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It was full chaos the moment the prince scurried out the doors of his own wedding. The entire nation was overwhelmed with shock! They had never seen such scandalous actions in all their lives. Never had a young nourasian expressed such courageousness to defy the great laws of Nouraisa! Everything, all his efforts were in vain. Wasted by the sight of his own son sacrificing it all because of her. A simple pathetic human. The guards took the hint and reacted immediately. Nori feared that this might be the end of it all. Watching her son suffer a death because of his tracery against his own kind was not an alternative. She begged him not committing such stupidity even though she knew the rules. "Please, Lao. Don't do this!".

"Your majesty. What are your orders?", the captain of the guards asked nervously.

As stupid as it sounded, he really wished he could control the time, but he knew it was impossible. He looked out the window with tears in his eyes. Now that he finally found his one true love, destiny just didn't want them together by separating them forever leaving his love behind without a single clue that he would never return. "Hurry up, Stan!", he heard the others shout from his door. Just before he closed the door he came across her brother. "Please let her know that I'm leaving. Promise me that.", he told him. Keiran watched with a sad gleam in his eyes as his sister's lover slowly walked away. He knew exactly what this would lead to.

G'dar screeched at his call. Keiran was right. Seeing her smile everyday was all he ever wished for. However, with all the obstacles they faced and the constant pressure not from only the councils, but his father too, how was he ever to confess his affection for her? His feelings were sealed under those burdens all these years, but now they had broken free. Just the thought of his most cherished friendship perishing into nothing and not knowing what could have been was an unforgivable crime in his heart. All the memories would disappear. Everything they did together, back at the racing days, and everything they used to be. It was now or never.

Just as he was about to go back to the wedding suddenly something stopped him! Just the sight of her tears soaking her elegant curls made him feel rotten inside. "Why…?", she said with a shaky voice. It was only right what he did, although it seemed bitterly unfair. Yuna kept hassling for an answer. The more she sobbed, the more his heart wanted to give in. "WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP HIM?!".

"I WOULD LOSE EVERYTHING!", he yelled all of a sudden!

"Lose? Lose what?! Your position in the court? Your loyalty to the king? YOUR NOBELITY?!". Now he couldn't answer. What she said was unbelievable because it was true. "How could you be so selfish! HAVE YOU EVER ONCE THOUGH ABOUT OTHERS INTERESTS THAN YOUR OWN?! Don't you care for me too…?". The harm was done.

A cold breeze brushed her skin. The approaching sound of the hovercraft pierced her heart. Freezing drops of sweat ran down her face as she watched her friends tossing in their luggage into the flying machine. "Are you coming?, Alan asked while pointing at the ship. It was time.

She looked back at the kingdom one last time. Everything, all around her were things that she would miss so deeply. The blue sakura trees that blossomed gracefully, the tranquil meadows, the gorgeous lake of Luna and most of all, the beautiful palace where she once lived. All the memories of them flashed by. Both the good ones and the bad ones. She thought he would remember and all her mistakes would be forgiven, that everything would return back to what they it used to be. Who was she to believe that he had feelings for her? They were just lies. Painful lies. There were no other options left. If she chose to stay, she would only be in his way. Bittersweet memories were all she was taking with her. After all, he didn't need her. She hoped life would treat him kind and that he had all he had dreamed of. But above all this, she wished him love.

"Goodbye, Aikka…", she smiled as her last tears fell.

She turned around to the sound of someone screaming out her name. "DON'T LEAVE!". Her name kept echoing again and again. His voice, soft and gentle. That was all she heard before she was pulled into his arms. Eva began to slowly lid her eyes. "I love you, Eva.". Aikka placed his lips upon hers! His tongue perturbed her lips, asking for passage. She opened and finally let him through. Their eyes closed as he deepened the kiss. The kiss that she had been longing for so long. Tears rushed down her blushing cheeks. He remembered. For a moment she buried herself on his chest, feeling his warm and careful arms embracing her again. All the pain that she had suffered was slowly fading away just by the touch of his tender skin. She could feel everything inside her pounding by the sound of his heart beating against hers. Once more he kissed her divinely.

Her eyes widen in astonishment. A sheer shade of pink burned her cheeks. "Marry me…", he whispered softly in her ear. For a moment her entire body was frozen. All feelings burst out of her like bubbles. "LOOK OUT!", her friends shouted behind them! It was too late. Her eyes shut down as she fell in his arms. Blood ran down her back. The wooden arrow had drilled deeply through her brutally separating her muscles and veins. He could feel the very tip on his stomach. "Eva?". The prince shook her lifeless body. "No, please. Don't do this… EVAAAAAA!".

