack in a dozen years. All the things he'd planned that he would say to Clark when he saw him again, flew right out of his head.

"Clark," in a near reverent tone was all he could manage.

"I've been waiting for this moment for so long," Clark whispered. "But I swear I never intended to frighten you that much."

Lex's pride perked up. "I wasn't frightened. You simply startled me, that's all." He looked over at the glass on the floor. "I'm surprised you didn't set off my alarm system."

Clark blushed and ducked his head. "I kind of turned it off before I decided to float outside your window."

Lex's brow raised in amusement. "Awfully presumptuous of you," he teased.

"No, this is presumptuous of me," Clark said, and then he kissed Lex.

Lex felt as though he were the one flying. Clark's lips on his, his tongue touching Clark's so intimately, was the culmination of every dream he'd ever had since Clark had kissed him back to life under Loeb Bridge.

A long time later, or at least it seemed to Lex, Clark gently pulled away and rested his forehead against Lex's.

"I love you," he said softly.

Lex's smile was so wide, he was certain his cheeks would be sore tomorrow. "I love you, too. But I'm still a little mad that you made me wait so long. Where have you been?"

"Can we go somewhere more comfortable? I'll tell you all about it, I promise."

"You know where my bedroom…is?" In the space between one word and the next, the world had blurred and they were falling onto Lex's bed. "Wow," he breathed in amazement.

"And that's just a tiny fraction of the things I have to show you, Lex," Clark said, grinning the entire time.

Lex wasn't sure how much time passed as they lay on his bed, arms wrapped around one another. It could have been days and he wouldn't have noticed, so captivated was he by Clark's tale.

Clark told him about learning to fly, and about the many wonders of this world that Jor-El had sent him out to experience. He told him about the beauty that was his home world of Krypton. Lex was stunned to learn that there were numerous galaxies far beyond this one, or even the one where Clark had been born. As a science geek for most of his life, he wanted to see and experience all of it.

"Someday, we'll figure out a way to see it, I promise. In the meantime, there's so much for us to do here on Earth. You're not going to believe the outfit Jor-El wants me to wear," Clark said, seeming embarrassed.

"Is it a costume? Like a superhero?" Lex asked.

Clark laughed at Lex's excitement and said, "Yes, exactly like a superhero."

"My very own Warrior Angel," Lex said happily.

"Yeah, I'm absolutely not using that name," Clark said.

"Well, you couldn't, Clark. That would be against copyright laws. Don't worry, I'll think of an appropriate superhero name for you."

"Why do you get to pick my name?" Clark asked with a pout.

"Because I know far more about superheroes than you do."

"That may be so, but there is one thing that I do know."

"And what's that?" Lex asked

"We've talked long enough and it's time for other, more important things right now," Clark said, his voice dropping to a seductive purr.

Lex was instantly turned on and shifted closer to Clark, one hand reaching around to caress Clark's back before it slid down to glide over the curve of his ass. "I completely agree," he said.

They both leaned forward at the same moment and their mouths met in a hot kiss. Lex was in a sheer state of bliss at being able to touch Clark as he'd wanted to for so long. While it had been amazing to be able to be the only one to sense and speak with Clark when everyone thought him gone forever, it was nothing compared to actually being able to put his hands on Clark.

And the way that Clark was responding to him! Lex had always imagined that Clark would be shy, perhaps a little hesitant about intimacy with another man. This Clark had no hesitation whatsoever. In fact, he gave a growl and rolled forward, pushing Lex onto his back. Before Lex could breathe a word of protest, not that he really intended to, Clark was grinding his hips down onto Lex, their hard cocks rubbing against each other deliciously.

Clark must have decided at that point that there were too many clothes between them because he abruptly grabbed the shoulders of Lex's shirt and ripped it in half, throwing the tattered pieces aside. Lex gasped, and then moaned as Clark's head zeroed in on his chest, laving one nipple with his tongue.

Still, Lex felt like he had to regain a little control here. "Damn, Clark, that was one of my favorite shirts," he said, even as he threw his head back onto the pillow, and grabbed Clark's head with both hands.

"Was in my way," Clark muttered before turning his attention to Lex's other nipple.

Lex was finding it difficult to remember what he'd been complaining about just a moment ago, as Clark was absolutely making him lose his mind. But this was going to be a relationship of equals, and he wasn't going to let Clark bowl him over with his superior strength. Somehow, he found the presence of mind to grab Clark by the hair and force his head up. Clark must have been just as distracted or Lex knew he wouldn't have been able to move him an inch.

"Clark!" he said forcefully.

"Huh?" Clark said, his eyes glazed over with lust.

"Don't tear my clothes, please. If you want me naked, and I hope you do because I definitely want you naked, then just ask and I'll do a strip tease for you if you want. But I'm not a fan of tearing clothes off each other."

"I'm sorry," Clark said, a devastated look on his face. "Oh, my God, did I hurt you when I did that?"

"No, it's all right. Just, no clothes tearing, okay?"

"Okay," Clark said in a small voice.

"Now, I believe you were busy a moment ago?" Lex said, and nudged Clark's head back towards his chest. "Or if you wanted to do that a little further south, I'm not going to complain."

Clark grinned and lowered his head once more. Things heated up again very quickly, and soon all clothes were off, by permission this time. Clark did indeed move south and nearly swallowed Lex's cock. Aliens didn't have any gag reflex to speak of, it seemed.

