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Author's note: I hope you'll enjoy this Christmas-story with Miley!

Happy Christmas, Miley!

Miley Ray Stewart come home from work. As she enter her home she sees her husband John waiting for her.

"Happy Christmas, Miley!" says John as he give Miley a nice warm hug.

"Hey! Easy there, tiger! Christmas is still four days away." says Miley with a smile.

"Oh, I know! I just wanted to give you a taste of what I'll give you for Christmas, Miley." says John.

"It seems as I'm goin' to love my Christmas-gift this year..." says Miley in a soft voice.

"Yeah, I hope so." says John. "Only the very best for Smiley Miley, my sexy wife."

"Aaww, you're so sweet!" says Miley as she give John a kiss. "I love you!"

"And I love you!" says John.

"John, you're the best husband ever!" says Miley.

"Thanks, sexy!" says John.

"Where's Jennie?" says Miley.

"She's at the beach." says John.

"I almost forgot..." says Miley. "I need to buy a Christmas-gift for Jennie..."

Miley grab her purse and run out to her car.

"See ya later, John! Bye!" screams Miley as she drive away.

"Sure, baby!" screams John.

"Maybe I should get something for Lilly too..." says Miley as she step our from her car outside the Malibu mall.

Miley enter the mall.

She head over to her favorite clothing-store.

"Yeah, this would be cute on Lilly!" says Miley as she find a nice purple dress.

"Okey! This one it is!" says Miley as she grab the purple dress. "That was Lilly's Christmas-gift. Now I need to find something for my sweet daughter too."

Miley finds a red leather handbag. "Yes! Jennie would love this!" says Miley with a smile.

A very happy Miley pay for the dress and bag and walk back out to her car and drive home.

At the same time Oliver knocks on the door to Miley's house.

"Hi, Oliver!" says John as he open the door.

"Hi, dude! Eh, where's Miley...?" says Oliver.

"She went to the mall to buy a Christmas-gift for Jennie. I think she'll be back soon. You can come in and wait for her if you like." says John.

"Thanks, man!" says Oliver.

"Can I get you something? Tea, a beer?" says John.

"No, thanks!" says Oliver.

At that very moment Miley walk through the door.

"Hi, Oliver! I didn't know you were here!" says Miley.

"Hi, Miles!" says Oliver.

"Are you here to see me, Ollie?" says Miley.

"Yeah, I'm here to ask you what you want for Christmas." says Oliver.

"Did you have to come here and ask me? You could call or send me an e-mail, Oliver!" says Miley.

"I wanted to ask you in person, Miley. It's been two weeks since the last time I saw you." says Oliver.

"That's so sweet, Oliver!" says Miley.

"Thanks!" says Oliver.

"To answer your question, Ollie...I think the best thing you could give me would be to just keep on being my friend. You don't have to give me something else."

"Maybe I'll get you something anyway!" says Oliver.

"Do that if ya want to, Oliver!" says Miley.

"Okey, see you, guys!" says Oliver as he walk out through the door.

"See you, Oliver!" says Miley.

"See you, man!" says John.

"I found a really cute bag for Jennie!" says Miley as she show John the red bag. "And I got Lilly a thing too..." Miley shows John the purple dress she bought for Lilly.

"They'll love it, Miles!" says John.

"Yeah, I think so too, sexy one!" says Miley.

John give Miley a sexy kiss.

"I love you, Miley!" says John.

The End.