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AN: So Arizona had a kick ass ride, now it's all up to Alex. Let's see what happens. Does she go for gold, or will she have to make do with silver this year? Let's check it out. Enjoy!

Chapter 102

Arizona's POV:

"Come on… come on…" I whisper. I watch. I watch as Alex takes his last stand this season. I watch as Alex tries to fight the gold away from my grasp. 45.25 points. That's all… that's it. That's all it will take to push me down into second. Not that anything is wrong with second…but its not first. The seconds tick…5… 4… 3… And then he's bucked. …oh my god. I see him fall and my stomach rolls. …I have a chance…

"No ride! No ride!" Richards voice booms over the loud speaker. Fans are going crazy. "It all comes down to the bull score!"

I hear screams all around. …it's not over yet. I grab Callie's hand and drag her out on the dirt. The bull fighters wrangle the beast back to the exit chute and I lead her out, far enough out so we can look up at the jumbotron behind the chutes. Mark and Teddy join us.

"Let's see what the judges have to say about that animal…" As his voice fades out, the stadium become eerily quiet. Alex moves up next to us, Izzie by his side. The five of us stand and watch… waiting. ….waiting…. 45 or less. 45 or less. 45 or less. Then…


The crowd erupts. …I did it… shit…I actually did it. I fling my arms around Callie, wanting to celebrate this with the one I love the most and her arms wrap tightly around me. Soon, I feel more arms wrap around us. First Teddy, then Mark. The crowd is going wild. My team is going wild. We are being squeezed from every angle.

"Arizona Robbins wins it all!" The announcers voice exclaims. My name on the score board moves from second place to the very top, picture fireworks exploding on the screen as canon booms echo throughout the stadium.

I pull away far enough to look Callie dead in the eye. "You did it cowgirl." She says proudly, her hands cupping my face, her thumbs wiping away tears that I didn't know had fallen.

"We did it." I correct her, then bring her lips to mine. The noise within the stadium doubles as the cameras plaster our kiss on the jumbotron. Both of us oblivious to the 25 thousand people cheering at us…cheering for us. Breaking contact, I turn to the rest of my team. Mark quickly gives me a hug, then Teddy. Next is Izzie and Alex, a sly grin on his face.

"I want a rematch..." He says in my ear during our embrace.

"Name the time and place pretty boy." I say as I pull back, giving him a playful punch on his arm.

A mob of people have formed around us now, camera flashing and yelling instructions. George leads Skittles out and hands over the reins. A quick hug to my favorite caretaker and I hop on my trusty stead. Callie hands me back my hat and I take off to do a couple laps. As I pass each section of the stadium, it erupts. One lap, then another. A final lap and I dismount Skittles and move to the center of the arena where a stage has been promptly put up. Again, the first thing I do is wrap my arms around Callie.

"I love you, so much… Thank you for making me do this…" I whisper in her ear. She just hugs me tighter.

"What a round. What a night. What a season!" Richard yells over the PA system The crowd agrees with him loudly.

"How about we bring up our new….TWO TIME….BACK TO BACK… PBR Champion…. Arizona Robbins!"He waves me up onto the stage. As I step up to the elevated surface, the sea of blue in front of us starts rippling. Waving to each section of the stadium, look down at the small crowd gathered below the stage and find Callie. She's beaming her mega-watt smile, and her face is glowing with pride. Slipping her a wink, I return to the face of Richard Webber. His own smile alive with pride.

"Bring your team on up here." Richard tells me and I wave everyone up. Mark, Izzie, George and Teddy all climb up on the stage. Callie remains in the dirt. I motion for her to get her pretty butt up here but she doesn't move. I give her a warning glare, telling her to move but she shakes her head. …fine then, hard way it is. I walk off the stage and part the mob in front of it. Reaching Callie, I grab her hand and pull her behind me. Back on the stage, she tries to move behind the large frame of my agent but I keep her next to me with a firm grip.

"I think most of us know who these people are, but why don't you introduce them to us anyways." Richard hands over the mic.

"This good looking guy here is Mark Sloan, my agent. …This hot blonde here is Izzie Stevens, the woman who makes me look good." A roar of applause as they cheer on the model. Moving between George and Teddy, I continue "George O'Malley keeps my baby boy, my horse Skittles, nice and happy. And when he's happy, I'm happy. …And this other smokin' blonde is my trainer, Teddy Altman." Then I reach behind Mark and drag Callie back up front, wrapping an arm around her. "And this gorgeous woman… well… she just happens to be the love of my life. She's the reason I rode this season, and she's the reason why I wake up day after day after day." The stadium shakes as we share a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Well… Arizona Robbins, I would like to present you and your team the PBR Gold Cup as a symbol of your skills and determination in the sport of bull riding." Webber hands over the huge cup. I take it in one hand, shake his right with mine then turn back to my team. We all get a hold on it and then raise it up. Another surge of cheering.