Lex looked down at Clark's head between his legs and wanted to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. And if he was dreaming, he didn't ever want to wake up. God, it felt as though his cock were halfway down Clark's throat! For all Lex knew, maybe it was. Then, just when he thought it couldn't get any more amazing, Clark started humming.

Lex yelled and thrust hard up into Clark's mouth, and before he could even think about trying to hold off, he was coming down Clark's throat. He might have felt bad about not giving any warning, but Clark only started humming louder and milked Lex until there wasn't a drop of come left in him.

Lex collapsed back onto the bed as Clark raised his head and grinned triumphantly at him. He chuckled as he saw the pleased look on Clark's face.

"Fuck, that was incredible," he said weakly, still spent from how hard he'd come.

Clark moved up to kiss Lex, and astonishingly, Lex could barely taste himself as he would have expected. He really must have been halfway down Clark's throat. Just the thought of that had his cock stirring to life again.

"You're welcome," Clark said smugly.

"Don't be too full of yourself. We're nowhere close to done."

"I can't be full of myself, cause I'm full of you," Clark said and leaned down to nuzzle at Lex's neck.

Lex's eyes fell closed and he turned his head to grant Clark better access. Clark's mouth blazed a trail up to his ear.

"I want to fuck you, Lex," Clark whispered.

"Best idea you've ever had," Lex said. "But it's my turn to drive you crazy now." He pushed against Clark's chest. Clark went willingly and turned to lie on his back as Lex raised up beside him.

He got his first good look at Clark's cock and was almost speechless. Clark was beautiful all over, not to mention big all over. It had been a while since Lex had bottomed, but he suddenly wanted every inch of Clark inside him in the worst way. Not wanting to waste any time, he reached over to the bedside table and pulled out lube.

"Get a condom, too," Clark said.

Lex raised one brow in question. He had thought that Clark was a virgin with men, and so far as he knew, there'd been only Lana as far as women.

"We'll talk about it later, and it's nothing bad, but trust me, you want me to wear a condom," Clark said, and Lex was intrigued to see him blushing. But now was not the time for questions, as he had definite other goals in mind.

Lex coated three fingers with the lube and then swung one leg over Clark's legs to straddle him. He grinned down at the dazed expression on Clark's face as he watched while Lex prepared himself. He gasped in pleasure as he worked his way up to all three fingers deep in his ass. Clark was watching him, his mouth hanging open, lust burning in his eyes.

Just to tease him, Lex leaned down and ran his tongue around the crown of Clark's cock, smiling in satisfaction when Clark cried out and quivered with excitement.

"God, Lex, please! Hurry! I need to be in you," Clark gasped.

"Patience is a virtue, Clark," Lex said. He grabbed the condom and ripped the wrapper open. Slowly, making sure to stoke Clark's entire length, he rolled it on.

Lex moved into position over Clark. He leaned forward to kiss his lover, making sure their eyes met.

"I love you," he whispered.

"And I love you," Clark answered. "Forever."

"Yes, forever."

Lex took Clark's cock in hand, and sat back a little, guiding it into his body. As he was slowly filled, Lex began to tremble, feeling the intensity of the moment to the core of his being. He felt Clark's hands gently settle on his hips, and they were shaking as well. Finally, when they were completely joined, Lex looked down at Clark's face, and was awed by the fact that this god come to earth had chosen him.

He felt an overwhelming urge to move, and gave in, raising his hips up and then letting them slide back down. Both of them groaned with pleasure, then Lex couldn't hold back any longer.

Grabbing onto Clark's shoulders for leverage, Lex set out to give Clark the ride of his life. He was quickly fully hard again as Clark's huge cock brushed against his prostate every time he pushed down.

"Lex! Oh, I'm close, so close," Clark moaned, his hands carefully squeezing Lex's hips.

"Come for me then, Clark. I want to watch you," Lex panted and slammed his hips down hard.

Clark cried out and arched his back, and Lex could actually feel his cock pulsing inside him. Clark was even more beautiful at the pinnacle of pleasure than he normally was. Just the sight of his lover's ecstasy was enough to have Lex on the verge of coming. He stroked himself three times and that was all it took to have him painting Clark's chest and stomach with stripes of white.

"Fuck!" Lex cried, as he collapsed onto Clark's chest, both of them breathing hard. It had been a while since Lex had experienced two such intense orgasms so close together. He'd become a respectable businessman while staying in Smallville. He had the feeling that the business might suffer for a while if he could be having sex like this instead.

He eased off Clark's still semi-hard cock and carefully balanced himself on one hip beside him. Lex had the feeling it might be a few hours before he could sit normally without discomfort. He reached over and slid the used condom off of Clark and efficiently tied it off. As he started to toss it towards the trashcan by his bed, he paused.

"We'd better make sure this is destroyed. I trust my staff for the most part, but we don't want to take a chance of any of your DNA getting out of our control."

"You're right. That's why I love you, Lex, because you think of everything," Clark said with the lazy grin of someone who was very satisfied. He took the used condom from Lex's hand and moved his arm away from Lex. With a quick burst of heat vision, the condom was completely incinerated.

"You are so incredible," Lex said in amazement.

"Come lay down with me. I want to sleep with you in my arms all night long," Clark said.

Lex did as Clark asked, turning to lay on his side with Clark behind him. Just as he was drifting off to sleep, Lex couldn't help but smile. It seemed that Luthors got the happy ending every once in a while after all.