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They were breathless and sweating, bodies tangled up in one anothers. They both knew this had been a long time coming, and neither regretted what they had done.

It was amazing how much their lives had changed in a matter of months since 'The Incident' but perhaps more amazing was how much each other them had changed, not only towards one another, but as people as a whole.

Severus turned to the beautiful and very naked Hermione, tucked her hair behind her ear and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Please don't say you regret that Hermione, I know I certainly did not. To be honest with you, I had wanted to do this a long time before Mya and Russie came on the scene. I also don't want this to be the only time we're together like this..." Hermione went to speak but was stopped when Severus held up his hand, "...as I was saying, I don't want this to be the only time we're together like this, but I want more than this too. I want it all. I want you to my other half, my lover, my potential candidate for a marriage one day. I've...I've been falling in love with you so rapidly, I can't say when I began having feeling for me that were more than lust exactly but I know I love you, with all my heart."

Hermione was speechless, she'd been wanting to say something eerily similar to him but he'd beaten her to the chance.

Everything was so surreal to her, a few hours ago she'd been arguing with Severus about Mya and Russie and then bam. She was being snogged senseless, stripped and then given a jolly good rogering by none other than Severus Snape.

She was so glad, she'd been wanting to jump his bones for a good few years now. She'd been teaching at Hogwarts a little over 2 years but had admired Severus and his dark eyes, silky voice and peachy arse since her sixth year. Now she finally had the man she'd been falling in love with and she couldn't be more pleased.

"Severus, I love you. I've been falling in love with you since I started working here. I fancied you since I was 17, I couldn't be more happy than I am right this very moment. I finally have the man I've wanted for four years and you've got no chance of me ever letting you go willingly. I'm so grateful for what's happened over the past few months. Who knew one little potions mishap could cause things to turn out the way they have. You still drive me mad but I can't help but say, that's part of the reason I'm so in love with you." She kissed him lightly on the nose and snuggled into the crook in his shoulder, nuzzling her nose into his neck and inhaling his gorgeous scent.

"I am so pleased. I feel like I'm having the best dream and I don't ever want to wake up." He kissed the top of her bushy head. "Only thing is, Mya and Russie...what are we going to do about them? I know Albus is working on the charm needed to send them back, you know they don't belong in our time darling. As much as I hate to say it, they need to go back."

Hermione sat up on her elbow and looked into the eyes of her new lover, "Um...can't we just keep them and raise them as our own like we have been these past few months? I think I'd miss them terribly if we had to make them disappear again." The thought made her increasingly sad.

It only seemed like yesterday that they'd had that terrible potions incident.

The Incident…3 months Prior...

After much coaxing from Albus, Severus and Hermione had been paired up to assist Poppy by re-stocking the infirmary potions. There had been massive numbers of children suffering from depression since the war, and the number of children using aging potions in order to gain access to alcohol was also on the rise.

The infirmary was clean out of the De-aging potion and Essence of Elation, so these were the first two potions the pair were to tackle.

They knew from past experience while working on healing potions after the Final Battle that they would be better working on a potion each rather than working on one together after countless arguments were caused because of his staring made her nervous, or her bushy hair was getting in his line of sight.

The lab was deathly silent as the pair worked. Severus was silently proud of Hermione's potions skill and managed to peak at her every now and again. Hermione couldn't get enough of watching Severus work either, he truly was an artist when it came to Potioneering.

Hermione turned her attention back to her Essence of Elation and was carefully adding the correct amount of Zemlar rocks to the mix. One wrong move and this potion could become extremely volatile and violent.

Similarly, Severus was adding the petals of yellow roses to his de-aging potion, he had to be very careful to add 7 bits of worms-wort and 3 sprigs of deadly nightshade because getting this potion incorrect could prove to be very detrimental to himself and Hermione.

As they were standing back to back adding these ingredients, Dobby appeared next to Hermione with a 'POP', making her jump in fright. An entire handful of Zamlak fell into her cauldron, she was oblivious to the man behind her who had just dropped all the sprigs of deadly nightshade into his cauldron after she knocked into him.

The two only had a moment to look at one another when both cauldrons exploded with enormous force. Hermione was blown to the left of the room, Severus to the right.

After a few minutes both regained consciousness and slowly stood, covered in the gloop from both cauldrons. Neither of them noticed the golden glow that formed in the middle of the room between them.

Severus was about to ask Hermione was alright when he saw a look of confusion and horror cross herface as she looked towards the glow in the room. Severus followed her line of sight and couldn't help but gasp. There in the middle of the lab stood two young children. One was female, had brown eyes and bushy hair. The other was male, he was slightly taller, thin, with black onyx eyes and a scowl.

Hermione spoke first, "Um, where did you children come from? What are your names?" She smiled kindly at them.

The boy spoke first, arms crossed with a familiar sneer, "I'm Sev-rus Snape, but everyone calls me Russie."

The little girl cannily stepped forward, "And my name is Hermione Granger, but my mummy calls me Mya."

Both professors stood with their mouths open in shock.

Hermione was broken out of her disbelief as he heard a 'thunk' - Severus had fainted.


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