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-"Hurry up Skywarp." The air commander seethed from beside the purple warper, who was currently trying to finish a report. This wouldn't be a problem had they been anywhere but the command center..without Megatron glaring suspiciously at the back of Their helms.

"M'going M'going" he muttered to the tri-colored seeker.
About three seconds later Skywarp jumped up with a quick shout of 'done' as he grabbed his leader, completely ready to warp to their quarters to look after their trinemate. Starscream let out a sigh of relief, glad he wouldn't have to talk to the large grey mech in the center of the room and have a chance of his mouth running, in the end getting himself slagged; which would end up with Thundercracker getting out of bed to work again with a 'It's fine, I'm fine, you have things you need to take Care of'. AKA, his mouth and witty responses to the ever so violent Megatron.

He should have known Primus wasn't on his side.

"Starscream." Came the Decepticon leader's voice, full of warning and promises of hurt. A hardly noticeable shiver ran through the trineleader and Skywarp looked to him worriedly. "Yes, Lord Megatron?" He gritted out, trying his best not to make the 'Lord' mocking. The tyrant frowned and looked to Skywarp, the only other decepticon in the room; Soundwave leaving moments prior to collect laserbeak from the landing deck. "Leave" was the simple order, sounding bored yet completely normal otherwise. However, both seekers knew it was filled with many different threats. Skywarp muttered an apology to his trinemate before stepping away to warp off.
Starscream sighed and gritted his derma, whispering to the purple seeker NOT to tell Thundercracker. But it was inevitable, Skywarp would feel bad and tell their ill trinemate... It WAS his fault though. The SIC should have just left when he had the chance, but then he would have felt bad about leaving his trinemate behind with the Decepticon leader.

Starscream mentally groaned as he approached the former gladiator, stopping at a 'respectable' distance, or as Starscream unofficially called it 'I might have a chance to run' distance.
"So Starscream" the tyrant began pleasantly "just what are you planning in that treacherous helm of yours?" he continued after a moment, narrowing his optics; voice lowering dangerously.

Thundercracker onlined his optics as he felt a mass climb onto the berth and snuggle into his back. "Warpppppp" he whined quietly, knowing that his trineleader wouldn't climb on the berth just to snuggle, he wanted to roll over but just couldn't bring himself to do it. Skywarp smiled a bit and and flopped himself over his trinemate's upperbody to kiss all over the side of the ill seekers face. "Hey TC" he whispered, remembering to be careful of the seekers processor-ache. Thundercracker smiled a bit at the affection and offlined his optics once more. "Hey Warp" he sighed as he relaxed. Skywarp nuzzled his cheek lovingly as the seeker began to relax and smiled.
The two were silent for awhile, Skywarp occasionally giving him a random kiss on the cheek before Thundercracker blinked slowly as his processor finally caught up "...W-Where's Starscream?" he questioned curiously, his trineleader promising to come recharge with them today.

"uhhhhh..." was the warper's brilliant response. Thundercracker frowned and onlined his optics. "...Skywarp? Where?" he questioned, forcing himself into a sitting position after Skywarp had pulled himself up.
"W-Well...see we we he's u-" Skywarp began but was cut off as the door opened revealing a seething, vicious, furious trineleader. Thundercracker frowned at the disgruntled seeker "Starscream?" he questioned quietly, frowning deeply Starscream blinked and quickly tried to school his features as Skywarp gave a cry of 'right there!' though Thundercracker knew something was going on..but right now, he was just too tired to care. With a groan the usually stoic seeker let himself fall back onto the berth before a whimper made its way from his vocalizer. Starscream blinked and frowned deeply, the confrontation with Megatron now shoved to the back of his processor. "Thundercracker, you ok?" he questioned as he approached the berth. The blue seeker growled "Do I LOOK ok?" he snapped, causing the two seekers to recoil. Thundercracker blinked a couple times before whimpering and offlining his optics "sorry" he murmured. Starscream frowned and went to climb on the berth with his trinemates. "S'alright TC" Skywarp cooed almost silently as he scooted the short distance that had grown due to the previous outburst. Thundercracker went silent and offlined his optics as his trinemates began to rub his wings.

After a while the blue seeker drifted into a much needed recharge and Starscream removed his servo before sighing and laying himself down, content with watching his purple trinemate continue to fondle with Thundercracker's wings. Starscream allowed himself a smirk as Skywarp leaned down to plant a seemingly innocent kiss to the ill seeker's helm. Everyone upon the Nemesis knew the warper had feelings for Thundercracker, everyone but Thundercracker himself. The blue seeker seemed to be oblivious to the obvious glances and loving grins passed to him, unaware of the worry Skywarp now had due to his sickness. Thundercracker couldn't see the way Skywarp's wings seemed to droop as if weights were tied upon them, he couldn't detect the worried and panicked looks as pulled himself over the side of the berth to purge his tanks every time he was coaxed into refueling. It seemed to both the warper and Starscream that their trinemate would never get better, and to make matters worse, Megatron thought he was up to something.

Starscream gritted his derma as thoughts of the tyrant began to flood his processor. The grey mech had the NERVE to believe he was planning something...well, he usually was but he wasn't NOW! The ex-gladiator had sneered and growled at him about being too quiet, to cooperative, to not be doing anything. But he WASN'T slagit! The air commander was seething now, optics narrowing just a bit as he got up off the berth. If Megatron deemed him guilty of treacherous actions, then he'd give him a reason to believe it. Skywarp blinked as his trineleader opened to door, beginning to leave.
"'Screamer? Where are you going?" he questioned with a frown as he pushed himself up.
"OUT!" he screeched, causing the warper to jump and Thundercracker to jolt out of recharge, before either could respond (though they weren't likely to anyways) the door slid shut, seeming to slam in the dead quiet room.

While Starscream stomped down the maze of hallways to his personal quarters, planning on doing something that would most likely end up with him at Megatrons pedes, begging for forgiveness. Skywarp tried to lure his worried and confused trinemate back into recharge.

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