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11 years later…

The sweat was quickly beginning to bead on Severus's brow as the heat in the room began to become unbearable. He'd waited for this moment for years and it had finally arrived. The circular movements of his wife's hands on his inner thigh did nothing but make his discomfort more so.

"Would you desist with your purring please wife?" He sneered at her half-heartedly.

Hermione gave him her famous wicked grin, "But why? Are you finding it hard…to concentrate on the task at hand, my love?"

He couldn't help but smirk at her naughty antics and attitude, they had been married just over 11 years now and remained as sexually attracted to one another as they had been at the beginning of their relationship. Hermione still found her husband to be the most sensual and seductive male she'd ever met and couldn't help but feel her heart swell with pride when she caught students and the female teachers swooning at her man's moody demeanour. During the first few years the fact her husband was widely sought after made her jealous, extremely so however, after one day voicing her jealousies to her husband, all her worries were soon put to the grave. One evening in the Great Hall during dinner Severus made a very public display to show his love for his wife. He openly snogged the face off of her in front of everyone, smacked her arse through her robes and carried her bridal style out of the hall and into their chambers, where he showed her how she was the only woman he wanted into the wee small hours of the next morning. So now she took the teenage and sometimes middle age lusty looks towards her husband with a pinch of salt.

He's mine, mother fuckers…look but you'll never have him. He belongs to me. She thought with a smirk.

Severus was still a jealous bastard, but he had complete confidence in his wife's attraction and faithfulness to him. She was a beautiful, talented and sexy witch who received more than her fair share of glances and lust filled looked from both students and professors alike, Severus didn't have to like it though. Hermione actually quite enjoyed when he got jealous as he'd often show her how he was the best man for her…fucking her into oblivion. He'd say things to her like "You're mine. No other man will ever make you come like this!" And that, in Hermione's opinion, was her bread and butter. She loved his intensity and his passion for her...he was definately her soul mate.

Roused from her attention on her husband's inner thighs, she heard the Great Hall doors swing open and the first years followed behind the Depute Headmistress into the room. Little Russie and Mya smiled shyly at their mother and father as they walked towards the teacher's table and waited for the Sorting Ceremony to begin.

Severus didn't approve of staff speaking throughout the ceremony but as he had taken the position of Headmaster after Albus retired, he simply didn't give a shit. He leaned into his wife and whispered to her, "Remember the bet love. Both our children will be in Slytherin…just wait. They're both too much like me not to be in my house."

Hermione snorted and whispered back, grabbing his balls under the table, "Those balls are mine tonight. Russie and Mya are Gryffindors through and through, despite their Severus-like qualities. I will win this bet. You're my pet tonight love. My pussy is just aching to be filled…finally our chambers will be just ours again to do as much with each other as we did before."

He moved his hand down and cupped her in between the legs, ignoring her gasp, "Do be quiet Madam Snape…and pay attention."

Finally after what seemed a lifetime later, the list reached the 'S' .

"Snape, Mya."

Severus and Hermione both sat forward in their seats in anticipation, waiting for the Sorting Hat's judgement.


The crowd cheered and Severus gave a small punch in the air, winking at his daughter as she skipped to the Slytherin table. He gave his wife a side long glance with his famous smirk, "Looks like you'll be digging out your leather corset tonight my love…"

Hermione rolled her eyes, "You've not won yet Snape…"

"Snape, Russell."

Severus gave a small yelp as Hermione held his crown jewels with a tad too much grip as she waited in anxiousness for her son's house results.


Hermione jumped up and clapped loudly, earning a red faced smirk from her son. She was pleased to see her daughter give his hand a squeeze as he walked towards his newly appointed house table.

She sat back down with a bump, not paying attention to the rest of the sorting. She smirked at her husband, "So neither of us won. We got one apiece. How will be sort this dilemma out?"

Seeing her bite her lip with lust in her eyes just turned him on further, "Um…meet half way? I'll let you use your toy on me if you wear your leather corset while you're doing it? Then we…make love?"

Hermione smiled wickedly and nodded in agreement.

"Well we'd better enjoy the freedom of our quarters while we can darling."

"And why is that? The children are gone now, they'll only be in our quarters on holidays." He replied.

"Um…not quite. We'll be having another spawn of Snape present in about…oh I dunno….say 8 months?" She smiled beautifully at her husband, as she knew he was desperate for them to have another child.

"I'm going to be a dad, again? You're going to be round with my child once more?" His eyes welled up with tears and he kissed her passionately, ignoring the cheers and wolf whistles coming from the students. Especially ignoring the, "Oh come on Dad cut it out!" and "Wow embarrass me much?" from their children.

Severus stood from his chair and lifted his wife with him, "Students, I am going to be a father once again! Ice cream and jelly for all!" The crowd cheered and Hermione laughed at her husband's joy.

"I love you Severus." She kissed the tip of his nose.

"And I love you, my darling Hermione."

Severus knew the following years would be just as fantastic as the one's he had already experienced with Hermione, with her by his side he knew life was how it should be.

And he knew that for the rest of his life, he'd be forever grateful to the tiny Slytherin and Gryffindor who changed his life for the better.

Hermione snapped him out of his musings as she squeezed his buttocks, "This little one will be in Gryffindor too." She patted her stomach lovingly.

"Not if I have anything to do about it." He growled and chuckled as he kissed her neck.

Finite Incantatem.

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