There was no hiding it. The maids followed excitedly as her majesty rushed her way to the throne room. They could hear her feet stomping the floor to pieces. Under the gorgeous layers of garments, the queen had the weight of an elephant when she was angry. Like a furious lion she roared her way through the halls. She barged the doors open wide. Everyone at the council startled at her. "Leave, now.", she demanded. But they didn't move. They were obviously under his command. Cold sweat ran down the king's neck. "RIGHT NOW!", she shouted on top of her lungs! Their jelly-like legs ran out the doors in fright at once leaving the queen glaring ugly at her husband. "You malicious monster! How could you do this!?", all the maids, councils, guards and everyone else heard outside the doors. The queen walked up the stairs to face his not so tough expression now. He was their son! Not an animal you could abuse like a slave! She was aware of the fact that she was defending something that would shock the whole kingdom, but the prince had his rights too! The right to love whoever he desired. "How could you do this to him! You know how much she means to him!".

"The wedding was the most important part of our future! Our kingdom depended on it! Without an alliance, how will we manage to defend ourselves if future adversaries attack us?!". The queen had never thought of the situation that way before. Maybe she was making a mistake. Something hit her! "What if we make an alliance with the humans?", it burst out of her.

The king's eyes widen. "ABSOLUTLEY NOT!". Lao knew that humans were weaker than nourasians and they wouldn't stand a chance against the crogs or other enemies in an intergalactic war. "Why not? They can offer twice as much protection as we can by using their technology!". Somehow everything made sense now, but would the king agree to it?

Finally she opened her eyes. It was supposed to be her last time, but here she was. Back again, lying on the bed in the hospital. The smell of her own blood made her wanting to vomit. Once again she breathed heavily through a machine. The only thing that made everything worth a while was the sight of him sleeping peacefully on her lap. He must have been worried to death. "Aikka…", she managed to whisper through the foggy mask. He woke up immediately and held her hand tightly as if he never wanted to let go. Just seeing her face was enough to relax everything inside him. Then she suddenly uttered something. Even though she was weak, she knew the answer inside her.

"Yes.", she said with a voice like an angel.

"Yes to what?"

"I'll marry you…". Aikka couldn't believe what she just said. He leaned in closer and smiled as he kissed her forehead. "Are you sure?". She nodded. Eva had always been thinking that he was the only one. Deep inside there was no other. Maybe she didn't have the best feautures or any of the qualities that a queen should have, but none of them mattered to him. As long as she loved him. Still, the prince had his doubts. After everything they faced together and all the pain he put her through, how could she ever want to marry a guy like him? Somehow Eva knew that their love would find a way. Although he felt pathetic, Eva felt the same way as well. Together she believed that they would become stronger. Now he realized that love was never wrong and so it never dies. A perfect world shone in her eyes. If only his father could feel it too, the happiness he felt with her.

"Will you always be with me?"

"Yes, no matter when and no matter how long.". Suddenly Aikka squeezed her in his arms. "I love you…", he whispered softly.

"I love you too."

It was over. His rival won. Friend zone was like a mafia, you'd never get out. His decision to win her heart led him to nothing but destruction. For the first time in his whole life, he actually cried. After running and running he broke down outside some sort of temple. Soon his entire face was covered in dripping sweat and painful tears in the drizzling cold rain. "Where does it hurt the most?", a voice suddenly asked. An old man stood beside him combing his curly beard. Without even thinking about it Alan opened up. The old man listened closely to his words. After that everything became silent for a while. It was such a sensitive spot. He rubbed his dreary eyes. "What would you do if you were me?".

"What would you do if you saw a bird with injuries still fighting its way out from its cage?"

"Set it free?". Then it slapped him in the face. He knew exactly what he was trying to say. Even if it was the only right thing left, it was still too hard to force himself. He loved her just as much as the prince. When he was gone, he was the one who stood by her side. Always protecting her and being the shoulder she could cry on. Just giving up now killed him. But what could he do? One last tear fell from his eye as he whispered her name painfully. If she only knew.

"What if he doesn't approve?", she asked looking like a friady cat.

