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Chapter 1.

-The blue seeker stared at the datapad in front of him blankly, his optics a dull red as he looked over the words, not really processing anything he read.

Suddenly a loud crack echoed around his quarters, a tale-tail sign that his trinemate had arrived. The seeker blinked and slowly looked up to the new influx, tired optics trailing across the purple form.
"Warp" He acknowledged quietly before turning his attention to the datapad once more. Skywarp frowned deeply; something unnatural for the usually happy and hyperactive seeker.

"Hey TC!" he replied as he approached his trinemate before dragging a servo across a wing gently. "'Screamer wanted me to check up on you" he continued, frown deepening at Thundercracker's response, or lack of.

"I'm fine." he murmured as he leaned to the touch heavily. "I feel just the same as yesterday..." Skywarp frowned and draped himself over the blue seekers wingspan before gently nuzzling his cheek.
"lier, you're tired-er and should be resting!" He scolded gently as he kissed his trinemate's heated faceplates.
Thundercracker leaned back in his chair at the attention and pressed the side of his face to Skywarp's, letting out a sigh of relief as his fevered faceplates touched the other's cool ones.
"Mhn...have work to do Warp. No time for recharge" he murmured, leaning into the younger seeker's servo as he mindlessly stroked a wing.

Normally the two seekers, along with their Air Commander, would not show such affection unless they were in their quarters; away from all the other nosey and judgmental Decepticons.
Skywarp smiled a bit as the older mech's optics began to offline.

"Aweee, come on TC. We promised we'd do your work till you're better." He kissed the ill mech's temple. "So go recharge"

Thundercracker sighed before nodding a bit.
"M'k" he grumbled slightly and moved to get up only to be pulled up the rest of the way with a grinning Skywarp.
"Thanks TC!" he shouted slightly, frowning apologetically when the older seeker winced.
"Sorry" he whispered before pulling the seeker gently towards a berth. TC shrugged and leaned on him heavily as they made their way to the berth before he plopped down on the large object offlining his optics almost completely. Skywarp gave a grin to the blue Con before gently pushing him into a laying position.

"Night TC" He said quietly as the older Decepticon's optics began to dim. Thundercracker offered a timid smile in response before his optics offlined completely as he fell into the comforting darkness of recharge.

Skywarp watched the mech recharge a moment before he warped to his previous post in the Command Center.
Starscream turned once he heard the familiar crack of Skywarp, "How is he?" the SIC questioned. Normally the two would have said nothing that would show any concern over their trinemates, at least not this much. Nor would Skywarp have been able to leave. However the Command Center was relatively empty, unless you counted the ever so stoic Soundwave.

The purple seeker sighed and let himself collapse in the chair beside his red and white counterpart.
"Same." He muttered before an uncharacteristic scold made its way onto his faceplates. "Tired though, and of course, up again working" he huffed out of worry. Starscream sighed as he turned back to the module he had been staring at for the past couple hours.

Thundercracker had fallen ill exactly three days prior to now. Hook after looking at him simply stated that 'He'll be fine, it's just a virus' before promptly kicking them out off the medbay swearing he had things to do.

The problem with this? Their trinemate had been ill for six solar cycles, SIX, was NOT normal for one to simply have a virus. But, there was nothing they could do except hope their blue seeker over came the untimely sickness.

Skywarp looked to his red and white trine leader, worry and stress that never belonged to him was present upon his faceplates. "He'll be alright right?" He questioned timidly as he thought about the older seeker.

Starscream frowned, he really didn't know if Thundercracker would be alright, but one look at the purple seeker convinced him to smirk while throwing out all the scared and panicked feelings.
"Of course he will" was his confident reply "After all he's in my trine! And Primus knows I'm worse than anything" He continued, not caring that he'd insulted himself when he saw the small grin forming on Skywarp's face, well... At least he won't be moping around.

"Good!" the blue seeker all but shouted, happy to have had a bit of reassurance. "And then he can pay us back for all the work we have to do." Starscream added.

Skywarp frowned a bit "I don't think we should...I mean, he's been sick.. And tired AND he even purged his ta-" The SIC groaned "Primus you glitch I was kidding!" the purple seeker blinked and opened his mouth to respond but was interrupted by the TIC across the room.

"Advise, finish argument later. Lord Megaton; heading to Command Center" drawled the passive mech a moment before the door opened reveling the leader of the Decepticons, usual frown in place.

The gladiator glanced around the room, making sure to throw a distasteful glare at his traitorous second. Starscream looked away, trying to stay on the tyrant's good side while his trinemate's ill. Normally the seeker would sneer back a witty response but it WAS the Gladiator that granted Thundercracker's leave, which he regretted immensely.

With Thundercracker away, pretty much locked in his quarters, that left his work to his trinemembers... which meant HE was the one that had to read all the datapads they completed. Most of them trailing off into how much the purple warper hated doing these 'stupidly pointless things'. With all that said, the Decepticon leader was about ready to march into the seeker's quarters and demand he complete his datapads, virus and all.

Megatron let out a growl in frustration as he sat in his throne. He could already feel a processor-ache forming before he leaned on a servo, watching the two silent seekers work for the entirety of their shift, though there was one thing that surprised him…

They actually got everything done.

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