"Also, as a reward for all your hard work here is your check for ONE MILLION dollars. …Thanks to our proud sponsors at Ford, they have named you their Built Ford Tough rider of the year. Congratulations, Arizona Robbins. Let's hear it for her, ya'll!" Webber hands over a comically large cardboard check. He leans in and asks "Want to say anything?" I nod and take back the microphone. The stadium quiets, waiting to hear from their new champion.

"Wow….wow…wow…. Didn't think I'd be here again…" My voice echoes around the large building. "I just…I just wanted to say thank you…again. For all the support you all have given me, even through the bad times… the time when some uhhhh…some not nice things were said about me. …But you all stuck behind me and for that I will never be able to thank you enough." I turn and face my team "And to my team, I…." I give a small laugh "…There is no way for me to express my thanks and my love I have for each of you. …And I know that this is the last year we are here as a team, but we will always be family." Walking over to Callie, I take her left hand and place a kiss square on her engagement ring, tears of pride and joy glistening in her eyes. "Calliope… You already know…everything. You know what you mean to me and how much I love you. And I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." I give her a quick peck on her lips.

"I love you too Arizona." She says softly, away from the mic so only I can hear.

Turning back to the crowd, I finish up. "And lastly… I'd like to thank two very…" Tears start to collect in my eyes and I let them fall. "…very important men in my life. My brother, who gave his life in service to his country. He put me on my first bull and he pushed me past all boundaries I ever thought that I had. And finally… my Dad…" Tears are streaming down my face, Callie is wiping her own away as well as Teddy. "My Dad was always there for me, like every father should be for their daughter. …And I know he was here tonight, watching me, pushing me, helping me push past the pain of his loss and setting my sights on the future. …He was never one to quit, and I like to think that… in some way… I made him proud tonight. That I didn't quit when things got hard, when the rumors were flying and I was being kicked while I was down. …I'm a fighter. …A good man in a storm. …I'm who he raised me to be." I take the cup from Mark and raise it over my head "This one's for you Dad." A roar of applause. Tears are blurring my vision, but I feel the strong supporting hands of my fiancé at my back. …she's always there when I need her. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Hours later, as I'm walking out of the bathroom in our hotel suite, I see Callie sitting at the head of the bed, staring at the trophy that is set on the table across the room.

"It is pretty ostentatious, isn't it?" I ask, climbing into bed and curling right up next to my Ortho God. She chuckles as she flicks off the bed side lamp and wraps me in her arms tighter, our heads nestled together. The bright neon's of Sin City shine into the large window, making the golden cup shimmer in multicolored hues.

"Maybe we can make a mobile out of all those flashy belt buckles and trophies you've won… you know, put it over the baby's crib…" Callie teases me and I break out in a fit of giggles. She rolls ontop of me and starts running her fingers up and down my sides, knowing that I'm ticklish there. Soon, my squeals fill the room and Callie has to clamp a hand over my mouth, all the while laughing her ass off at me. I lick the palm of her hand and she yanks it away.

"Eww! …Arizona!" She squeals which makes us laugh even harder. As we both calm down and catch our breaths, her lips find mine and start working their own magic. Within seconds, my body starts to heat up, my center pulsing with the want of her touch.

"Mmmm… is it time for my reward?" I play. Her legs moves against my center, sending a jolt of pleasure through my body. "After all…I am the two time reigning PBR champion now… you should be begging to sleep with me."

"You already got your reward cowgirl… you got that big cardboard check…and that ugly gold cup you can't even drink out of…" She says between nips and sucks at my neck.

"Maybe we can uses it as matching candy dishes… we have two now…" I can feel her chuckle against the thin flesh at my throat.

"So what happens now?" Callie asks me, finding my eyes again. Her tone serious.

"Now… I go to Colorado and bury my Dad…then I go home and start the rest of my life…. With you…" I say softly, my hands cupping her face, pulling her down for a kiss.

"Promise?" She asks me, tears collecting in her eyes. "The rest of our lives… forever and ever?"

Staring deep into her deep brown depths, wanting her to feel my words deep down in her soul, I answer. "Forever and ever, baby." And we seal the deal with a searing kiss.

forever and ever.

AN2: Congratulations all… you've made it to the end of Part 2. Arizona is king yet again and Callie is surely going to kick into wedding gear quickly. As I said before, I have plans to start a Part 3 but I think I will work on BB for a while. Doing two stories at once got to be a little hectic at times BUT…have no fear. Cowgirl Arizona will be back in action soon enough. Thanks for reading! What an epic ride huh? Be watching the boards for me!