"Then we'll tell him that we fear neither him nor his guards, nor his armies. If he wants to shake his little fist at us, we're ready to give him such a bite he'll wish he held his hands in his pockets!", Aikka assured her. Then they stepped in facing what would become either life or death. She knew just what to do the moment she heard them. The princess quickly called a carriage to take her far away to place where people like her lived in the shadows of others. She would make them regret so deeply for what they did to her. Soon she arrived outside a dark cave where not even the smallest gleam of light seeped through. A man in a black cape covering his creepy scars appeared from the darkness. "What is that you seek, my lady?". After a while he came out with something that not even the king knew of. The princess grinned maliciously. This was it.

Everyone was moping and their jaws were dropping when they heard about the new engagement. Furthermore, the thing that shocked them the most was the upcoming wedding! In a few days the prince would marry again and not just to someone, but a human! Some accepted Eva as if she already was part of the people because of her humble personality, others could still not believe that the laws had been broken for the very first time. The king who had stuck to the rules passed onto him from generation to generation had suddenly changed! Their closest friends rejoiced with happiness when they heard the joyful news. They celebrated, ate and laughed wishing the happy couple all well. Everything felt just like a dream to Eva, but a nightmare not only to the princess, but to a very close friend of her. Soon everything was settled for the wedding. The more he thought about it, the more he suffered, but because it meant so much to her, he kept quiet. Eva walked around the palace the day before admiring all the gorgeous decorations in the garden. For once, she took a liking to frills and laces. Just the thought of that she would marry a prince kinda scared her, but a same time she felt an inner happiness. She turned around to a soft voice behind her, but what she saw was not as delicate for her eyes as it was for her ears. "You must be overjoyed…". For a minute she didn't know what or how to answer. Hearing it coming from her, the princess herself was very unusual, but at the same time a bit heartwarming. "This is you last day as a free woman… don't you wish to celebrate it?", she purred like an innocent cat. Since she seemed harmless, Eva came along still doubting that this would lead to something good.

The princess took her upstairs to a silent room where the massive crowd couldn't follow them. She poured a cup of tea for her as a symbol to a pact of peace between them. In that very moment Eva felt comfortable and somehow a bit trust grew inside her. "Thank you for joining me for tea. It has been a pleasure to know you a bit better.", Marielle grinned while shaking hands with her.

"Hey… I heard about you and your brother.", he said casually as he sat down on the wooden bench. Her expression was like a pissed off volcano that could explode any minute. "You know… from a guy's point of view, I think he just wanted the best for you."

"He was only thinking of himself, Stan!"

"Not really. His position could save your lives. Think about it, who of you two have the biggest responsibility? It's Keiran right? And after your parents die, who of you would most likely get paid the most?". Now that she realized how wrong she was, she just had to find him.

Night had finally settled in Nourasia. The people saved their excitement for the next day. Everyone couldn't wait. The whole thing was very nerve wracking for Eva. She could feel her whole body shaking as if it was an earthquake below her stomach. He was about to go to sleep when he noticed someone familiar bouncing around in the halls with a bubbly smile on her face. Seeing her that happy made him a little bitter inside. Just the feeling of that someone could make her happier than him was devastating. Now that the wedding was just hours away too really broke him.

"You can't marry him.", he told her firmly causing her to turn around with widen eyes. She startled at him as confusion raged inside her. He had never looked so serious before. Then she asked him what he meant.

"I can't let you go."

"No, Alan. Stop."

"You know that I love you!"


"Don't marry him! I know you better than anyone else and you know that I love you more than he ever wi-"

"STOP!", she yelled as she slapped him! It was enough. She couldn't stand there hearing him slander someone she loved. He had no rights to claim her as his like a trophy! Forcing her to love him was just horrible. What was worse, he was her best friend! Suddenly he pulled her close to him! Their lips were just inches apart! Eva tried to break free, but his grip became tighter and tighter. "ALAN, NO!", she yelped as she began crying. Once he heard her shriek, he let go. "Don't even bother coming to the wedding tomorrow…". That was all she said before she left.

The day that everyone had been waiting for had finally come at last. The whole kingdom was filled with joy. Little by little a whole crowd stormed into the palace filling up the entire garden where the magnificent wedding was held. The decorations were breathtaking as if it was taken out from a fairytale. The seats were made of the finest chenille in the whole galaxy with wide satin ribbons attached to the back of each chair. All their best friend sat down closest to the huge arch decorated with unique flowers in all the rainbows colors. Today they would witness a special day. Cold sweat ran down her back. She had never seen that many people in her entire life. This was really not the time to screw up. "Come in!", she shouted when she heard a knock on the door. In came the queen carrying something sparkly in her hands. Nori put the tiara with the crest of Nourasia on top of her bridal veil made of eternal long gorgeous Chantilly lace. A little tear popped out the corner of her eye. "There… now you look like a real princess.", she said while wiping away her tears. Eva startled at herself the moment she looked into the mirror. She twirled around in her beautiful deep backed dress in pearly white with a silky touch of chiffon that only the best tailors in the kingdom could make. This was definitely a day she would never forget. Suddenly she heard someone knock the door again, this time a little louder than the queen's. It was a bit odd since she wasn't expecting anyone. "Are you ready?", she heard a familiar voice ask.

Eva ran up to him and hugged him tightly. Oh, how much she missed her father's embrace! "You came!", she said euphoric.

"Of course! Wouldn't miss it for the world.". He put a hand over his mouth when they let go. Nothing was more touching than seeing your daughter in a wedding dress. Time had passed far too fast. It was only yesterday when she walked in her diaper and now she was a fully grown woman. "You look beautiful.". Then they heard the music stop. It was time. They walked arm in arm through the halls and down to the garden. Before they'd step out to the aisle Eva began breathing very heavy, but not because she was nervous. "Eva… can you promise me one thing?", her dad asked.

"Yeah sure. What?"

"Give me a lot of cute grandchildren!", he chuckled. Her whole face went red. "Daaaad…", she frowned like she always did. It was a little embarrassing, yet at the same time sweet. After that everything became silent. Eva could feel her whole body pulling itself together. This was really it. The doors opened up to what looked like Alice in wonderland. Everything was perfect. She could feel all eyes on her as she walked down the aisle covered in soft ombré rose petals. Right there, in front of her was all she ever wanted. Seeing him in his traditional white suit with the nourasian crest made him look like the perfect prince. She couldn't believe that just in a few minutes she would be married to a prince from a mighty kingdom. Their eyes met once again. Eva blushed more than ever as she stood under the arch with him. This was the moment she had been waiting for so long since the day they were separated from each other at Oban. The priest began speaking and soon it was time to exchange vows. She could feel her entire body shaking as if it was an earthquake underneath her. It was such a special moment, screwing it up would mess up her whole life! Suddenly Aikka held her hand gently. She looked up facing his sweet smile and loving eyes. "Eva, as I stand here before you, I see all of the things I fell in love with.", he said softly making her more nervous than ever.

Her heart was beating so loudly in her ears, she found herself so lost for the right words to say. "This ring in my hand, it will make me remember how complete you make my life.". Just to hear those words made her feel as if she was in heaven already. "It makes me remember how blessed I really am, how I can't ever thank the Lord above enough, for allowing you into my life.". Now he pulled up the beautiful ring in exclusive nourasian gold with a small crystal in red and blue in the center and slowly slid it through her finger. "I give you this ring, my heart, my soul. I give you everything I am today as I stand before you.". Then he promised to always be by her side as she promised him. "With this ring, let it be known, that over every other person in the world I could be with, I chose you. I'm promising to be here for you all eternity, 'til death do us part. I love you". He pulled up the veil and kissed her divinely. Now she was officially his. The whole kingdom clapped with joy and tossed flower petals over them as they walked down the aisle. Everywhere they went the people congratulated them. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world. By the time everything had calmed down and she could loosen her corset he came forward and congratulated her too, although he knew that she still might be angry at him.

"Hey… I'm sorry for what I did-", he apologized. Without holding more grudge, she actually hugged him as if he was forgiven already. After that he walked back away from the garden where he could have a moment alone. He could hear three little pigs behind him singing his name. "Good job, Alan. You did the right thing.", Rick and the others said trying to comfort him. The boys pitted him, but at the same time they were so proud of him. He would rather see her smile than brining her to tears. Now he finally understood the meaning of letting someone you love go.

Month after month passed by. Once again wonderful news was presented to the entire kingdom. The new queen was expecting! Alan stood by their majesties side always supporting both, but time was running away from him too. It was time to prioritize himself now. He couldn't stay on the planet forever. So he began setting plans. As soon as the baby was born, he would leave. But for now he stood by her side waiting patiently every day. There was also another who waited. Alan noticed the disgusting glares the princess gave her, but he couldn't find them as threats.

Then the day she promised her dad came at last. It was not exactly what she thought it would be. Everything around them stopped, as if the things running the kingdom were paralyzed from an illness. Eva developed a fever that seemed to never go down. At the same time, she went into labor. This is what Aikka feared the most. It was two weeks earlier than they expected. Both Alan and Aikka tried to comfort her as she kept pressing their hands harder and harder. She was breathing heavily as if she was losing her breath. Coughing up amounts of blood, but only that. Something green and unusual was making its way up her throat too. Sweat streamed down her forehead. Hearing her shrieking while pushing was unbearable. Again and again in between the pushes, she desperately attempted to assure them she was fine, but deep inside she was dying. Everyone around them tried their best. However her fever still wouldn't disappear. Aikka supported her as much as he could. Eva lost consciousness over and over. Afterwards, awakening to pain. It was such a cruel scene, he almost covered his eyes. Hour by hour past by. It seemed the pain would never end. Even he felt he'd like to lose consciousness. Maybe his mind wouldn't take it anymore. Then he heard the sound of a scream of a child. The baby was given to his arms. Her eyes were closed. Not responding to his calls. "What should we call her?", he asked. With a weak voice she opened her lids.

"Maya Serenity.". The girl had her mother's raven black hair and her father's sky blue eyes. "I'm the first to hold her!".

"Yes… she's cute.", she KLARTE to utter. Her vision was beginning to fail. "Please let me rest… for a little bit…".
Not hearing her talk, look at him or anything made him very restless. Aikka lift her hand, but it dropped to the ground. He tried to make her touch Maya's cheek, but it wouldn't budge. Her entire body was cold as ice. Aikka "What is that coming out of her mouth?", Alan asked worried as green foam bubbled its way out her lips. Once he smelled it he knew exactly what it was. He called desperately for help again and again, still no one came. By the time someone finally arrived, it seemed too late. After doing amounts of antidote that took an eternity to heal her, the doctors around her declared her gone.

"You said you would always be with me, didn't you? You said we'd always be together. You promised me many times, didn't you? EVAAAA!", he cried while holding her close to him. She was dead. After crying and crying forever Alan, who also felt deep pain in his heart, suggested they'd leave. But Aikka refused to let go of her hand. He had really lost everything. Then. All of a sudden they heard something. She whispered Maya's name weakly. Both ran over immediately handing the baby to her. "She's beautiful, isn't she?", Eva smiled. "Indeed. Just like her mother.", both of them said. From that day on the princess was exposed and thrown in to prison and the old king and queen could finally enjoy life without more duties to take care of. Everyone continued living normally, even Alan, but he knew that the happiness would come to end eventually. So by the time Maya became six months, he finally told them his plans. The king of course let him have his wish, but Eva was the one that didn't take it that easily. Hearing him want to leave shocked her. He, who was the one who always was there for her would no longer be by her side. But if that was what he wanted, then she would not stand in his way.

So the day was here at last. Time went by far too fast for both of them making one very sad and the other overjoyed. She really wished he could stay. After he finished packing up, two carriages with all their other friends inside one of them, stood outside waiting for him. Inside the other, were their majesties along with little Maya. There they were now, everything was about to change. It was time to face tomorrow and say goodbye to yesterday. Eva looked out the window of the carriage. She looked at the beautiful palace where she would spend the rest of her life. Although it brought a big smile upon her face, at the same time it ached in her heart. "Are you alright?", Aikka asked as he lied his hand on her shoulder to pull her closer to him. Just to hear his gentle voice snapped her back to reality. They had each other to lean on for the road ahead. In the other carriage there was one guy who could explode of happiness. Rick, Koji, Stan and Don looked confused at him. "How could this guy be all happy go lucky in this situation?",they thought. He was so excited he could barely even catch his breath. His annoying mother and precious videogames, finally he would come home to them. They stepped out to the cold breeze as they saw the hovercraft rising up from the horizon. While the others bid their farewell to each other, Eva walked up to Alan. "Thanks for everything, Alan.". That was all she could say before he smiled and slowly began walking away. She watched devastated as all her loved ones picked up their bags and made their way to the ship. Without even thinking about it she ran after him! Eva begged him to stay, even though she knew he had to leave.

"Look behind you. Your family needs you. Don't cry. It's time to show the world we've got something to say.". He was right. No matter what their friendship would never fade away. "I know I'll miss you, but we'll meet again someday. We'll never fade away.". It was time to move on, let go and hold on to tomorrow. They'd always got the memories. For some it really meant goodbye, but for others it was just a temporary see you later.

It was time to find out who they were going to be. A chapter was ending, but the story had only just begun. A page was turning for everyone. This happy ending was the start of all their dreams. For Eva, Aikka, Alan and the rest.


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